Raif bolts for the forrest

As the party scatters to fortify loose ends, Mourning Storm quietly makes his way through the town. A lot has happened in these last few days, and he needs to feel the wind and see the stars. He knows he should meditate—the battle with the Orc cleric was particularly draining but as he leaves the lights of the town further and further behind, an energy slowly wells up inside of him.

After years of wandering, he finally has a lead to pursue. A smile plays across his face. Those Orcs weren’t just slavers. They are part of much bigger picture. Possessing that seal proves it. That woman slaver is part of it too. It all points back to the blue flames.

Hope begins to swell in his chest. Not just hope, excitement. His pace quickens, as the trees open to large clearing. A family of deer is foraging before they bed down. Mourning Storm runs towards them—being tied to this caravan has prevented him from sporting with the creatures of the wood.

Suddenly the deer take fright and bolt. He tries to call after them, but his voice is obscured by a long, low howl. He crouches lower to the ground, continuing to run with the deer, hoping to follow them to shelter. He looks back to gauge the pursuit, but his vision is obscured by a large, grey tale. He howls with delight! Renewed vigor and purpose pushes him after the deer, tongue lolling out of gaping jaws.

The hunt yields nothing, but the freedom and power Mourning felt is more than enough compensation. He collapses, utterly exhausted. He is brought to himself with a start. An ancient Elf has discovered him in the woods and is making sure all is well. The Elf shares his wineskin and introduces himself as Carric. For some reason, Mourning Storm feels safe in revealing his true name, or the first part of it, Raif.

Carric is a druid as well, and they talk and drink for a long into the night. Raif tells him the story of the burning of his forest and death of his mentor, as well as the destruction of the neighboring town. Carric asks some dangerously poignant questions about Raif’s family, but changes the subject when he senses the younger Elf’s discomfort.

The talk turns to Raif’s transformation, and what it will mean for the druid going forward. Carric talks of the druidic circles and invites Raif to meet with his own Circle of the Land in the coming days, but the young Elf barely hears him. He has tasted true power, and his head swims with it. That’s why he didn’t feel the need to offer his traveling name—he’s getting stronger! Bolder! The Circle of the Moon will bolster that strength.

As dawn breaks, Raif leaves the old Elf, with much thanks for the talk (and the wine) and promises to consider his offer. He heads back to the town to join his companions.

It's the Kvothe and Ganra show!!!!

Kvothe and Ganra offer to entertain the crowd during one of the lulls. The crowd originally boos, but some illusionary tricks from Kvothe and Ganra’s quick bow have them at least a little entertained.

The show also has some pratfalls and jokes about throwing the halfling. Halfling on Ganra’s shoulders with a cloak on so it looks like one huge person goes over well.

Kvothe ends the show with dirty limericks;

There once was a priest from Pelgaryn,
Whose prick was the size of a pin.
Said a whore with a laugh,
As she fondled his staff,
“This won’t be much of a sin.”

Which gives the crowd enough of a laugh that the bartender allows free food and lodging for the group.

All the while the group is taking with patrons and looking for information and rumors

Is an unknown. No one has ever heard of her

Theg Narlot
Theg is basically the “Vice Baron” of the town although no one seems to know how he got into his position.
About a year ago he started accompanying Baron Kurias and seemingly dealing in a lot of the Baron’s dealings

The town has always been a hive of scum, but since Theg got here a year ago things have gone down hill.

Theg is a representative of the Orc empire of the Pomarj an area 300+ miles south. He is establishing some sort of trading partnership with this area

I’ve seen orcs in this town recently. Not the occasional half orc, but orc soldiers skulking about at night

Kurias Zeltrin
Baron of Pelgaryn has always been a despot

He has always supported and profited from raiding surrounding towns and cities. I’ve heard that recently he’s started taking slaves as well as loot

Kurias and Theg are both highly competent assassins. They are building some sort of alliance
(Pyremeius-god of assassins statues have been seen about town)

Kurias rules as a public figure with Theg (more recently) often at his side

Laws of the town come down with Kurias name on them and he is looked to like any baron leader of a town

The town has a to have a nobility government structure with the several rich families of the town having duties of decision making.

Kurias is a bad dude in his own right. a “bandit king” would be a good description as he is rumored to be involved in ambushes and ransom…of course you know Theg is involved in ambushes and ransom AND slavery.

The rumors that Theg is here as a representative (could Markessa be too?) to establish some sort of pact.

Bandit king + slaver + whatever Markessa is ………

Vincent at the ElfHammer
There is a middle aged well dressed man behind the front desk with a dining room/bar off to the left and a hallway and stairs to rooms to the right. Vincent sees several guards and servants milling about. There was a guard at the front door and there are 2 flanking the entrance to the bar/dining room

Vinny announces himself and pays for his room. The manager makes a note in a ledger and welcomes him. Describing the dinner times, when the bar is open, rules about weapons and that “down that hall is the bathhouse” Vinny lets the manager show him the bathhouse, playing up his visitor aspect.

The ElfHammer has a bathhouse type building attachment to it. There is a guard just outside in the hallway with his back to the room. Vinny is surprised that for a few coppers more he can take a warm shower or soak in a stone tub. The water seems to be the same kind of hydro-static pressure that makes the public fountains work. He surmises that there must be a fire along the route of the pipe. .

There are 2 stone shower stalls and a heated tub that could fit 4 people. A corpulent man seemingly asleep is in the tub as a young servant girl massages his shoulders. . The manager also informs him that if he desires an “acquaintance” he points to the girl massaging the man, that can be arranged, just see him. He also mentions that there are other services like massages, perfumes, and skin treatments available.

He elects not to use the shower/bath yet as he is reasonably clean already.

Vinny takes his amount of stuff up to his room. He still has a pack and has tried to give the best interpretation that he is travelling. He got clean but not “too clean”

A obvious dagger in a scabbard on his belt to be turned in.

A “forgotten-just a habit” dagger in his boot

And a belt worn chest high with a dagger in between his shoulder blades, pommel down. Reaching under his shirt behind his back to “scratch” can put it right into his hand…..and from experience he knows searches are usually quick and obvious areas like boots and waistbands

There are a few people at tables and bar as he heads down. He purchases a bottle of local wine and will work on the letter for a bit before trying to strike up a conversation

Later at The Orb

After an hour of making “friends” the group realizes that the patrons of this establishment although generally criminal themselves, have a greater loathing for the nobility who are looked at as stealing from the poor. They have an especial hatred for The Town Baron Kurias Zeltrin.

After a few beers the tongues loosen and you realize there is a great resentment to the nobility, ruling class and town guards.

You feel that you shouldn’t disclose that you attacked and freed these slaves as some of these people may run right out and turn you in if there is a reward

You feel that one of the flop house cabins would be a safe place from prying eyes of guards

You have 6 slaves who are now coming fully out of their foggy mental state.

Boyce and Myliene- Human married farmers.
Endival Half Elf trader
Contessa Oswald human scholar/explorer (taken by pirates off ship)
Engermay young servant girl
Polysiphorous young female half elf
Wim and Jaylene Doppleganger and his human wife

Turiok is enthralled by the tale of Contessa Oswald who spins a yarn about her travels. After discussing where the group is headed is appears as though this group could be taken to Narwell too.

Wim and Jaylene will watch over the slave group so party members don’t have to
Jalonia and Delila (healing woman and grandmother) and the crying child
Endival and Polysiphorous. Tricaster where he is from is north of Narwell and he says he can escort her back to her village near there
Contessa Oswald will assist with Engermay Contessa is headed to Free City of Dyvers 300 miles north
Boyce and Myliene are farmers from Ent also past Narwall.

The party books 2 adjacent stabbin’ cabbins for the slaves to which the bartender makes jokes about the awesomeness of the ‘party that is going to happen’ and suggests sending some more girls in later he’ll “give you a good price”
The party rebuffs his offer buying food for the slaves who eat greedily

After the slaves are in relative safety for the night Morning Storm excuses himself, the rest of the group thinking he is just going to the bathroom does not see where he gets off to…party assumes he may be in the “real show” or off with a prostitute

Kvothe, Ghanra, Turok and Armond are left

You are in The Orb theater. It is past dark. The crowd is getting rowdy. Someone recites poetry on the stage and is originally booed, but when his poetry turns to dirty limericks….the crowd starts to applaud

Vincent heads to The ElfHammer

Vincent plans his disguise including picking up several “trinkets” from the market a loaf of the best bread and some delicious sugar candy. Learning the creators and merchants names and making sure that he introduces himself as Mateo Massise and is interested in trading their wares

Mateo Massise he grew up a son of a traveling merchant. But that wasn’t his dream at first he wanted to be an bakery like his mother requested. So she could she her boy every night and know he was safe. His father was a traveling merchant. He was away a lot. The money was good but ,mother worried more. That worked until the one day father came home from one of travels . He smelled of something amazing. Mateo had to know what it was. Father told him it saffron. He knew he would go to this place of saffron.

His father was a good man who tried his best to keep his family together Father died of fever though his stubbornness proved useful when he refused to die until he could see his wife one more time. Mother died shortly there after of heartache. She really loved him. Human Father Massamo and elf mother Genevieve. He now travels trading wares and trying to give honor to his family name. Right now its to find and retrieval of rare books for Norwhal.

Mateo though starts quite gets loud with larger than life laughter. Loves to tell stories of home land which he misses. and will return to open that bakery like mama said. Accent that of Vince merchant. Very shrewd when make a deal.. All stories will include a beautiful woman. Uses lots of hand gestures

He cleans himself up and dresses in the finery, mixing some spices together with oils to add to his disguise, perfume. Not of a dandy, but the attractive smells of exotic spices, he’s found that this helps to stick his memory into the minds of people he meets. When he wants to deceive people, sometimes when their brain is working on “what’s that smell? I like it but can’t place it” they don’t worry about other questions

Cleaned up and smelling great he leaves the more bulky of his gear, bow and studded leather safe with Helm and Alynis who are at the home of the two healing women, but keeps his daggers well hidden on him. While he stops at the home he sees that Helm is deep in prayer and the two women and two of the rescued slaves appear to be praying with him in some sort of ritual.

Alynis is no where to be seen nor are any of the other members of the party or the other slaves. Vincent generally knows the plan was to disperse the slaves and party, so it doesn’t bother him. Helm is too deep in thought to bother, but the women hide his gear

Vincent takes the long walk across town and needs to pull his cloak around himself tight as he is verbally accosted by groups of poor people. “What are you doing over here you dandy fop?” they yell but then move away. Vincent assumes that the nobility here are disliked but if attacked would bring guards into the area for brutal reprisal

None the less he puts a handful of copper pieces in one hand and holds a dagger up his sleeve for quick access. A handful of tossed coins will usually distract the poor long enough to flee. He is more careful on the journey sticking to shadows sometimes and walking in plain sight depending on what he feels the situation warrants

He reaches the ElfHammer and the bouncers give him the once over. He is charged a “cover” of a few copper pieces and told that weapons must be checked while in the dining area, so please leave them in your room

Vinny books a room and stores his sword

The Orb Theater

Mourning Storm, Kvothe, Ghanra, Armond and Turok head to the Orb with the slaves in a loose pack. They are blending in with the crowds of Slum dwellers

Mourning pays special attention to the half elves speaking to them in elvish and earning their trust (rumors heard to follow)

The Orb is a ramshackle establishment which as the sun sets you can see has a number of large fires burring in pots. There are several colored sheets hung in frames behind which lights dance (think Vegas much dirtier) To Kvothe and the druids these look like magic, forbidden in this town and they mention it to the others

Numerous people wander in and out. Ladies of the evening hang off the balcony and a barker sits out front yelling showtimes and types of drinks available. There are two very large thug looking gentleman at the door to either side

Turok is enthralled as this is just the kind of lights and action that he expects in a city

Mourning Storm has always had a soft spot for dingy rowdy alehouses

Ghanra and Kvothe are interested in a “show”

The party moves inside to a large hall that people are filing into Mouring Storm takes the lead ordering drinks and pointing people where to sit. Turok watches him to ‘learn’ etiquette in a tavern. Kvothe, Ghanra and Armond ‘keep cool’ looking about to get a read on the place

The hall has a stage set to the rear.

To one side are large double doors flanked by more guards that you discover is the “real show” the one that costs money.

To the other doors for dressing rooms, sleeping rooms and kitchen/bar service

There are several thuggish brute of guards about 25 other patrons, the hall can safely hold 100, so with your group it isn’t even half full….yet

A stage barker arrives and tells the crowd the more they drink the better the show gets….soon three dancing girls in skimpy attire come out to a small band set to the side of the stage.

The barker chides the crowd for not tipping or drinking enough

Dancing girls let the patrons know that the “for pay” show in the other room is the real deal.

Girls leave stage, guard gets on stage and does sword tricks…crowd BOOOOO’s

You learn that there are plenty of flop rooms available and that there are several shacks out back the bartender calls “stabbin’ cabins” that can be rented by the hour or for the night

Mourning Storm tips well figuring the place would protect a good customer, but also holds his coins close feeling there are enough nefarious characters in here who would lift cash from them. He warns the others.

Helm and Alynis

While at the home of the two women Helm interviews the two announced devotees of Helm. Witness and Watcher are a self proclaimed Paladin and Cleric of Helm.

Helm learns that the two have felt a calling from The god of light Helm and they spent a long time in preparation of this journey. HELM guided them to the spot on a map where they believe a lost temple once stood. He put the visions in their heads as to the past glory of the temple. Showing them its creation and worship and its downfall

The two are setting out to try to restart its glory, but didn’t have any plan other than getting there. They had collected a good amount of gear and resources which have all been stolen by the slavers.

Both seem to be competent fighters if you could get them some equipment.

As Witness and Watcher pray with Helm the two women Delila and Jelonia see devotion that these 3 have. Two young people throwing themselves headlong into to unknown and an older person seeking the guidance for some greater good.

Both are impressed and agree to hear the word of Helm… may have a couple converts

Helm spends the rest of the evening trying feeling the power of HELM. As usual HELM’s guidance comes in riddles that Helm must spend some time deciphering

Images flash within his mind, light sweeping through a darkened forest, bringing life to wilted flowers and penetrating cracks in rock driving the denizens that hide from it away

But it becomes clear that Helm that Narwell and the lost temple is his destination and the addition of converts and getting these people to safety is what will please his god

Trial of Tiberious

Tiberius was the last to climb out of the sewer. The battle underneath had raged for a couple of hours, and the slave holding cells were cleared out. This small, inexperienced – naïve even – band brought together by mere chance had done some significant damage to the local slave trade. He knew he should be happy, but he was not. In his mind he was a complete failure.

He replayed the last battle over and over again. He received the signal to advance. He saw an enemy cleric. He stormed in to strike, but slipped in the muck and fell. He dropped his shield upon impact and his shield slid across the floor and into the flowing sewer water. His shield was everything. It was his holy symbol and his protector. Now it was lost when he needed it the most.

He grimaced as he remembered the humiliation of sliding into the cold night soil after the fight to retrieve his most important possession. More importantly, he knew he entered battle terrified. Fortunately, the smell of the sewer covered the fact that he soiled himself.

Tiberius did not escort the newly freed slaves, but returned to the Gibbeted Goblin. Without a proper temple, he would need to make his own. He rented a private room and asked the innkeeper to make sure he was not bothered. The small room was a luxury, but it had a private fireplace that when lit could serve as an altar to the God of Light.

He began to remove his armor. It was a slow process. He placed his shield next to the fireplace and lit a fire. He laid out his cloak and placed upon it the dagger he was given by the priest who recruited him.

He started to pray.

“Pholtus. God of the Blinding Light. God of Resolution. God of Law. God of Order. Your servant calls your name. I know now that you do not listen to me. What must I do to regain your favor? What must I do to hear your voice again? Why do you mock me so?”

Tiberius picked up the dagger and took it out of its sheath. The blade almost glowed in the light of the fireplace. He placed the blade to his forearm.

“If you love me Pholtus – heal me!”

Tiberius drove the dagger into his flesh. He slowly twisted the blade in the shape of a scale, a symbol of justice. The blood steadily dripped.

As he pulled the blade out, all Tiberius could see was the blood and feel the pain. He did not see the mixture fecal matter and sweat fill the wound as a jet black pigment for holy tattoo and the flesh close. In his anguish all he could see was what he wanted to see. He was wounded. He did it himself. Pholtus’ lesson was lost on him.

Tiberius carved himself until dawn.

Vincent slips away

Vincent Rhodes wanders away from the group and heads toward the market. The sun is low on the horizon and many merchants are closing up. Vinny is able to find the things he wants though. His thieves guild contact is still there and Vincent purchases some poison from him.

While buying the poison in the market later as Vinny watches the ship a contingent of town guards on horses including a particularly well dressed man on a jet black horse come and visit the ship. Some inquiries you learn the well dressed man in Kurias who is the baron of Pelgaryn (leader) It is a similar visit as Theg and Markessa did. The guards stay on the docks as Kurias goes inside.

Later when Vinny is buying clothes for a planned disguise, he gets some more information about Kurias Zeltrin the town leader.

Vinny picks up:
Kurias has been driving Pelgaryn into the ground.
It is harder and harder to make an honest or decent living.
People from slum areas disappear, I think they are being sold as slaves.
My brother a farmer was told by guards to hide bandits in his barn by town militia.

Kurias Zeltrin (leader of Pelgaryn) is a ruthless evil man.

Kurias Zeltrin rides and undead horse, that has the power of flight (the horse he rode was jet black and very threatening looking)

Kurias Zeltrin is possessed by a demon

Kurias Zeltrin worships Pyremius the evil god of assassins (you have seen several statues about town and found a pyramids necklace in the bandit cave)

Kurias Zeltrin endorses bandits to prey on travelers to the North and West of the city (you’ve just seen him consorting with potential pirates)

Kurias Zeltrin mated with a demon, which produced a beautiful daughter

Vinny cleans himself up and heads toward the ElfHammer

The Party splits up

Helm Tallstag communes with his god HELM who is pleased that not only did his cleric do a lawful deed of freeing the slaves, but he brought them literally from darkness of the sewers into the light (of day). HELM’s power flows through his cleric and Helm is able to touch the captives dispelling the confusion and complacency, as they are under some sort of spell.

There are guard patrols outside of the house but none investigate the house. The party decides that the house connected to the sewers where the slaves were held is probably not the safest place. The move from the house in smallish groups, toward the home of the healing women Jalonia and Delilah.

The two woman are supportive of the slaves freedom but insist you can’t keep that many people here and recommend The Orb Theater. The Orb is a bawdy brothel and live show theater but has flop houses associated with it that you can hide the slaves in.

See Captives for the rundown on the slaves

At some point the party realizes Tiberius Hammersmyth has not accompanied them. Some members go back to look for him, but his is missing.

The women will house the two Helm devotees Witness and Watcher as well as Alynis and Helm.

The remainder of the party heads to the Orb theater with the freed slaves


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