The Vampire's Lighthouse

The party walks around the perimeter of the lighthouse. It is old and indeed made from stone blocks arranged like immense bricks with a 120 foot x 120 foot base. It has no windows and there appears to be a walkway about 90 feet up where the structure steps to a more narrow tower.

To one side is a small attached brick structure, probably where a keeper would live. There are several shuttered windows on the structure and a set of double doors to the front. The party moves inside and finds remains of furniture in what is obviously an old living quarters.

Throwing the shutters open to let light in the party finds an entrance to the lighthouse proper in the rear of this structure. There is a passage though the thick stone wall.

Vincent Rhodes and Tiberius Hammersmyth and the Halfling Kvothe are posted here to keep watch while the rest of the party ventures inside.

The party cautiously moves into the interior of the lighthouse. The floor is rubble strewn. 4 Immense stone communes stretch upward and a little light filters down A stone staircase heads upward climbing along the inside of the wall.

At this time Armand sees blue flames rolling down the stairs. It startles him, but no one else sees this. Apook Sees his dead father sitting atop a pile of books and beckoning him upstairsAlynis is spooked by something as well but does not say what she saw. Alynis Apook and Tiberius head up the stairs.

90 feet up there is a door which the party opens onto the balcony that surrounds the smaller upper structure. Far out into Wooly Bay, there is a large ship with yellow sails attacking a smaller vessel. Red magic tendrils shoot from the yellow sailed vessel, wrapping and pulling the smaller vessel in. The party can not do anything about this and continue up the stairs.

The stairs are still along the wall but the tower has stepped inward now only about 70 feet in diameter. The 4 huge pillars have run into the walls of this upper tier. From the darkness flittering of wings are heard.


Creatures resembling huge rats, with leathery bat like wings and large proboscis rush at the party form the dark. Armand Is quick with a Thunderclap spell which bursts within the swarm, most of the creatures fall from the air. The rest are dispatched with more magic fire from Apook

Another 70 feet up along the stairs and the tiers dramatically narrow to a 20′ × 20′ tower in which a iron spiral staircase leads up 40 feet. As the party starts to climb another of the bat like creatures attacks Apook. Alynis and Ganra attempt to get the creature off Apook who has been knocked over, they then discover that the creature is dead and has just fallen on them.

Finally up the stairs the trap door is opened to the roof. The blue flame burns brightly in a 10 foot diameter stone basin. It does indeed burn without heat. To the east out in the Bay the party sees the small ship they saw earlier on fire and the yellow sail ship quickly moving off.

A point of light begins heading at them from off in the Bay, Quick Archer (Ganra) slides back down into the tower as the light approaches, magic spells are hurtled at it without effect. It is then noticed that the light has a chest inside it.

The visage of a skinny old man appears and a voice is heard “For my children” as the words are spoken the flesh melts from the old man revealing a grinning red skull. The vision fades. The party opens the chest which reveals 40 Iron rations and 40 silver pieces.

Ganra yells up from where he took shelter, “there is a blue light coming from below”

The Cliff
Please remove your shoes before crossing

The lighthouse towers 150 feet away. It is separated from the party on an island. The island is as tall as the cliff, 150 feet down to the rough surf and jagged rocks. People had told you that the lighthouse used to be accessible, but an earthquake isolated it 6 years ago, the last time the flame turned blue.

A body floats in midair halfway between the players and the lighthouse. Oddly it has on no boots and appease to be suspended by its hands and feet, as if shackled as the belly hangs down. He is most likely dead.

While the others attempt to figure out what they speculate is an “invisible bridge” Armand finds a blood trail leading north along the cliff, it is dry and at least a day old.

Two gnarled roots are pounded into the ground 10 feet apart at the cliff’s edge. A detect magic spell shows you that the roots are indeed magic and that some sort of magic bridge extends toward the body and the lighthouse

The party tries in vain to locate the invisible bridge, swords and quarter-staffs are poked and prodded, stones are thrown and they even consider shooting arrows. Finally realizing that the corpse is dangling from its feet and hands, and seeing the feet have no shoes on…they remove their boots and are able to find the invisible bridge.

Bare feet carry the party across the invisible bridge. They move slow and the journey is scary, some members deciding to move on hands and feet like a dog to make sure the bridge is beneath them. Two gnarled roots are pounded in the ground on the other side.


Journey to the Lighthouse
The Exploding Stump

The remains of a long unused road stretch toward the lighthouse a mile distant. In between low scrub and short trees make the passage a bit difficult as no one has passed this way in quiet some time.

The lighthouse is imposing, 200 feet high and appears to be made of giant bricks carved from rock. The trees thin and ahead in the trail there is a large stump Armand feels it is out of place and the party move to investigate..BAM!

The stump explodes showering the party with splinters and stands up to the height of, and roughly shaped like a large human. Armand, Mourning Storm and Tiberius all feel the sting of the spray of splinters…..


Alynis Reacts quickly magically calling forth an orb of fire and propelling it at the advancing animated stump. The orb sprays the creature with fire, it catches fire, but continues to advance, its “arms” flailing the air as it moves to pummel the party. Toruk rushes at it axe in hand as Apook unleashed a fire bolt at it. The Tree Trunk falls over crackling with fire, the party has defeated its first “large” monster.

Party Awakes

Helm and Tiberius Hammersmyth Head to Derickson’s room, the man who was bitten by the vampire. Derickson is awake and they ask about his traveling to the lighthouse.

Derickson says he and 2 friends went to the lighthouse, they were able to walk across the air and entered the tower. He heard one of his friends Pault, scream…then he woke up here. His memory is very fuzzy and he is groggy. Helm and Tiberius can not get any more info from him.

A bit later Helm, Apook and Alynis talk to the wizened old man he says his name is “Wrote-koe-doh” Rotcod’ohw and he has just recently arrived in the area to study the blue flame of the lighthouse. He also knows that the flame used to be orange and 6 years ago when it turned blue there were some upheavals in the area. But he seems to be in possession of the same amount of knowledge that the party has .

Rotcodohw’s grand daughter introduces herself and explains that they will pay you for knowledge that you gain from your journey to the lighthouse. Rotcodohw and his daughter have travelled here to seek knowledge about the flame changing color. Rotcodohw says he believe’s the blue flame to be the sign of great upheaval.

The Group Talks to Inn Patrons
Late Evening at the tavern

Marget the Inn’s owner checks on the party as they are greedily devouring bowls of stew washed down with the Inn’s slightly sour weak ale. The party inquires about the lighthouse and Marget informs them that “no vampire lives there, it is just a rumor to scare children…but since my son got attacked, I am worried”

Alynis Sides up to a Wasps guard who is eating alone, she manages to get out of him that Markessa is a noble woman who has business in Pelgaryn and has hired the elite guards to watch her.

Toruk Talks to some children playing, when he mentions the lighthouse they scream “Vampire lives there” and hide near their parents who tell Toruk to “keep away from our children”

Helm and Apook speak with a wizened old man consulting a pile of scrolls. He originally rebuffs them, but a mug of ale and he tells them to meet him here in the morning he is tired. His name is Rotcod’ohw

Later Toruk is dazzled by tales from a couple of leather armor clad adventurers. Seven years ago they fought a giant badger and entered the lighthouse, it was empty inside and when they climbed to the fire, they found the fire cold to the touch. This was before the fire turned blue the last time.

Two peasants by the fire argue whether there IS or IS NOT a vampire in the lighthouse. One insists he is a loner who feeds on sea mammals and only attacks if bothered. The other insists it is just a story to scare people.

The Lighhouse fire turned blue a week ago. Previously it had turned blue 6 years ago and an earthquake struck the region soon after which isolated the lighthouse from the mainland. Alynis book Beneath The Two Pillars and Apook’s book Trick of the Dirty Child both have the same rhyme/riddle in them.

Eventually the party heads upstairs to their room. A sparse 30 × 20 foot room with no furniture. They lay bedrolls out and Mourning Storm the elf will do most of the watch duty as he only needs 4 hours of meditation, unlike the rest who have to sleep

The party talks among themselves and exchanges all the information they’ve heard of vampires, silver or magical weapons are needed to hurt them, stake through the heart, can’t cross water…but it is just things they’ve heard.

So worried about a vampire, the party has taken a few steps, melting a few silver pieces into arrow and bolt heads. Mourning Storm has gone further, using an old piece of the Inn’s tree to make a silver tipped stake.

The Flying Shipwreck Inn Evening

Content Not Found: tiberus-hammersmyth gathers the others together, Helm is besides him but does not speak. Tiberius lets the others know about lodging and drink, bringing smiles to the group. Mourning Storm the druid has rejoined the party yet he, Alynis the scholar and The Half Orc) are hanging a bit away from the others.

Eventually The Scholar Apook returns as you all sit at a large table, free meal and mugs of ale in front of you. Apook, that most had already figured out to be some kind of wizard, explains that he sent a bat to look over the area of the lighthouse.

Marget checks up on you and interacts you where your room is. Inquiries as to the stays of Derickson the injured man who was brought in only result in “he is resting” Marget is a gruff middle aged looking woman, probably a hard life has aged her.

The area is filled with all manor of people

At Tables
4 middle aged men playing dice and gambling with visible copper and silver pieces
3 Safeton Guards in their blue and white tunics
Single old man reading from some scrolls
Couple with 3 children who are misbehaving
2 lovers holding hands and sitting facing the singer
1 Wasps wolfing down food and looking grim
2 Leather armor clad men with bows and swords talking quietly
1 Serving woman meandering about
2 people dressed in peasant clothes warming themselves by fire
1 Flying Shipwreck Inn Guard

At Bar
2 Safeton Guards
One of the Noblemen from the forward carts
A young roguish looking man eating with a dagger
Bartender and Marget behind bar

Middle aged man strumming lute

2 Shipwreck Inn guards

Flying Shipwreck Inn The First half Hour

Helm and Tiberius Hammersmyth help move the injured man Derickson up to his room ‘son room’ on map. Marget the Inn’s owner is also his mother. The family has rooms on the third floor. This is also where Alynis followed Markessa (twin?) to.

The Balcony marked “Alynis” on the map, is where Alynis ended up. She sees that there is a ladder that leads to the roof. A guard looked over the edge at her to see who was there, she smiled and figured this is where they access the rooftop lookout tower, before leaving


The third floor is quiet, construction appears more recent and the wood of better quality. There is a guard wearing a Flying Shipwreck Inn tunic who stands at the top of the stairs.

After Derickson is placed unconscious in his bed and examined by Helm and Tiberius, Marget (the innkeeper) thanks them by offering free lodging and drink. When she learns the party is larger than those two she begrudgingly still offers, but insists “Only one meal and one ale”

Tiberius and Helm both see 2 Wasps guards in the hallway near the room where Alynis saw Markessa go into. “Markessa” on map

Tiberius and Helm return downstairs. Vincent Rhodes is at the bar with a mug of ale. the Half Orc and the Halfling have moved into the dining area, the Halfling is listening to the musician and the Half Orc is sitting at a table nearby

The Barbarian Has moved over to the large fireplace on the far side of the room and is warming himself. Armand the druid is staring at the fire, but from a stand-off point with it. .

Mourning Storm and Apook are nowhere to be seen. The former has climbed the tree outside and has been in the boat, while Apook is still on the wagon finishing the chants for a find familiar spell

The Flying Shipwreck Inn a Better Look

The Flying Shipwreck Inn has a large stone ground floor. Probably an old fort or manor house. The Upper structures appear to be added on later and are mostly built of wood. To the rear you can see some sort of guard post/lookout tower on the roof sticking another few feet above the three stories.

There are several buildings inside the earthen wall, stables, warehouse, smaller servants quarters, but the 3 story inn dominates,. The other buildings appear to be semi dugouts, short stone walls with a roof atop with the floors most likely cut down into the earth.

You enter the Inn’s Foyer. A grand staircase heads up to the second and third floor and there is a good amount of people here. Two guards identifiable by tunics with a ship broken in half with wings to either side nonchalantly eye you then go back to leaning against the wall

You step into the main tavern area. The crowd looks to be mostly human, somewhat gruff, and most armed. Several people sit at the bar drinking from metal tankards…the two dwarves move right to the bar.

To your right is a small stage, a middle aged man in frilly clothes is strumming a lute and singing


Past that there is a large hall with wooden benches and tables, a meeting and dining area. All manor of activities are going on here as there are arguments, eating, crying children, gambling etc…..There are about 40 people in the area.

Alynis follows the noble woman Markessa into the inn and upstairs. Markessa disapears into a room guarded by her Wasps Alynis is unable to get anymore information.

Several characters have bought a drinks and the others are filing in, when the front door bursts open.

There is a commotion, in the foyer, two men are carrying an unconscious 3rd man into the building “GET MARGET! (Mahr-Ghet)” they yell pushing all the drinks off a table and laying the unconscious man atop “GET A CLERIC!” Helm and Tiberus are there and a spare the dying and laying on of hands later the man is stable but still unconscious.

The man turns out to be the owner Marget’s son Derickson. He has two puncture wounds at the back of his neck and has lost a lot of blood. He is moved to a bed to rest and the party is rewarded with food drink and a communal room for the evening.


The party learns that Derickson had ventured to the Lighthouse (blue flame building) were the vampire lives and serves him right to have gotten bitten. Apook begins the ritualistic spell find familiar while the rest of the party eats drinks and begins to gather rumors.

Flying Shipwreck Inn

At about 2 miles off in the distance you can see a blue flame burning atop a large structure along the coast, it is approaching evening.

Ahead you can see the remains of an enormous tree which appears dead. 30 feet up as the trunk spreads apart is the remains of a wooden ship. As you draw nearer you see an earthen wall around a 3 story structure near the tree with the boat in it. The blue flame in the distance burns atop a huge tower on the coast about 1 mile away

“Flying Shipwreck Inn” yells the driver, by the look of the time we will pull up here for the night most likely."

The wagons pull into a courtyard surrounded by a low earth wall much like your first stop. Within that there is a second low earth wall behind which is a large battered wooden building. There are several people including some gruff looking guards milling about inside near the building

As you dismount a guard does indeed announce “Be here for the night, that goblin stunt of yours cost us some time and we wouldn’t make Pelgaryn until nightfall.”

The party disembarks, heading quickly to the Inn. Mourning Storm is interested in the tree and manages to climb up into the old boat. IT is a large 40 foot ship, driven by many oars that are now gone, wind whistles through the many holes in its hull. He pulls some bark from the anchient tree, figuring it will have some significance in his magic.

There are several other smaller buildings behind the wall. Probably servants quarters, you also see a warehouse and a stable.

Shanty Town
Beck's Cove

It is well into the afternoon when the Caravan pulls up at what looks to be a seaside fishing village. About a dozen buildings dot the shoreline and there are two boats pulled up on land.

The caravan halts about 100 feet away and you see 4 soldiers ride toward the town. In a few minutes the Soldiers come back. In a few minutes a guard comes riding up to your cart. “We won’t be pulling in, so if ya haft-a Do your business any bush around here will do you.”

The Players volunteer to check the town out as the caravan gives them some time. They discover the town is recently deserted. They find doors smashed in, houses ransacked. No people and little of value, they also find no evidence of struggle

The party does find a little ale and gets a cooking fire going for Toruk’s horse meat at a center common house/inn. Putting a quick sear on the outside to seal in the flavor!

While Toruk cooks, the other party members find that there is nothing much of value remaining in town. Down by the shore they find that something from Wooly Bay dragged stuff (the townsfolk?) into the water. Webbed footprints like giant frogs and numerous drag marks lead from the beach into Wooly Bay. If giant frogs did drag the townsfolk into the sea, then they also took weapons and any loot that may have been in town.

Mourning Storm Has a great idea to commune with animals and attempts to speak with fish at the shoreline. His communion gathers that the night before last something did rise from the sea to take the evil ones away. He gets the impression that the fish are happy that the humans (fishermen) are gone.

After a half hour they report to the guards climb back into their wagon and the caravan continues on


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