Orcs in the mirror
Two doors

The north passage has two heavy wooden doors banded in iron. Both have crossbars that allow them to be barred from the side the party is on. The right door is barred the left door is not.

Kvothe and Vincent oil the hinges and remove the bar as quietly as possible, peeking inside. The room is 30×30 with 5 unoccupied 8×8 cells set on the far wall. There are no occupants in the room. Three tables and 6 chairs occupy the room with several pieces of paper atop the tables.

The papers are searched and it looks like Theg Narlot is involved in this too. Transactions and descriptions of slave movement and payment have his name on them. This appears to be a processing area, with the cells being temporary holding.

The rogues repeat the process of opening the door quietly on the left, unbarred door. Inside is an identical 30×30 room with 5 holding cells, plus an odd sight…two identical looking and dressed orcs are having an unusual discussion, Ganra. and Vincent speak orcish, and translate for the party.

Orc #1 “Where is pretty human girl, Jaylyn brought here last week?” (The party recognizes ‘Jaylyn’ as the name of Wim Irwin’s wife)
Orc #2 “But me is OoKook”
Orc #1 “Yes you OoKook, AND me OoKook”
Orc #2 “Me OoKook”
Orc #1 “That is why me OoKook ask you OoKook, where Jaylyn is.”

The party shuts the door and considers just barring the two inside, but a few figure that one of the orcs may be Wim Irwin who could be a powerful wizard with the ability to shape shift (extra experience was awarded for that observation). They have the drop on the orcs anyway, so they reopen the door…..

As the door is opened and Orc#1 says in common “I was wondering when you’d get here.” Orc#2 turns toward the party and the first orc plunges a short sword into its back. As the dead orc falls to the ground Orc #1 morphs back into the form of Wim Irwin

The party was partially correct. Wim is a doppleganger with the ability to form his shape into anything he has seen. He begs the party to not reveal his secret to his wife if they find her. The party asks if he has seen more of this complex, but he says this is as far as he was brought when they captured him last time and he had just snuck in here about a half hour before the party arrived

More evidence that this is a slave holding and processing area and that Theg Narlot is the leader is found. The party regroups and now with Wim in tow, heads down the other passage toward the drumming sound

There's Orcs in them there sewers!

The black sewer tunnel slopes slightly upward, water and sewage rushes past the party and somewhere they hear a drum rhythmically banging….every few seconds bong….bong….bong…..

After walking the straight tunnel for about 100 feet west, the drumming is louder, closer. The tunnel ends in a T with similar tunnels heading North and South, sewage flowing from each direction into the tunnel the party is in. A small arched stone bridge, goes over the sewage flow, the walkway continuing on the other side of the flow.

Kvothe creeps to the T in the passageway. To the North a there are a couple doors set back into the wall of the passageway, which continues. As he turns to the South he sees 4 figures in the pitch blackness.

Brutish builds, dirty rusted pieces of armor, the figures are in a 20×20 room similar to the one the party descended into. The figures are gambling with dice and unaware of the party presence. Kvothe takes a closer look and the humanoids are ORCS!

The party quickly decides to attack, throwing an illusion of dancing lights behind the orcs who turn in amazement and the arrows, bolts and magic tears into them from behind. Suddenly Ganra yells out in pain “ENEMIES RIGHT FLANK!”

A crossbow bolt has embedded itself in his shoulder from two more orcs rushing down the passage from the north. The party was too concerned with the 4 orcs to the south, and not looking for others.

As the party turns to face the attackers the orcs are among them, a rusted short sword against Vincent’s head sends the rogue crashing backwards, blood pouring from a deep critical wound. (orc rolled a double 20) Vincent falls unconscious, the party unaware for now, that the life is leaving his body…(our first party “death”)

The party recovers from the surprise attack and quickly dispatches the 2 orcs, and then realizes Vincent is not breathing, the pool of blood he lies in tells the nature of his wound. Helm Tallstag grasps his holy symbol and invokes the divinity of HELM the god which he worships, power flows through his hands and into the lifeless body of Vincent.

Spare the Dying has happened in the nick of time, breath returns to Vincent’s body, the deep gash on his head scabs over, yet he still is in a state of deep unconsciousness. Helm again asks for the divine power of his namesake god, and again a surge of divinity flows through him into Vincent. Coughing, Vincent awakes, the healing spell partially complete, his scabbed wound mostly disappears. He has a splitting headache, a good scar behind his ear, but is back among the living.

The 6 dead orcs are gone over as Tiberius uses his divine power to heal Ganra who has pulled the arrow from his own wound. The orcs appear to be guards. Posted in teams of two in 20×20 rooms beneath sewer openings.

The passage to the north travels about 100 feet and also ends in a room with a ladder and sewer opening, with two chairs, from where the surprise orcs came from. The other orcs appear to have been gambling and not guarding. There are a handful of copper pieces, but the orcs rusted and ill kept equipment is of little value.

The party chooses to try the two doors set in the wall of the passage to the north, but wisely post a guard looking down the passage to the south where the drumming is still coming from as they investigate the doors……

The Sewers
Each member reacts to the sewer

Alynis stays with the women and the child, Armand and Apook stay in the alley, a bottle of wine and some gambling dice. They will pose as city bums while watching the sewer entrance.

The rest of the party descends into the Sewers…

As the party descends one by one down the rusted ladder into the sewer damp cold fetid air is forced into their lungs and nostrils. The dwarfs armor gleams in what little light comes from the open manhole.

You are in a 20×20 arched brickwork room. Two crude chairs are the only thing in the room apart from the broken bodies of the town guards you killed earlier. One wall is open to a tunnel, 20 feet wide with a domed ceiling. on half of the tunnel’s floor water flows in a depression 5 foot lower than the dry side.

This water and sewage, flows fairly quickly with an audible lapping sound of the current. Strong iron bars prevent passage to the south where the water is flowing to, but the sewer tunnel stretches into the inky blackness to the west….

Mourning the druid is especially appalled at the environment. Be-spoiling water with the waste of hundreds of humans is an evil that elves have long harbored resentment of humans over. Elves have always found ways to use everything and his druidic village was a masterful construct of wasting nothing. He shakes his head at the stupidity and waste

Tiberius Hammersmyth is at home underground. He feels comfort from the confines of living rock. But this was not a peaceful dwarven mine, this was a fetid sewer, and he felt that there was evil down here.

Helm Tallstag is a human, having no enhanced vision like some other races, and it is BLACK in here. Grasping his holy symbol he feels his god HELM’s power flow into it and bright light emanated forth. He covered it with a cowl to not give away their position, using just enough for his eyes to see what was directly in front of him.

Kvothe Had been in sewers before, curiosity when a child, and later as a convenient place to hide. Vincent Rhodes as well had used sewers as hiding places, both for loot and himself.

Toruk did not like this place. Claustrophobia couples with the absence of anything living, except the rats…there were a few rats and cockroaches scurrying about. The dark was unerving too. As the cleric provided a little light, Toruk felt slightly better.

In the rear of the party, vowing to watch everyone’s back came Ganra Mortwog Dark, hidden away from everyone….he liked this.

The party filed away down the sewer tunnel. Kvothe, Tiberius, and Storm lead the way, their darkvision enabling them to see in the black of the sewer. Toruk, Vincent, and Helm came next, followed by a quietly padding Ganra, who kept looking back over his shoulder.

Coming to the first juncture the distant sound of drumming carries over the water. They are faced with only two options; left or right. Quietly it is decided that two of them with dark vision would range in either direction a small ways and report back their findings.

Half Up, Half Down
The child is taken to safety and the sewer is entered

The heavy grate of the sewer is lifted and the body of the soldiers are lowered into a chamber below. Tiberius descends into the sewers inky blackness. Two chairs are in the chamber and a flow of water and sewage flows past in a corridor. Armand Tanzarian an Kvothe remain in the alley above.

The woman is escorted back to her house in the slum area, by the rest of the party. Her name is Jalonia and she lives with her grandmother Delila They live a simple life both working as seamstresses although grandma’s arthritis is limiting her utility. Jalonia’s powers, she says have always been inherent in the women in her family, she knows not where they come from. She has a cousin in the neighboring town of Zulern She may have more information.

The women tell the party the town is going downhill. It is harder for honest people and now that guards may kill on sight? Vincent is interested in getting the women out of Pelgaryn and vows to help them escape the town. Helm as a cleric is interested in their healing ability. The women agree to try to get out of town and will meet the party at the cousin’s home.

The party returns to the sewer and everyone descends into it’s blackness as sewage smell wafts around them.

Crying Child
The party quest marker

The party is wandering down a narrow streets bordered by ramshackle wooded houses and buildings that are clear to be a poor area of town. Several are boarded up and others contain far too many people.

As they turn a corner they see a woman up ahead crouched over something. She moves her arms and appears to be casting a magic spell. Magic is forbidden in Pelgaryn. A plot point of 2 two town guards come out of an alley behind the woman, their backs to the party.

The woman has cast a spell on what appears to be an unconscious child, the child awakes and begins crying. “Help the crying child” was Rotcod’ohw words as a clue to where the second rune was.

The guards are quick to condemn the magical action of the woman. “magic is not allowed here vile woman!” One shouts at her, “We do not have time for this,” says the other guard “But it was a child…” the woman pleads.

“NO MAGIC! You have been found guilty and the execution sentence will be carried out NOW!,” The first guard draws his sword, followed by the second guard. Teh party reacts quickly, Mourning Storm is there first, his newly acquired dark wooden staff crashing heavily against the side of one of the guards head.

Kvothe is on the second guard, plunging a dagger square into his back. The guards are dead before they knew what hit them. The child is about 2 years old, the woman cradling it in her arms looking up at you fearfully.

There is an alley with stacks of garbage, guards bodies are quickly pulled off the street. Toruk grabs the woman roughly, she cries out as he forces her, still clutching the child back into the alley as well.

The party stands by a sewer grate, water can be heard rushing below and Rotcod’ohw’s words come back to everyone. The rune is underground, near water, help the crying child" Well it is probably in the sewer…

Establishment of presence
Another Inn...and a crying child

The party had heard the Gibbeted Goblin was the best Inn in Pelgaryn. A large stone and wooden tavern and Inn it is well attended by working class patrons. Inside a cage (gibbet) does in fact hold the body of a long dead goblin, although no one in the party asks why.

Again the party books rooms and makes their presence known, and that they will be staying here tonight, even though this may be just a ruse. The In is friendly, the ale and food good. It si early afternoon when the party walks back due south, into some of the poorest areas of Pelgaryn

Following Markessa
The half Orc is Theg Narlot

The party shadows the guards, Markessa and the half orc. They travel due west in the city eventually heading up a small hillock atop which stands many nicer lightly fortified homes. There is enough guard activity in the area that the party sends the theives to go take a look.

Vincent and Kvothe Sneak past watching sentries and see the group head into one of the nicest of the homes. Gurads remain outside. But they overhear one of the guards call the half orc Theg Narlot

So now the party knows the Markessa is here visiting Theg Narlot and have had business on what appears to be a pirate ship. Without an ability to get closer though, the party continues to investigate the town

Since they are in the nice area of town, they try and get into the nicest Inn. The Elf-Hammer is the name on the very nice brick and wooden structure. Guards turn the party away, telling them “you can’t come in here stinking of the trail in those filthy rags and armor.” Toruk attempts to get to the back door but is caught by a guard who yells at him “Get out of here filth, before I run you with my sword”

The party asks and finds directions to The Gibbeted Goblin, where they have been told some of the caravan riders are staying. It is a short walk from the Elf-Hammer

Party continues into Pelgaryn
Sees pirates, Markessa and a half orc....

The party meanders along the coast road. A large dock and shipping area is ahead and the party passes many run down buildings of what appears to be the poor area of town. The party again notices sewer grates. It appears that trash is emptied into them and they can hear water flowing below

Arriving at the dock area the party notices a ship in harbor that appears to be the yellow sailed vessel that they saw attacking another ship yesterday. It does not have yellow sails, but is most probably the same ship.

Along the docks are a large market area. Several city blocks long and wide, dozens of vendors stalls sell just about any common item one could want. There are plenty of fish mongers and vendors selling fishing equipment and ship items.

Vincent Is unsuccessful at finding a silver dagger and is rebuffed when looking for poison. Mourning Storm Is successful in finding some phosphorus he needs for a spell component though.

As the party is in the market, they see Markessa accompanied by a well dressed and well armored half orc and a dozen guards both Wasps and Pelgaryn Guards in dull red tunics.

The party heads through the market following the group. Markessa and the Half Orc board the ship that the party thinks they saw attacking and sinking another ship yesterday. They are on board for about a half hour before returning with their guards. The party shadows them.

The Laughing Dog
Of course the first thing...a tavern

Now allowed into Pelgaryn, the party sees row after row of stone and wood homes and businesses. Salt air and fish smells mingle with smoke from many chimneys. Mostly dirty peasants and workers are moving about the streets.

On the first corner as you enter is a ramshackle wooden building with a sign with a picture of a comical cartoon-ish dog laughing, and script to match LAUGHING DOG TAVERN. There are several gruff looking characters outside the tavern and as the party pushes inside it doesn’t get prettier

The interior of the tavern is dirty, trash about the floor, stale smell of sweat and spoiled beer. Numerous surly looking characters are sitting drinking and talking among themselves…everyone looks at the party as you walk in.

As the eyes adjust to the dim lighting you see behind the bar is a monsterous, bipedal dog. Taken aback at first the dog-man bellows “What do you fucks want to drink?” The patrons go back to mumbling to themselves and the party buys a round of beer.

The place is also an Inn and Vincent has the bright idea to book a room, letting everyone know that this is where the party will be staying (even if they don’t). This way, he figures, someone looking for the party will have difficulty locating them if they look to be staying at many places

The party makes sure everyone knows they were here, buying a round of drinks and making friends with the Gnoll bartender. Little else is learned and the party moves quickly back into the town.

Quick Scout around the town
Pelgaryn General Description

Pelgaryn is a large town with a population about 800. Stone and wooden buildigns tighly packed dominate the town. Many smoke palls rise from chimneys, dirty commmon folk bustle this way and that…..

It sits at the mouth of a river called Darmal’s Spill

There are many communal fonts of water dotting the west side of town. They flow into a sewer system that seems to flow downhill to the east and into Wooly Bay

Wooly Bay borders it to the east. Main roads lead to the North, South, and West.

There are 4 distinct districts:
Poor Residential district to the South
Better class residential to the north
Docks and Shipping area to the East
Upper Class/Nobility atop a rise to the West

There are flowing wells to the East which empty into sewers

Most of the town is dominated by poor residential areas. Stonework buildings with wooden roofs

There is a large docks, market, and shipping area on Wooly Bay

The party starts at the first Tavern, The Laughing Dog


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