Up Up and Away

“Well there goes our tall guy. Go get em elf boy!” Tobold yells as Vinny is carried slowly up the column of air. Tiberious says “hey come here you elf bastard” and swipes at Vinny who has already ascended away from Tiberious’ reach. Tiberious is just below Vinny, cursing at the impetuous elf blood in him

Vinny continues to rise. Tiberious stops at the 50 foot mark, the rope tied about his waist…..“You’re not getting away from me that easy you blasted elf,” Tiberious curses fighting to untie the rope about his waist

Vinny nears an "opening in the top of the shaft, like rising inside a smoke stack….Tiberious is about 20 feet under Vinny also rising toward the open end of the shaft

The Dwarf and Vinny rise like an elevator toward the light and then into a clear blue sky. “We should still be underground” Vinny says “We are NOT underground” says the Tiberious , “I do not sense ground at all”

For as far as both can see blue skies and light wisps of clouds, no sun but everything is lighted as if there was one . Looking down they can barely see the tube that they came up in, camouflaged and looking like the blue sky around it. It would be impossible to see even 20 feet away

They tap what they are standing on with things finding the edges and determining that the column is a 50 foot disk they are standing on with half of the column descending slowly. They realize they can go up and down via the air column into the tomb.

A speck in the sky begins to grow, and they ready themselves, the other two have come up for a look about, wind whistles around you. The speck becomes a disk of earth 100 feet in diameter covered with grass, on which sits a wooden house

It is about 200 feet from you when it stops. You can see the house is 2 stories and has an observation tower extending 10 feet higher, attached. The tower has a walkway around it and a large front porch. The architecture is fancy, something a city living elf would build
The yard is manicured with flower beds filled with large sunflowers, all of the sunflowers are turned toward you.

Coffin Wrap Up

All of you realize your stones have been clicking a message . You had been on edge and are not sure how many times they’ve buzzed . They click several times in a few minutes as you look over everything and open the coffin lid. It is Helm

Helm -Let’s Go

Helm-you okay?

Helm-We done

Helm-status check

We ’Oka’y’ and ‘Coming’ Tiberious clicks back

You scoop up the bits of metal in the coffin

You attempt to gather the nice longswords but they crumble to dust when touched, as do the scraps of armor

You activate all the scenes that are in the misty alcoves
1 (already activated) androgynous figures relaxing, attacked by spider-wolves, spheres explode

2-A huge androgynous figure towers over warriors dressed in plate armor carrying twin longswords. Warriors look to have same plate armor and swords decorated with swirls as the swords and pieces that turned to dust in this room

3-An androgynous figure is fighting with what looks to be a Drider crossed with a two headed spider wolf. Spider body, human torso (think centaur) but human torso has a human head as well as a wolf head on each shoulder.

As the androgynous figure impales the spider wolf with the staff, beams shoot from the spider wolfs eyes, both figure slump to the ground they look dead…

4-Seven androgynous figures present a staff to a huge androgynous figure, he takes it from them and raises it above his head the staff explodes in to many parts

Upon questioning Alister he wants you to step into the column of air…….The column of air is flowing upward and looks flow into daylight at the top of the column. You put a hand in it and your hand and arm feel light and are pushed slowly upward

Tiberius will tie the end of his 50’ of rope to a sturdy part the center area and tie the other end to himself. He will then climb over the side and see what happens. If he is not lifted he will be able to climb up. Tobold throws one of the rotted boots into the column, it drifts slowly upward.

As Tiberious is ready to step in, Kvothe protests" I don’t think that it’s best idea to send the heaviest one of us up the rope. I can go up instead, and Tiberius can pull me back down in case of an emergency." Tiberious answers “But if I go up and there is something there that attacks me, everyone else has ranged attacks. I do not and I used my last spell slot until I can rest, It the job of the tank to be bashed instead of the rest of you squishy types.” Tobold replies “I’m a dodgy and thinky type. Send somethIng inanimate up and be ready to defend us O Bearded One”

While everyone is arguing Vinny comes running by and jumps into the column…….

Whats in the box?

Tiberiuos wants to open the coffin, the others are a bit worried. Tiberious struggles with the lid but is unable to open it, he also unfortunately has a halfling and gnome and a half elf all with average strength as assistants. Took himself and the Barbarian to move the last one which looks identical .

Tiberius yells, “Come on you lazy bastards, if you want some gold, you got to lift the lid”.

“Gold or ancient being gonna suck our blood?” Tobold sighs, grabs the breastplate from one of the pieces of the armor, and uses it as a step to help push, he and Kvothe’s average strengths can not budge the lid. Tobold slaps his forehead and commands the rope of climbing to wrap around the lid to help with leverage, so the three of us can pull instead of pushing.

Tiberious sees the gnome use the rope of climbing to try and pull the lid while Kvothe and Tiberious push…..a light-bulb goes off in his head, he calls forth FURY THE BOAR. With the rope of climbing tied around the coffin lid, and the boar pulling and Tiberious pushing the lid comes sliding off one side. (Nat 20)

A hiss of air and dust mushrooms up into the air, quickly swept up in the rushing column of air…no vampire this time

After several seconds of waiting for something to leap out at them, and nothing does, the trio cautiously advance, as Vinny still standing back in the doorway yells “is it a vampire?” which is unheard as Tobold, Tiberious and Kvothe have wax in their ears.

Inside the coffin as the mummified remains of what you assume to be the figure on the lid.
The figure is nude and androgynous, having no breasts or genitalia and 7 feet tall
The rib cage is crushed in, possibly what killed it, or possibly just collapsed with time
There is a thin shiny metal circlet around its head

There are several ornate pieces of shiny metal scattered around the coffin

There are inscriptions in an odd swirling pattern inside the coffin, that may be decorations, but may also be writing

And now the Coffin....

Kvothe has moved past and has crossed the bridge to the sarcophagus
The coffin is identical to the one in the lantern room, but it does not sit on a revolving dias
It also does not have the silver pins holding the lid in place.
It is of heavy marble and will take some good strength to remove the lid

Tiberious is moving toward the coffin and Tobold is looking at the other sets of remains. As Tobold looks over the scorched stone it looks as though there was an explosion, there are no remains of a container that may have held the explosive, so Tobold assumes it was magic

Tobold suggests to Tiberious they protect their ears from sound attacks, possibly with wax from a candle. He also tries throwing a small item like one of the rotted boots into the air column

Tiberius approaches the coffin. If nothing attacks him, he will strap his shield and axe to his back and open the coffin. Kvothe pulls out wax from his scribe’s stash and offers it to anyone. He then gets ready to help Tiberious with the lid. Tiberius takes from wax from Kvothe and puts it in his ears.

“You guys are weird” yells Vinny still in the doorway, forgetting that the group had run into a banshee who’s screams had almost caused a TPK. “If it’s undead. Probably undead. We should get the old man (Helm).” But the others can’t hear him with the wax in their ears…..

Prayers for the Dead

The scene does in fact “restart” as Tiberious watches it. It replays with the 7 figures relaxing by the stream then being attacked by the spider-wolves as the orbs above their heads shatter.

Tobold moves inside the room crossbow covering Tiberious, “should I shoot it?” he asks quietly. Kvothe has slipped past them both in his Elven cloak, he is looking over the sarcophagus.

Vinny has gotten tired of looking for secret doors and is now in the doorway answering Tobold " Don’t shoot it’s an afterimage of events that played out long ago."

Tiberious cautiously advances to the pile of bones, the ghoul is looking down on them and says “My name is Alister Cohanon, I left my family in search of adventure but found only this….”

Tiberious sees 4 distinct remains

There are 2 blasted scraps of suits of armor, the armor is decorated with swirls etched into its blue steel. Probably once full plate, there is not enough left to make a suit, but the metal still looks salvageable. There are 2 long swords, magnificent looking masterwork weapons, blue steel and etched with swirling patterns like the armor and scraps of red and white fabric. The black blast mark that mars the stone walls looks to have felled them “That’s some sort of flying warrior made of air,” says the Alister, " They fly, they blast you with sound, and are immune to everything."

There are scraps of bone under an obscenely overladen backpack. The backpack is dry rotted and its contents look to be fused into a ball of rotten, one rotted leather boot stands upright. There is a rotted belt-pouch and several other containers about the remains. “That’s me,” says Alister , I leapt into the wind column, to flee from the warriors, it will carry you upward, but one of those things threw me out….I guess I died"

And there is a rotted robe, once deep red in color it is faded by time, several blue tassels and golden threads remain atop a few scattered bones. There is some shattered blue glass near his body. " That is Malstar Cenovox, He was near my farmstead adventuring when he convinced me that I could be a great warrior, He lied. He did things to me, to us….he collected young men and, and…..well it doesn’t matter now."

5 of us entered this tomb. Malstar manipulated us into diffusing the traps for him, we paid with our lives. Although I think Bepo got away, said he was gonna steal one of the lanterns and run, trap us inside……

“Lanterns huh? What color was it?” Tobold still keeps his distance from the ghost, but checks the bone pile under the red robe. “And what happened to these air warriors that caused the scorch mark?” The ghost does not answer Tobold’s query.

Tiberious then removes the vestment to Pholtus he wears over his armor and lays it on the ground. Before he begins, he stares up and prays from the Libram Sanctus Vox.

Lord Pholtus, you are the White Pearl of creation. All grace, mercy, happiness, and richness come from you.
From eternity, thou art eternal.
Thou art the seat of justice, order and law. Your sun lights the day. Your moon keeps the darkness at bay. You protect us in our journey. You are the enlightenment of all knowledge.
No being, no beast, no ruler, no principle can know how thou art. You are beyond beauty. You have no height and no width. You have no number.
Be gracious unto your servant, for you are merciful to your faithful. Without you, we are nothing.
Lead us out of the darkness, O morning star!

Then he looks down and begins to pick up the bones, places them on the vestment, and armor solemnly, and continues to pray.

_Listen to me my kinsman, for at this moment I am your guide.
Since you went forth into the darkness, Pholtus gave you water to drink. You bore a burden that is not your own, and for this your are blessed. Although you are in the midst of his enemies and the beasts of darkness surround you, He will avenge you and they will be burned by His wrath.
Remember in these your last moments that He divided the light and the dark. He made the sun and the moon to light your way. He is life to all, but the darkness turned their backs to the truth.
He is everything. He bears the skies. He is the foundation. He supports the earth. He is the light that shines forth, that gives joy to the soul.
Lo, the darkness you have subdued. Lo, the fire of the fountains of evil you have extinguished.
Close your eyes at last only to open them to His radiance. Your Father is calling you.
Now go aboard the Ship of Light and receive your garland of glory and return to His kingdom and rejoice with all the saints.

Peace, in Order, by Order of Pholtus._

After picking up all the remains, Tiberius folds the vestment and ties it into a sack and places it in his backpack. With that, he begins to look at the center of the spokes,

He sees Kvothe has already moved around him and is near the sarcophagus

Tobold is embarrassed and mutters something religious like “Garl Glittergold, Garl Glittergold…uh please be bold and uh help this uh poor ghost?…uh love Tobold”

What's in the Midst of the Mist

As Tiberious moves toward the remains, walking to his left, the mists of the nearby alcove swirl and something begins to materialize within

Tiberious readies his shield and axe

The mists have receded from several reclining statues, all of the 7 foot tall androgynous figures, there skin is black and their eyes shine with light, his heart skipping a beat as they look like drow with the black skin.

Tiberius turns to face that mess taking cover behind his shield. He yells to the rest, “Back up. Defensive Positions!” He side steps back towards the entrance…..

Then the mists recede more and there are 7 figures relining in a grassy field, near a slowly moving stream. There are dozens of orbs in the air above them, looking like the iron spheres of the trap. The figures seem alive, Tiberious sees them moving slightly, they now look much less like Drow.

The mists are almost completely gone when from the fringes leap a dozen wolf like creatures, but they don’t leap at you. They leap into the alcove. They materialize outside of the alcove and move inside. The wolf creatures have wolf like heads but hairy spider like bodies and and 8 legs, like a drider, but with wolf parts instead of Drow

Tobold yells back to let Vinny who is still outside the room that there is action in here. “Do we shoot?” he yells at Tiberious….

The spider-wolves attack the reclining figures as the spheres over their heads turn black and explode in puffs All this happens in complete silence except for the rustling of the wind in the shaft, and Tiberious and Tobold yelling their warning.

Tiberius is confused. How can this all happen silently? He advances again. Is this all an illusion? As you are all readied for combat, the mists begin to reform, soon the alcove is swirling in mist again with only vague outlines of figures

Alister's Remains

Tiberious advances toward the now open doorway.

Tobold keeps his iron sphere from the second round we never got to do in one hand and readies a crossbow in his left hand and waits to see what happens to Tiberius…muttering to himself “ you will never get THROUGH this door…..what does that mean? Hmmmm …..” The little gnome is trying very hard to figure that riddle out, and puts the sphere in the doorway as a doorstop. “Hmmmm,” he says again in his high pitched voice

Tiberius steps through the door into a wondrous room, Kvothe follows while Tobold remains in the doorway, attempting to wedge the sphere into the track where the door slid away, he thinks if the door closes it will at least close on the sphere leaving an 8 inch gap

Vinny is outside the room, checking the walls for secret doors

The room is round and 100 feet in diameter. Made of smooth grey stone
You are inside of a vertical shaft
A 10 foot wide walkway with no railing circles the room
There is a central 20 diameter “hub” on which rests a sarcophagus, looking identical to the sarcophagus in the ROY G BIV lantern room
The central hub is accessed by 4 walkways 10 feet wide, although two are broken and have fallen away
If looked at from above it would look like a 4 spoke wheel

In between the spokes on the outer walls are alcoves filled with swirling mists, within the mists there look to be figures, possibly statues as they are not moving, but you can just see vague outlines

To the left halfway around the outer circle is a pile of rags and armor pieces, there is a blackening of the stone on the ground by them
The ghost/ghoul is standing with his back toward you looking down at the pile

In the “negative space” of the shaft, is blackness below and beautiful blue light of the sky 50 feet above, sunlight filters down to you lighting the room as if the sun was straight overhead, although you cannot see it

You can feel the rushing of wind as if a storm were blowing from the depths of the shaft up toward the light, occasionally particles of dust are swept upward, but the room is mostly spotless as if any dust is continuously swept away

3 main points of interest
Sarcophagus in center
4 alcoves with swirling mists and vague figures within them
pile of rags/armor and the ghost/ghoul

Tiberius points to the rags and armor and asks, “Was this you?”

The ghost/ghoul says “we made it this far” Tiberious has a strong feeling the pile of rags and armor is indeed its remains

What a ghost wants

As the Ghost tells the story that in order to escape his bones must be taken from here….

Kvothe climbs to Vinny’s side and says “we can place your bones”

There is a shout in Dwarven behind you and you turn to see Tiberious take a running LEAP, his shield forward, into the orb trap. POP POP POP CLANG POP the orbs fire at the dwarf, one of them striking his shield, and then he turns into a silvery cloud. Kvothe and Vinny have seen him do this once before, the silvery cloud ZIPPS 30 feet and then dissipates Tiberious’ form becoming corporeal again on the 3 foot ledge to the side of the ghost ghoul

TIBERIOUS HAMMRSMYTH,” the dwarf thunders and then bows adding, “at your service”

The ghost/ghoul turns and clasps his hands together, clapping although no sound comes out….“Yea!” he says

Tobold thinks “why not” and charges through the hail of orbs. His small statue means that most pass harmlessly over his head, one strikes his shoulder but does not knock him off the plank, he is over as well. “You really are adventuring heroes.” gasps the ghost as Tobold dashes through the hail of obs emerging mostly unscathed, but rubbing his shoulder where a orb grazed him.

The ghost/ghoul’s visage is terrible this close up, but its personality is that of a star stuck teenager.

Before I let you in, you must agree to return my bones, says the ghost
Kvothe says “we agree to return your bones”

Alister looks at Vinny “you all must promise to return my bones,” and then to Tobold “I have been here so very long, I just want to sleep” Vinny promises and Tobold asks “Where are your bones Alister?” Tobold is keeping as much distance as possible…..

“I wanted to adventure, but my family are boring farmers…milk the goats Alister, feed the chickens…Alister have you cleaned the poop out the barn?” his voice gets whiny and nasally as he says this."

(You assume his name is Alister)

“My bones are inside, at the bottom of the air column” The ghost fades and all is eerily quiet.

Vinny moves forward away from the door and begins looking for secret doors. Tiberious and Kvothe are 5 feet from the door when they hear it “click” as a latch grinds metalicly. Light as if daylight filters to your eyes

The door moves with a hiss of air to one side as cool dry air blows out at you, you hear air passing as if a light wind is blowing about, From your limited vantage you can see walkway extending behind the door, pitch black depth to either side.

The walkway turns right and left folowing a curved wall and heads straight but appears to be broken. There is a centeral platform in the middle of a huge round room 100 feet in diameter.

It feels as though it leads outside as it is light and there seems to be a fresh breeze blowing, but you know you are very deep underground

Full on Broadside

The ghost had been watchign intently as the group bowled, even clapping at the win. Now Vinny has drawn daggers and begins walking across the plank. Kvothe is hurried to get his rope and climb under the plank shimming below and behind Vinnny above

Tiberious has raised his shield
Tobold is lighting something
Kvothe is climbing under the plank

Vinny is cautiously traversing the plank, a keen eye turned toward the holes
He hears something behind him and turns to see Kvothe hanging under the plank, using a length of rope between his hands and gripping it with his feet, he is moving at your speed about 5’ round

As vinny gets to the 15 foot mark he feels a breeeze then hears POP POP POP POP and the tinkling of broken glass

Iron orbs are being propelled out of the wall at him, he dodges deftly but one of the orbs strikes him for 1 point of damage. The blow is severe enough to almost knock him from the plank, but he’s easily made his DEX check and remains on the plank

There is a whoosh from ahead on the left as a fire erupts in the pit. The fire is the size of a bonfire 5 feet around and 5 feet high, but the orbs had threatened to topple Vinny into it. It is very localized only one 5 foot area of flame (Tobold has thrown a flask of oil)

Vinny continues to be pelted with orbs, POP POP POP POP this time they miss, or just nick him. They are spraying out one after another randomly from all the holes, he is standing in the “kill zone”

The ghoul is standing there observing and as the orbs begin to pop yells out in his childlike voice “Don’t just stand there dummy, you are in a trap!” he seems to be concerned with Vinny. Vinny feels something wrapping about his waist, he worries at first but when it doesn’t pull him in any direction. He looks down and see the rope of climbing has “tied” itself to you. Looking back he sees that his compatriots have created a safety line to haul Vinny back in case something happens. The gnome and dwarf, Tobold and Tiberious give Vinny the thumbs up to proceed

Vinny is hit twice more taking 7 more points of damage (8 total) but makes DEX saving throw each time

The ghoul/ghost looks to be excited and seems to be rooting for you to make it, calling out “OUCH” when the orbs hit you, and “Come on Come On” as if he is rooting for a sporting event

Vinny makes it out of the kill zone there is 15 more feet of board at the end stands the ghoul/ghost . The orbs stop shooting, Kvothe is still under the plank, just behind Vinny.

As Vinny nears the end of the plank he sees that there is a 3 foot ledge that the plank rests on, behind it a metal door almost invisible in the wall that the plank leads directly too

“Congratulations,” says the ghoul/ghost. Vinny can see that it was most likely a teenager, its head is bent at a frightening angle, its eyes pupil-less black, with long black finger nails. It lacks the canine appearance of a ghoul though.

“Look out for “pit traps” comes the diminutive voice of Tobold the gnome from behind him

The ghost continues, “I have been here for decades unable to leave, punished for leaving my family. I just wanted to be an adventurer….”

" I can not leave this tomb, and only when adventures set foot in it do I come from limbo. I’ve seen many adventurers come, many die by the traps. I’ve seen a few adventurers make it this far. This ball pit has killed them. Except for two occasions, those two were clerics and the jerks dispelled me before I could make my plea"

His voice lowers slightly and he speaks a bit louder,
“Due to my ethereal state I can pass through the wall behind me, you can not. No matter what you do, I assure you… you can not get through this door.”

“His voice lowers again,” I will undue the latch on the other side, and open the door, there is a fantastic tomb on the other side, with a column of air and magical statues…. but I need promises, promises from each one of you that you will take my bones to my family. That is the only way I can be rid of this prison"

Bowling for Ghosts

Tobold wants to throw the ball onto the plank. He also suggests a little more illumination, and indicates throwing a lantern-oil filled firebomb near where the worm was seen…..then he gets a playful idea “anyone heard of bowling? How about a wager as to who can roll one of these balls the farthest down the narrow plank”

“First lets deal with this,” Vinny gets out Turok’s sward and plunges it into the metal ball pit, and then activates the lighting function. ZAP-electricity crackles through the pit, “SKREEEEE” something screams inside the pit. “And that is how you do it,” Vinny smiles slightly

“Excellent!” yells the ghost , “thought those things would eat you for sure”

“Now for bowling,” Tobold gleefully exclaims

Gold is anted into a pile 10 from each

“What are you doing?” questions the ghost

Tobold whose idea this was steps up, shimmys a bit, and rolls his orb….the orb goes just over 40 feet before falling into the pit…..“Dam” Tobold exclaims wishing had cast an illusion to make it look like his orb went all the way. As you begin bowling the ghoul’s voice becomes that of a fan, he seems to hop up and down like an excited child watching a sporting event.

Vinny steps up with some confidence and rolls his orb……..almost all the way. Vinny’s orb travels almost 60 feet before falling off the plank and hitting the far wall inside the pit. “Awesome,” says the ghost.

Tiberious and Kvothe can’t match Vinny’s throw, both of theirs traveling further than Tobold, but not as far as Vinny, who scoops up his winnings. The ghost cheering “Whoo Hoo for the Halfling!” then " Awwww," when Kvothe’s ball falls off the plank

Vinny’s ball goes the furthest and he fist pumps a “yes” comming out of his mouth. Then (rolled the 1) falls over onto his backside, the others chuckle and throw their coin at him. The ghost yells “Congratulations to the winner”

Tobold questions “one tie all tie?” and then “double or nothing but your orb has to make it to the end, we keep rolling until someone makes it?”

As the others talk about bowling again, Vinny begins walking across the obviously trapped plank. He doesn’t seem to be in a trance, seems confident in his ability to deal with the trap

He is already 5 feet out on the plank before you even notice.


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