Helm and Storm at the Tower

The sun has gone down and the village has come alive with torches and some magical light spells. The roof of the Cuthbert Church tower is glowing bathing the grounds about it in light

From atop the tower a “searchlight” stabs out into he darkness, sweeping the trees ahead of the skirmish line and the hill . Almost all the homes have flickering torches on front porch.

Storm has gone to Jaroo the druid and related what occurred, Jaroo tells him we need to go tell Burne.

Helm has entered the tower and is attempting to speak with Burne (town mage) who is frantically shouting orders to troops who run to and fro. Helm gets some words in edgewise but Burne does not have time to talk about anything but the imminent danger to the village. Helm realizes Burnes commitment to the town’s safety.

Storm and Jaroo (town druid) enter. As Burne is moving upstairs Jaroo yells after him “Worshipful mage, the danger…it is past I have news…”

Burne spins on his heels and inquires “what is this?”

Jaroo asks Storm to speak and Storm speaks of the events on the hill

Helm learns that some of his group encountered a magic user on the hill and battled him, seeing his death.

Burne calls forth a guardsman, whose armor is adorned with a crayfish motif saying something about lowering the alert level and the guard moves downstairs and out of the tower.

Helm and Storm move upstairs to a room laid out with plans and maps of the surrounding areas and the castle and tower. There are larger charts on the walls showing the surrounding areas

Burne: “Now tell me of what has transpired…..”

Jaroo will tell of the recent events and prompt Storm to agree, Storm nods in agreement

Burne: "So some leftover goblin magic was at the hill?

Storm relates the following:
Kvothe saw a girl named Deena and followed her to the hillsite
Deena disappeared but a sketchbook was left behind
Kvothe followed the sketches to a small ruins
Kvothe found her corpse in a wall, he returned and rounded up as many party members as he could find Tiberious, Storm, and Alynis
The party returned to the hill to investigate
Bierce (man from tavern) and two Barghests (huge fiendish dogs) attacked

Jaroo the town druid then relates this:

Deena, the dead girl in the wall
A young girl named Deena came here a year ago. She had been studying at a university in the great city of Greyhawk and was interested in the goblins who used to inhabit the area.
She was very respectful and listen as I spoke of the old faith.
She took up residence with a woman named Moria whose husband had gone missing, not sure if they were lovers or just living together as convenience
I helped her excavate so areas of the hill.
We found some evidence of goblin rituals, but mostly trash ordinary items like pottery
Then she found the small statue of the red dog she showed it to me and I warned her that its potential for goblin magic was troublesome
She said she would take it to Greyhawk to have someone more powerful than her advise her. I was happy to see it leave the village

Bierce, the wizard you fought and killed
A few month later Bierce showed up, also a scholar looking for information about the Goblins from the hill
He was also very likable and coincidentally also took up with Moria, moving into her home shortly after arriving just as Deena had.
He took up as an apprentice to the local mason, involved himself with town business and was a welcome addition to the village
He came with a great wealth of knowledge about the area, he knew a lot of our old faith ways

Fraggart, the missing gnome
More recently a Gnome named Fraggart came to the village
Although he knew nothing of the goblins on the hill, he possessed a red dog statue which was either the one Deena found, or an exact duplicate
I first thought he’d acquired it from Deena, he inquired about it to me first and then Calmert the preist at the temple of Cuthbert
But then he tried to sell it at the traders,it seemed that he just wanted to know its value to sell it, Ivad (trader) wasn’t gonna give him anything for it.
Then Bierce found out about it and offered him a bit more money then Ivad was, but Fraggart turned him down and left the village
Bierce left the village a few days after Fraggart, I heard a rumor he had acquired more money and was going to Fraggart’s village to try to buy it
I do not know if he was successful or not

Burne (mage) seems pretty even keeled and nice. The other leader of the tower Rufus (fighter) is an asshole
They “good cop-bad cop” you a bit asking what you were doing up there and then it all swings around to the Gnome’s actions

Storm learns of the occurrence at the Hall where Tobold acted Chaotic Stupid

Rufus is concerned about this ‘coincidence’ that the gnome makes a distraction, just as there is an attack on the village

Burne is concerned that Tobold is saying hes a good guy from a nearby village, but doesn’t believe a good guy from a village that they trade with regularly would do something like this

Storm asks about "Goblin Magic

Goblin Magic
When the Temple of Evil grew, goblins (gone for decades) began appearing around this area. No idea if they were just agents of the evil temple or drawn due to the hill. They started taking livestock and harassing shipments. We had trouble with them and other goblin creatures. That all went away after Emridy Meadows and the Temple was attacked by good forces.

Helm and Storm consider the issues with Tobold

Village of Sheernob is hiding the teleporter and underdark connection, Tobold’s actions threaten to expose it
There is a good possibility that very few in Sheernob even know of the teleporter. Locals are told it is a mine.
Most likely not in you best interest to volunteer information about it.
Telling them (truth) you are from Zulern without telling how you got here

Tobold is a ‘folk hero’ of Sheernob, his actions threaten that status

Tobold wanted to become a Gnarley Ranger (that ain’t gonna happen) But Burne was going to make him a Crayfish Ranger, an independent scout for the town (doubtful now)
They ask you about his demeanor.

Helm is back to his own surly demeanor. He mutters loud enough to be heard:
“The damn gnomes demeanor is ‘Annoying as Fuck’. Give him to the Cleric as a start.
Send word to Sheernob about his fuckery and ask them what they plan to do about it.
In the mean time, you’ve got a goblin problem, we’re willing to help you with it.”

Storm lets Burne and Rufus in on the whole of how Tobold came into the party

At first Helm worries about the exposing of the way you arrived here (secret teleporter) but then shrugs and thinks “Not My Problem” we can always get back to Zulern by road (100 miles)

So Helm and Storm tell the truth to Burne and Rufus
You were nobly adventuring in the Underdark
Your intentions were to stop Kuo Toa from coming up into Zulern
You heard there was evil in the town of Nulb, you go to investigate
You found out some underdark gnomes had a teleporter leading near Nulb
In order to use it you had to do some good deeds
Underdark gnome king, sent Tobold along as an observer

Burne tells you
Tobold came here in good faith and then tried to start a religious war?
He questions you some more and assuming you stick with the truth he turns the floor over to Rufus who announces several plans

Rufus takes over in a growling asshole voice
Calls in several guards
1-Another gnome from Sheernob named Ashram has come to town to sell his wares, get word out that nothing is to be purchased from him.
2-Tell the gnome get word back to Sheernob NOW. An audience with the Sheernob village elder is to happen in this tower IMMEDIATELY

They thank you for your honesty, and then reveal the following

1-Nulb is a place of evil, you could say it is opposite Hommlet in every aspect
2-While farmers settled here, pirates and brigands settled there
3-We fear that is where Cannoness D’Yey has disappeared to (Helm looking for her, she is the missing priestess of the Cuthbert church)
4-We also fear this is where the renewed bandit activity is based
5-You travel to Nulb with this village’s blessing

Townsfolk Subterfuge?

Alynis, Storm and Kvothe move off the hill.

Strom splits off to look for Jaroo, to tell him what occurred, not allerting the others to his departure..

They are careful to not run headlong into the mobilizing townsfolk the capes of Kvote and Alynis work well to hide them, as they both lose track of Storm

Alynis and Kvothe encounter a man coming from the woods, he has some animal traps and looks to be a trapper, with Ranger like attire, but seems to not have any dead animals. And he also hides (as you do) so the town does not see him enter. He looks to be sneaking in.

You follow him to the home of the town woodworker and use the cloak to over hear him discuss town defenses with two others in the house

They discuss the town mobilizing and the strengths of the garrison as it is getting ready to repel and attack. They seem very concerned about the town defenses and not concerned about the impending attack (which was your battle on the hill)

Alynis and Kvote feel they are slightly suspicious that the 2 adult males, one looking like a competent Ranger did not rush to the towns defense as did most other adult males in the village as well as some females and children.

They are also suspicious that the (2 males 1 female) in the house would discuss the town defenses and how they are deployed during an attack

The home is fairly secure, Kvothe and Alynis could try to enter? But they both think a more competent thief (Vinny) may be better suited to the task . They quietly discuss a plan, Alynis will distract and Kvothe will try to sneak inside.

ON the Homlett map: 25×15 building labeled ‘carpenter’ in center, just left of church

Alynis and Kvothe are at rear of building, south side

They are listening at a shuttered window, they have a limited view inside

The three persons are near a fireplace 5-10 feet from you in a dining room

There is a large tree (cover) to the east of building

Alynis removes a scrap of paper and scrawls a note on it, “GET TO TOWER” she sneaks around and sticks it on the gront porch. She then hides, and uses mage hand to knock loudly at the door. The knock startles those inside, the female removes some papers from the table and moves them into a cupboard, this is obviously susicious.

One of the men rises and moves toward the front door, his hand is at his belt and he draws a dagger. He opens the front door so the dagger is hidden behind the door, slightly suspicious, but less so with the town under alert

He looks about for a second before spying the paper. He continues looking about as he bends to get it. He closes the door, reads it, crumples it and throws it in the fire

Alynis note warning them to get to the town hall, they are already ignoring the clanging church bells, and have ignored the note. But you want to take a look at those papers the woman hid. Kvothe and Alynis decide on a SLEEP spell cast at a high spell level. Kvothe ties a rope to the tree outside, to make it look as if someone has climbed down from the upstairs.

Kvothe mage raises the bar on the shutter as Alynis casts sleep from a 3rd level spell slot
Kvothe then casts an illusion of someone running upstairs

The men stand (succesful saves) but the woman is still seated, asleep. The two men rush upstairs, Kvothe enters, pulls the shutters closed behind him and recloaks, sitting very still

The interior is only lit by fireplace and a few candles. The two men rush downstairs, seemingly unconcerned for the woman that still sits at the table, they rush outside

Kvothe grabs the papers

The men find the set up that looks as if someone climbed out the upstairs window, both run off toward the area. Alynis follows, but not too close

Kvothe has some extra time in the home, but has no idea how long it will be until the men return, he hopes to have Alynis click the stone 3x to alert. He is able to look aroudn for a few minutes before his stone clicks three times…time to go he slips out the rear window, relatching it as he goes.

Somewhere a bell rings...

CLANG CLANG CLANG Tiberious is deep in alcohol slumber and somewhere a bell is clanging loudly….he sits uright in bed “ELF DICKS” he yells, his head full of thunder from the drinking game, there is a bell clanging and that usually means danger, he grabs his hammer and rushes out the door only partially dressed. Fury his boar is summoned and astride it he gallops toward teh clanging bell, on a church atop a far hill.

Tobold’s surroundings have changed, he has been teleported into a stone dungeon cell. A heavy iron gate securs him in a 10×10 windowless cell, he is certain he is underground. He faintly hears a bell clanging far away

From atop the hill, Storm, Alynis, Kvothe hear the town mobilizing, a bell is clanging away in the church and “troops” are filing out of homes all focused on the hill.

From inside the meeting hall the town members rush outside, Helm is left alone in the hall.

Turok never passed out after winning the drinking game. He took Tiberious up to his room and then rested for a few hours himself, he is back down in the inn eating food when church bells start ringing nearby. Barmaid says “that’s the danger signal” a male patron in the bar stands and says “oh shit, milita should mobilize by the tower” and runs outside. Turok gets his sword and moves toward the tower.

Turok, Helm, move toward the tower defense gathering

Turok is asking if help is needed the commander of the Tower a burly fighter named Rufus is near the tower with Renton the captain of the militia, they are organizing a rabble of villagers as well as some actual trained fighters. Rufus says his men are well trained but the militia is another story, “Go check with Renton” Turok checks with Renton who is impressed with Turok’s size and says;

“We are going to spread out within shouting distance of one another in a skirmish line, if anything comes from the hill go to where you hear the shouting .”

Helm finds out that
Talos (elder) has retreated to his walled home near the tower, Helm sees that there are several young fighters armed and manning its walls, two of the fighters you saw at the meeting and you believe to be Talos’ sons

Renton the captain of the militia is attempting to get a rabble of villagers into a skirmish line toward the hill, Turok is assisting

Burne the magic user is in the tower somewhere he is able to get inside and attempt to find him

The villagers are not well trained but you notice their eagerness, they do not waiver in their village defense, Several Crayfish (tower guard) troopers, Renton and Turok fan out behind them ready for an assault for the hill

Tiberious has galloped toward teh clanging bell, he realizes it is coming from a Cuthbert Temple he knows that heading inside may cause and issue, so he gallops back toward teh defensive tower. Again passing near the inn, he sees the town is mobilizing near the tower, he is unsure about the Cuthbert ideals of this town and hangs back a bit, the paladin in him wanting to protect Innocents, but his allegiance to his god troubling his involvement

Vinny as well is sitting back and watchign it unfold

Kvothe Alynis and Storm see the commotion in the village and move down cautiously,not wanting to run headlong into an angry village militia. Kvothe and Alynis are able to hide with their capes and Storm is able to pass through the woods easily

Lightning atop the Hill, fireworks in the Town Hall

The town is holding a meeting in the newly constructed town hall. Alynis and Helm have split up. Helm is at the back of the hall trying to learn some of the goings on of the village and maybe some rumors, as is Tobold who is trying to remain inconspicuous. Vinny is off burglarizing the town as many of the inhabitants are there for the meeting, .

Before the meeting the militia is holding drills out front, a motley collection of common folk poorly equiped and trained. The old man, Renton seems to be the milita leader. He is much more agile and put together than when you first saw him as a hunched old man when you entered the village.

As the town gets down to business a village elder (Talos) whom you have not seen before and Calmer the Cuthbert preist are seated upon a dias. The town begins to throw problems like building a bridge, a missing traveler, and poor goods sold by Ivad the trader. There is a bit of Druidic vs Cuthbert tension as well as it seems someones druid daughter is being wooed by a Cuthbertian boy.

Talos is the mediator and he leads the meeting like a debate, taking questions from the townsfolk and rephrasing them as he asks various townsleaders like Rufus and Calmert about the individual issues.

Suddenly a huge symbol of Pholtus is emblazoned before Calmert, who gasps, many in the audience, devout St Cuthebert members are terrified shouts fill the room. Luckily The Wizard Burne is in attendence and sees the troublemaker Tolbold working his illusions and realizes it is magic , he teleports Tobold to the jail beneath the tower. Burne tries to calm the crowd as Helm tries to deflect the fact that Tobold is travelling with he and the rest of party.

Within seconds cracks of lightning are heard outside, militia rush in “something is happening up on the old goblin hill!” (It is the otehr half of the party fighting the wizard Bierce) Not knowing what is occuring the town breaks into defensive mode. Warning bells clang and the militia comes out in force.

Militia spread out focused on the Hill from where they think and attack will come…..

Kvothe tells some of the party
Fight Atop Goblin Hill

Kvothe returns to town and tells the party of what hes found

Some background:
Ostler the Innkeeper told stories about walling up animals alive in new buildings to protect the occupants. Some say they did it with children too. Shows mummified cat that he says he took out of the inns wall

Morin and Bierce a kindly old couple told stories at the inn about a horrid black dog (Schmuck) that appears and then you die. Ostler says that his mummified cat will protect you from the dog.

Kvothe says he followed a girl to ruins on a hill outside of town. As he describes the girl Alynis says she saw her too, but did not pursue as Kvothe did. The rest of the party did NOT see her in the tavern. After Kvothe describes her as most likely a ghost, you surmise that for some reason she only appeared to Kvothe and Alynis

Girl turned out to be a ghost, Kvothe found her corpse, evidently entombed alive by someone in the village. Whoever did it was good with dry-stone construction. Dry-stone was used to wall her up with.

A portion of the party consisting of Alynis, Kvothe, Storm and Tiberious heads to the hill to investigate. Tiberious looks over teh construction and concludes there were several eras of builders here

The oldest, hundreds of years ago, appears to have cut areas from the earth, literally just tunnels in the ground, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears….. At some time these were improved upon with simple stone construction most likely humans. Then it fell into ruin for a long time. There is recent dry stone construction in the form of simple walls over holes in the old human stone construction. They brick up small alcoves that are little more than holes from when it was a goblinoid warren

There are two bodies, one in each of the alcoves. One is little more than a skeleton held together by a few pieces of dry sinew and its rags of clothing. The other maybe 6 months, a young girl by her hair, and moldering green sweater. She is small, under 4 foot, either a young human or most likely a halfling.

Outside the skies cloud over, very quickly, unnaturally quickly. Kvothe tells the party that the same thing happened to him, and some sort of large dog or wolf came snorting around, but Kvothe used his cloak to hide from it. Storm moves off expecting trouble as the party exists the ruins and prepares for battle

From the undergrowth come two huge snarling dog creatures, they are deep black in color and larger than wolves and have a face that is almost humanoid, as if a goblin head were grafted onto that of a wolf…they rush snarling at the group….

As the group readies for combat the beasts ‘blink’ into their midst and the fight becomes close quarters. Storm on the outskirts spies a spekllcaster, a man in flowing dark robes who is wielding a staff….he spots Storm at the same time. Storm thinks he is using Call Lightning

Both spellcaster use a similar spell attempting to move a huge cloud of dangerous weather over the other, but the fight ends quickly, Alynis retreating and sending magic missile against the wolf creatures, as the others smash at them with melee. Storm is able to lure the spellcaster out and he is struck with missile fire……he falls dead

Upon investigation the spellcaster is Bierce, the kindly bar patron who told the group of the fiendish black dog that foretells death. Looks like he was somehow in control of the fiendish black dog, and there was more than one.

Storm grabs Bierce’s staff. It is simple wood but topped with a small red dog figurine, just like the one the missing gnome Fraggart had found. there are two more slots in the staff that look like they could take 2 more figurines. You know the gnomes in Sheernob have one other figurine

Kvothe makes a grim discovery

Inside the structure Kvothe finds evidence of recent occupation.

He first finds dead twigs and dead vines have been stacked and hung in a fashion to cover up two large area of the old brick wall.
Had he not have been a bit of a rogue this may have not occered to him as the sticks look to be intentionally placed as cover.

He moves the dead sticks aside, the wall looks to be old and anchient, but his rogue insitncts again look for the secret door

The bricks had dirt and mud smeared on them and a closer examination indicates the two areas look to have had the walls rebuilt.
As if the walls had fallen down and someone put them back up. Examining the ground Kvothe sees spots of mortar, most likely spilled in the recent construction.

The areas one on the left one on the right are not directly across from each other

He tries to find any kind of secret opener, but htey just look to be recently built solid walls

Kvothe remembers what the landlord said about the cat that had been entombed in the wall….“And there he lived and there he died, and no one laughed and no one cried”
Kvothe will try his burglar tools. Kvothe will chip away at the mortar and remove some of the bricks to get a better idea of what is back there

Chipping off the outer facade there is a sturdy well built recently constructed wall behind the outer bricks which seemed to just be camoflage

Both areas have a well bult doorway sized wall behind a thin layer of decrotive brick. The well built wall is ‘drystone’ a method of building which uses no mortar.
The walls are very sturdy but can be unbricked one stone at a time

Kvothe works and pulls out one of the high stones, alternating stones are removed, big one, little one, big one little one

And then it hit him, the smell of decay, rotted meat and mold. Coming from the hole he’d made. A simple cantrip as dancing lights fly from his fingers……

The hollow of a face, eyeballs missing and hollow cheeks, skin like leather…..and the sweater, the green sweater, is this thing Deena?

“Thank you for coming to see me” Deena’s voice sounds from the hollow, but the corpse does not move “please kill him….”

Kvothe sees that the body has chains on its arms, shackled above its head, the face looks pained and scared….just like the cat in the Inn….walled up while still alive.

“Kill who? Who did this to you?" The voice is silent the wind blows softly outside
As Kvothe says the words and hears no response another voice spins through his head, an old man?

There is something dangerous here, dangerous for cats, dangerous for all beings.
This sacrifice can not be hidden away in a hillside, forgotten.
Expose the hodgepodge of these villagers beliefs and confront the evil….

Kvothe does the same thing to the other wall. there is a body in there as well, but now crumpled bones several years old.

Deena cute young and dressed in Green Wool sweater, looks to be dead less than a year (artist?)
Drystone construction (very well done) is there a Mason in town?
Ledgend of walling up live cats (and people?) to keep a sturcture safe (from the black dog?)

After the Gnome gets tossed, the adults can speak

Helm waits for the Cleric to return and then shrugs and says "We don’t really know much about that guy, so I hope you won’t let his actions reflect poorly on us.

“I’m familiar with your Cuthbert. He has much in common with my HELM. Perhaps we could discuss their similarities more, which may provide me insights into our shared clerical roles?

In return for your time I’m sure we could find some extra funds to donate to your cause."
Helm and Alynis converse with Calmert for several minutes…..

Rumors gained :

1-Pholtus (JPs god) and Cuthbert (town god) don’t play well together

2-Town is divided between Druidic and Cuthbert worshipers, there has been some friction

3-Town is peaceful otherwise, no demons, undead, although there is troubling bandit activity on road

4- Old cleric left suddenly

5-A new Cleric should arrive any day

Calmert offers to let Helm look through the library, (for a further donation of a gold piece per person who wants to look)

He says there indeed were 2 clerics of Helm here just after the Evil Temple fell. He says the Canoness of the church would know more, but she is unfortunately not here leaving abruptly without a lot of explanation as to why

Potentially the new cleric who should arrive any day would know as well? Or you could find Canoness of the Church she knows of Helm clerics in area 10 years ago. She is the Cleric who is missing. Helms interests is piqued and talking to the Canoness becomes a priority if he can find out where she took off to in such a hurry. Talking to the new Cleric when s/he arrives too.

While he browsed the books he asks Calmert if he knows anything about why the Canoness may have left in such a hurry, where she may have been going, maybe which direction, or who else in town might know.

Calmert becomes more jovial. He was gruff but warms up after some conversation.

It is essential in my faith to adventure, to seek knowledge, to tell
others of Cuthbert and spread the faith…but also to rid the land of

Evil has festered here (gives you abbreviated history of Evil Temple)
The Cannoness whose name is Y’dey has most likely left on a quest, but
she wasn’t forthcoming in her information as to where. She fought at
Battle of Emridy Meadows and was instrumental in the Temple of Evil’s
fall. With the recent reports of bandit activity I am worried she may
have fallen afoul of these brigands.

Between you and me, she had been coresponding with those higher up in
Verbobonc, she has a fear that somethign more sinister than bandits
are in the area.

Helm and Alynis look over tome after tome in the library

After the fall of the Temple Clerics of Helm were in the area to watch
over the temple. He finds records of 2 of them logged by Y’Dey who
gives them aid but the legers are just that. Very vague records that
two Clerics of Helm were here a few years ago and coresponded with the
now missing leader of this church.

Rumors gained
Y’Dey on quest?
Y’Dey fell prey to bandits?
Y’Dey concerned with more than bandits
Y’Dey knows of clerics of Helm in the area several years ago

Helm is of course interested in learning more about what happened to these 2 Clerics.

He tells Calmert there are definitely more sinister things going on in this area than bandits, and the adventures he craves could become a reality if things continue this way.

He explains how HELM set him on a path of protecting those he travels with and that they’re a real mixed bag of religions and characters. We freed the evil temple and discovered that the evil contained was powerful enough that before it took 3 deities working together to stop it. Now we are all working together, in their own dysfunctional way, to track down and stop a new evil that’s related, and has been spreading, through the area and in he underworld.

Helm himself is now interested in finding whats became of the 2 HELM-ians from the past, as Clerics tend to do.

It stands to reason Y’Dey and your superiors maybe aware and joining forces may prove beneficial. Finding her seems like it may be good as well.

“I would love to adventure again…” Calmert says longingly, “tonight there is a town meeting, you may want to attend”

" I will look through D’Yeys notes, she has been gone long enough, that I am worried, and agree, something more sinister may be afoot"

Conversation goes sideways

Tobold asks about the history of Cuthbert and what his symbols are. Calmert appears pleased that you are asking about his religion….

Why glad you are so inquisitive about Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel. He is a deity of Wisdom and Dedication. Cuthbert hates evil in all its forms, Law and order is to be maintained as anything but is chaos. Obey the law, be good and use common sense…..

His symbols is the ruby encrusted starburst, but also the cudgel and the crumpled hat

Cuthbert knows us well, you see he was once mortal, yet rose to a deity through outstanding deeds of good, fighting sadism and cruelty.

All must abide by the Word of the Cudgel, which is law, and his followers take pains to spread the word so that may all may benefit from St. Cuthbert’s wisdom.
Weakness in faith and acting against the Saint’s teachings are intolerable,

(You see a small wooden club hung from his belt) I am a billet (he lifts the club slightly) I seek only to minister to and protect the faithful, yet I long to adventure again, to go on righteous quests to smite evil. Yet Cuthbert has placed me here to teach faithfulness, help for the poor, and speak in a plain tongue that all can understand.

I can not assist you if you are not in the fold of Cuthbert….but……if you assist the church with donations for our projets we can assist you wtih clerical scrolls and healing.

He who wields the club of enlightenment has the greatest burden of all. For it is he who sets the example for others to follow in good behavior, ethics and morals. Should he who wields the club of enlightenment fall from grace or suffer committing sin, he betrays the trust placed in him by his followers

Tobold asks the price of a scroll to remove a curse. Forgive me, as a gnome i do not know that much of human culture or the religions of man. Is Cuthbert the same as Pholtus? Maybe a different name?

Calmerts eyebrows furrow…..HOW DARE YOU SPEAK THE BLASPHEMERS NAME! The cleric erupts at the mention of Pholtus “OUT OUT OUT!” Calmert ushers Tobold out of the church like a bouncers showing a drunk out of a bar….

Kvothe adventure on the hill

The top of the hill is overgrown and rocky, it takes Kvothe several minutes of meandering to get to where he saw the girl sitting and sketching. She is gone, but there is a parchment with a sketch on it.

It is a charcoal nature sketch looking very much like the surroundings of the hilltop he is on, the small trees and scrub look similar as does the scattered ruins Kvothe will start searching the area for this landmark, and for any traces of the girl.

It only takes Kvothe a few minutes to find the slabs of ruin, looking just like the sketch that Deena was drawing

The opening has a set of steps leading down in a long forgotten corridor, now little more than a deep trench as nature has reclaimed most of it

The walls just over 7 feet apart are made of very old bricks mortared together. The bricks are pierced here and there by tree roots, and vines grow copiously on their heavily weathered surface

There is remains of a stone roof. pierced and broken that makes the interior slightly less than dark as a few shafts of light stream in It smells of earth and wetness, the floor looks to be muddy

The far end seems to have collapsed 20 feet from where Kvothe is looking in, but there is a break in that rubble letting some light in. Kvothe feels a chill behind him and sees dark clouds moving in, it looks as though a storm is blowing in, he heads into the opening. Kvothe descends the steps and smells damp and musty, maybe a little bit of death, perhaps and animal has died in its burrow?

Before he can investigate the area a boom of thunder startles him.
The sky grows dark and wind whips up, (unnaturally quickly?) He hears the baying of wolves, they are snarling and sounding as if they are coming closer……

Rain starts to lash at the outside as Kvothe pulls the hood of his cloak up, blending into the walls The sound of snarling approaches as the rain beats down against the roof, rivulets of water now cascading down around his feet…

There is a bolt of lightning and a crash of thunder and the shadow of a huge wolf like creature in the doorway he entered.

You hear it huffing as though sniffing, then there is a snap and a whoosh, the darkness seems sucked away and the wolf creature vanishes.

The sun is out again the birds are chirping, it is back to “normal” even the ground is no longer wet

Conversation at church
Helm Alynis Tobold

Helm and Alynis have been greeted by Calmert the cleric at the Church of St Cuthbert. As they pay some silver into the poor box Calmert is more freindly to them. As Calmert asks “how may I help you?” The door they came through opens….

Tobold and Welby’s dimnutive forms enter the room.

“Ah freindly forest gnomes! " says Calmert misidentifing Welby as a gnome, “Cuthbert welcomes all to the folds of his church”

Calmert walk to the wall near the single door, pats a iron box secured to the wall that says ’Alms for the poor" Helm leans toward Tobold and whispers “pay to play….” Tobold creates an illusion of a gold coin and puts it in, coughing to cover the non jingle

The rest of you are welcome to stay but YOU may leave now…..he glares at Tobold, apparently aware of the ruse. Calmert moves to the door opens it and waves a hand for Tobold to leave “cheating the poor” he ‘tisks-tisks’ at you

Just a gnome trick m’lord. You know how us little types love a laugh. Here’s a real piece and my apologies." Tobold smiles and produces a real gold coin dropping int in the alms bin.

“Ahhhh….” Calmert says " I know you folk are fond of games, but we have real needy in this area. If you double your offering, and apologize, you may stay…but no more tricks," he looks sternly at you. Tobold produces a second gold piece and plunks it in.. “Now that that is settled how may I help you?” Calmert asks.

Helm speaks first “While my own allegiance is to HELM, I’m familiar with your Cuthbert, and as a fellow Cleric I thought it best to come and pay my respects. My companion (Gestures at Alynis) and I are on a bit of a quest to rid the area of some pain-in-ass demon-types. We’re also offering to help out with other local problems maybe. Anything going on around here you need help with?”

He then looks at Alynis and sort of shrugs at her questioningly, like, “you got anything you wanna add?” Tobold butts in “And I am Tobold Trufflehunter, from Sheernobb, at your service. I am hunting undead as well, in particular stories of hellhounds”

“Thank you for your respects, HELM is a wise and valiant watcher of lawfulness, and you are welcome in this house. Welcome to the quaint little town of Hommlet, as you have seen just by entering the town this is a quiet very peaceful village which sees little problems, the last decade has been very peaceful.”

“There has been increased bandit activity on the roads, The village elder has sent word to the Viscount though. I am but a temporary cleric here though, my predecessor has left me in charge, and has left suddenly on some sort of quest. I have requested an actual replacement be sent and he should arrive soon. "

“We have a little issue with the persons in town who worship the old gods(druids) Cuthbert is here to stay whether those druids like it or not. There is one in the village Jaroo, who lives in the grove, he is especially troublesome. "

“Demons? When the Evil Temple fell a decade ago, it was rumored that a demon dwelled within, to the best of my knowledge the temple was sealed, and if a demon lies within, it should be trapped there.”

Hellhounds? Undead? not here, peaceful village.

Rumors gained
Increased bandit activity
previous cleric missing?
Druid problem
Demon in the temple ?


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