The Trial of Tobold 1

Everyone awakens in the Inn

Vinny has again gone missing
Storm has returned to the druid grove and will not attend
Tobold in jail

You are told that your presence is requested at the trial of Tobold Trufflehunter by Renton the captain of the militia.


Tobold remembers laying down on the human sized cot in his cell and then he most likely fell asleep. But he is now in different surroundings. He recognizes the interior of the town hall where he caused the disruption of the town meeting

His head feels funny, he is woozy….

He is in a seated position with his feet in wooden stocks,they are freshly carved
He wrists are in metal cuffs in his lap, the cuffs are buzzing as if bees are inside the metal

He is on the stage where the village elders sat

In front of him are many townspeople, and some of this partyhe recognizes
Calmert the cleric and several others from the church
Talos the village elder
Burne the magic user and leader of civilian affairs
Renton the captain of the militia
Rufus the fighter and leader of city defenses
Sheernob village Elder
2 of the contraptioneers

Tobold realizes there are armed men behind him

Talos the village elder steps forward to a podium and cracks it with a wooden gavel

Talos: Tobold Trufflehunter of Sheernob….you are charged with numerous offenses ranging from general disorder, theft, and being party to a goblin attack. In the coming proceedings we will present our case against you and you will have opportunity to speak. assuming you would not like to spare us all a whole bunch of time and plead guilty to all crimes…we will begin

Tobold: “Theft? I paid my tab for the brandy and my breakfast. What is this?”

Talos: Ostler Gungidoot please come forward (the innkeeper steps up)
Oslter you witnessed this gnome in your Inn yesterday, what say you about his behavior, and do you have anything to say for or against him?

Ostler: He came with a group of others, we welcomed them as they seemed to be weary travelers. They seemed fit to fight, yet also had wares to sell. He did not stay with the others for long. The group stayed within my Inn for food and drink, he hurried outside I believe to find a tailor and speak with those in charge of town. What he did after he left my Inn I do not know. His companions were decent, paying customers, two got a bit drunk, but paid their tabs

Talos: (to Tobold) Ostler says no theft from him, correct Ostler?

Ostler: Correct

Talos: So you have no knowledge of his whereabouts after that?

Ostler: None, other that he was headed to the Tower when he left

Talos: So no wrongdoing at the Inn is established…Say All? (he questions the gallery)

Many members in the crowd" “EYE

Talos: No wrongdoing at the Inn is carried through

(Ostler sits)

Talos: Leatherworker Borton is asked to stand

(the leatherworker whom you asked to make barding for you stands)

Talos: Borton it is told that this gnome came to see you about Leatherwork

Borton: Yes (raising voice) this infernal agent of Pholtus came to see me

Talos: It has not been establsihed he is an agent of Pholtus, did he do something to lead you to believe this?

Borton: No But he did seem shady, wanting to wrap a fox in armor, like the armor on a goblin’s worg

Talos: We have not established his relationships with goblins either, Borton you will refrain from speculating and only answer the questions

Borton: Yes he came to me with a proposal for leather barding for a fox that he rides…..

Talos: was there money exchanged

Borton: no just a good faith exchange and an estimation of costs…..

Talos: So this gnome did no wrong by you at that time?

Borton: No he did not

Talos: He then left?

Borton: Yes he was walking toward the tower in the company of a halfling

Tobold: I denigh being a thief and conspiring with goblins. I’m a follower of Garl Glittergold and encourages the people to find out where he went after the leatherworkers.

Raid on Bugling Rock

There was some DM blue lightning used here.
This adventure was originally set a few days from now, after Tobold got out of jail, as he participated in it. He has been written out of this fight and this moved back a couple days just to fit into storyline

The next day the party awakens at the Inn.

Storm is back and reports on his scouting of the Moathouse
There are bad guys there who should be delt with.
Bandits have indeed moved into the old moat-house about 6 miles east of Hommlet
The trek there is through a difficult swamp
He used shape shifting got inside and scouted
He saw at least 14 heavily armed human bandits and 2 bugbears holed up in a heavily defended position
Scrambling up the rubble piles against the walls and coming in through the top is better

But first to investigate the “Lair of Beirce”
Morin has drawn a map of an area to the north of town, well out in teh woods. She says she saw Bierce hangin out by a large rock there

The party ventures well north of town, in a sec,uded wood they do find an enormous rock, 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall, sticking up from the forest floor, they split up to go around it.

On the far side at 4 stone statues, crude huminoid shapes whcih come alive and attack the party. After the animated statues are destroyed, the party finds evidence that there is a way inside the rock, they spend a considerable time tryng to get insde.

Suddenly a door opens from the inside of the rock, the party readies for a fight, but it is Storm who has teleported inside. They find the Lair of Bierce and soem information about the goblin magic of the hill.

All of the pieces are filled in as to who Bierce was, an evil wizard trying to regain access to evil goblin magic.

The party returns to town and lets Renton and Burne know what transpired.

Vinny rejoins party, says he dispatched some bandits on the road north of town

The party retunrs to the Inn for the night

Who killed Deena?

Vinny is still not seen
Storm is known to be scouting the moathouse

The party heads to the Tower and speak with Rufus and Burne. Kvothe and Alyunis relating the issue at the woodworkers house and shows them papers that they recoverd. Rufus thanks them and mobilizes a squad of men to raid the house.

The party heads to Morin’s home, Bierce was her husband and they feel liek a confrontation is in order. Slightly expecting a fight they surround the home, Alynis knocks…..but they find Morin crying inside.

Morin and Bierce had been a kindly old couple that told stories at the inn about a horrid black dog (Schmuck) that appears and then you die. Morin begins to relate the story to you

Long ago I had a husband….a trader, he wasn’t good to me. He disappeared on the road, just never came home. A young girl named Deena came here a year ago. She had been studying at a university in the great city of Greyhawk and was interested in the goblins who used to inhabit the area. She was very respectful and listened as I spoke of the old faith. I fell in love with her, but she was so young…..we never really were lovers, almost

I helped her excavate so areas of the hill. She was an archeologist. We found some evidence of goblin rituals, but mostly trash ordinary items like pottery
Then she found the small statue of the red dog she showed it to me and I warned her that its potential for goblin magic was troublesome
She said she would take it to Greyhawk to have someone more powerful than her advise her. I was happy to see it leave the village, but not her, Deena, she never came back and I just supposed she didn’t want anything more from me an old woman…then Bierce came.

Bierce showed up, also a scholar looking for information about the Goblins from the hill
He was also very likable and handsome…and my age. He was just like Deena in everyway, cept a man. He was interested in waht Deena did…and I helped him. I loved the company.
He took up as an apprentice to the local mason, involved himself with town business and was a welcome addition to the village. He came with a great wealth of knowledge about the area, he knew a lot of our old faith ways. I fell in love with him, he helped my forget Deena.

More recently a Gnome named Fraggart came to the village
Although he knew nothing of the goblins on the hill, he possessed a red dog statue which was either the one Deena found, or an exact duplicate!
I first thought he’d acquired it from Deena, he inquired about it to me first and then Calmert the priest at the temple of Cuthbert
But then he tried to sell it at the traders,it seemed that he just wanted to know its value to sell it, Ivad (trader) wasn’t gonna give him anything for it.

Then Bierce found out about it and offered him a bit more money then Ivad was, but Fraggart turned him down and left the village
Bierce left the village a few days after Fraggart, I heard a rumor he had acquired more money and was going to Fraggart’s village to try to buy it
I do not know if he was successful or not…..

And now you tell me my Bierce was an evil wizarde trying to aquire items of old goblin magic.? and he killed Deena?….oh I see it now Bierce couldn’t have known everythign Deena did

she begins to sob uncontrolably, you feel you have solved this part

As you are leaving, she says “He had a place, I followed him to it once. He used to sneak out at night. I thoguth myself foolish, I was jealous….he woudl sneak out to a big rock north of the village.” She draws a map then goes back to crying

Some of the party head to tower, filling in Rufus and Burne on what you are pretty sure occured. Helm and Alyinis head back to church, they smooth over the relationship with party and church. They spend hours in library, research the surrounding towns especially Nulb. They have a good lknowledge of the land and its environs.

It is dusk before everytone returns to Inn, Storm comes to diner and lets everyone know what he’s found

Rufus comes to see Tobold

You recognize him from early yesterday, Rufus the lord of this tower along with his compatriot Burne (the magic user who captured you)

After speaking with them yesterday you feel that Rufus handles the military side and Burne the civilian side

Rufus only said one thing to you and that was chuckling when Tobold said he had aspirations of becoming a Gnarley Ranger

Rufus descends the stairs his armor makes little noise and he then speaks in an angry tone:
So you, a helpful gnome arrives in my village
You says you want to be a Gnarley Ranger, a noble protector of justice
Tells us stories of goblins to the south
We offer you a title, a job, a purpose
So why does Pholtus threaten decent people here?

Tobold facepalms “Nobody is threatening anyone. I just played a joke on the cleric because hes a greedy ass. It was in poor taste and i apologized about it.

Rufus: You are an official agent of your Village Sheernob, so your actions represent the intentions of your village. Why do the gnomes of your village who have been our friends for decades, now wish to disrupt this?

Tobold: Iam not an official agent of my village, i am not even in the council. We dont even have much a fighting force. You can send a letter to The Contraptioneers, or even a rider, its only a few days away.

Rufus: There is a goblin attack, and right before it a town hall meeting is disrupted, one of the principle defenders of this town forced to use up spells weakening him and letting you discover his powers. How do you explain your disruption perfectly timed with an attack on the town?

Tobold is quiet…..Rufus continues
The similarity of gnomes and goblins is not lost on me……
Heres what I think….
Goblins are back and you gnomes are the ones that have been hiding them
I already know you are Red Fang
And you want to reclaim your warren….whcih is now my village
But we are defended so you need to soften us up
So you glom on to a group of patsy adventurers
Come to my village, sow discontent, get us off our guard
You scare the religious into thinking a different enemy is coming

I am 100% right am I not?
(His voice rises to a shout)
When will your next attack come?
How are you in contact with your village and the goblins?
What signal will you use to let them know when to attack?

Tobold: I dont know who this red fang is, but gnomes and goblins have a long hatred against each other. I am here looking to fight evil not help it

Rufus :So your story has changed now and I am confused

You tell us you are an aspiring Nobel Defender of the Realm, but who will actually not defend the realm and steals from those who do,
And then disrupts common decent folk who are just trying to live their lives.
Which just happens to coincide with a goblin attack….yet he had told us that the goblins were south of here and moving south…..

Calmert (the cleric) is an official in this village, his “greedy ass” that you have issues with is one of the ways this defensive tower is getting built. And you paid to use his library…..a library maintained by donations! yet you’d rather steal…..

You come in here wanting to be a Gnarley Ranger, a defender of this area, and you have an ISSUE with defending the area because it takes money???? and would even rob from those who provide knowledge….Gnarley Rangers come through here all the time, you are not even fit to shine their boots if that it what you truley aspire too.

And don’t worry we have contacted your village, your elder will be here shortly, Maybe you are not Red Fang, and maybe you are not a representetive of your village, we will find that out shortly.

And NOW we know your cohort Fraggart was a contraptioneer, your gang will not be alerted to your wereabouts

(The village elder/leader of Sheernob is always the oldest female, when she dies the next oldest female becomes leader )

A voice from up the stairs:
Sire you are needed upstairs

Let’s see how your elder sees your actions…..(heads up the ramp)

Tobold rolls his eyes and lays down on the human-sized cot

Druid Quest 4
recon of moathouse

After discussing following the raft to see where it came from, Jaroo tells Storm the swamp leads back into the hills and does not have many areas that are navigable. He’s not 100% sure but believes it to have a connection to the town of Nulb “Just speculation, but with the pirate activity in that town, I suspect that is where they came from”

Thiking about access to the moathouse it woudl be a long walk for a mouse, the potential for predators and hazards along the way great.

Jaroo thinks he could turn into a hawk and, carry you there, leave you atop the battlements?

There are 3 access points into the moathouse

2 Rubble pile access/collapses that lead to the battlements.(NE and SE corner)
1 Front Gate

Stomr turns into a mouse and Jaroo as a hawk drops him atop the tower. The mouse takes some time darting about gathering intell.

There are at least 12 human bandits inside. They are hidden but moving about the main floor

It looks like they have the front door “open” but it looks to be in order to lure the non-cautious inside. There are men hidden in the front tower (SW corner) and it looks as though if you enter through the front door they would surround you with arrow fire in the courtyard

Climbing the ruble piles would be better than the front door (but you would still be seen)

You can access the roof, and there are two open stairways leading down into the main area

There looks to be improvised fortifications in the main room. Overturned tables defending the front door

Atop this whole structure sits another guardroom. on the NE corner of the building. Arrow-slits cover its outside

It is accessed by doors from the battlements, one south one west

There look to be 4 more guards up here

You have several close calls with guards inside and some worries about large frogs and snakes outside but get a good look at it.

Jaroo picks you up off the tower and you return to the woods landing far away from the tower. You discuss the fact that the moathouse needs to be cleared again, Storm thinks his party can do it.

Breakfast at the Inn
Summoned to appear

The party sans (no Vinny No Storm) discusses the danger of Tobold the Gnome

First he attempted to deceive the church that he was making a donation. While others paid to use the library and for information he attempted to use illusion to make it appear as if he donated….he got caught by the cleric Calmert who saw through his allusion and threw him (literally) out of the church

Then he disrupted a town meeting, while you guys were trying to gain information about the town by listening in at a town meeting, he got a bug up his ass cause the cleric had thrown him out. He made a disparaging anti religious symbol during the meeting. Think walking into a Catholic church and shouting THE POPE IS A LIAR! MARTIN LUTHER FOREVER!
Again he got caught

But just as he was doing this there was a fight on a hill outside of town including magic use which scared the town. It was your party being attacked by an evil wizard

So the town thinks
He is a thief
He is a heretic
He is in cahoots with the evil that the party fought on the hill (distraction for a goblin invasion)

Why it is dangerous to your party
The town may think you are in league with the evil mage had Storm and Helm not smoothed things over
He has drawn unwanted attention to your group, if anyone is looking for you (hint they are) now EVERYONE in town is telling stories about your group

Renton the Captian of the guard comes in and speaks with you “Your presence is requested at the Trial of your companion…..” The party grumbles, and lets Renton know the gnome is a new and mistrusted memebr of the group. Renton responds then it would be good for you to speak at the tral. Early the day after tomorrow……

Tobold and Leatherworker

The Leather worker that Tobold had talked about making barding for his fox comes to see you. He has drawings on the armor for the fox which he brings out

He has some sketches of a neck protector that goes over the foxes head as well as a simple strap system that will cover the hind quarters. He’s also got a sketch of a saddle that has elongated leather flaps that will protect the back and some of the sides

He explains that the foxes range of movement makes it difficult to add more armor, but this should have the potential to stop an arrow if hit. He spreads the drawings out for you to take and look at and asks if this is the type of item you were looking for

Well my good man, it seems perfect. Stealthy yet still gives some protection. If i get out of here we will have a deal.

The man looks at you and begins tearing up the drawings

“No barding for you” he says in his best Soup Nazi voice then continues……

“I had not realized the enemies of Saint Cuthbert were so numerous, I thought it was just the typical ravings of Calmert. But your actions have driven me to become one of his flock.
In troubled times such as this, the Cudgel of Cuthbert is needed to keep us safe

The man turns and walks up the stairs

Tobold "I’m beginning to hate humans

Druid Quest 3

The bugbears do indeed climb over the wall, hail the men who move toward them. Two more bugbears come out of the main building that the men came out of

Boxes are unloaded from the barge by two of the bugbears moving them into the building, then reappearing several minutes later for more One of the boat bugbears goes inside initially and does not return until all the boxes are off the barge

You see two other men atop the moat house

You’ve seen 4 men most likely bandits and 4 bugbears (delivering supplies?)

The moathouse is surely occupied and most likely has lookouts posted

It takes a half hour for the boat to be unloaded. The bugbears return to the raft, and the men disappear back inside the moathouse

Should we trail the raft? Storm asks Jaroo…He says his concern is the moat house, and now he knows that it is occupied he says we must destroy this thing again. “Mose or somethign small?” Storm asks about transforming into a creature to approach the moathosue

It would be wise for us to transform and try to take a closer look, but something that the men would not shoot as a snack or out of fear

I can turn into a hawk and see from high above, but I think we should get inside…mouse may be the best option….

Tobold Visited again

A bit after Tobolds first visitor, Ashram the Gnome who came in early morning

Alynis would like Tobolds side of the story.
She explains to Tobold that she is worried that the party has made enemies of the town. “I have chosen this party to keep me safe as I adventure for my own ends and means….”

“Just apologize whether you feel you’ve made a mistake or not,” She continues, “The punishment will be lighter, and hopefully that the town will be more likely to improve favor towards the group if you make the first move.”

Alynises eyes narrow and her voice deepens "St Cuthbert teaches that ‘square corners can be pounded round’ Tobold is taken aback at the power in Alynis’ voice, “Its in Cuthbertian nature to accept that you can learn through punishment”

Her voice changes to that of a teacher, briefly relaying the fight on the hill to Tobold and her worries about the underlying allegiance of the town given the walled up people.

Her tone is serious, “So there is a wizard who is using those statues to call forth demonic beasts called Barghests, immense black dogs that crawl from the pits of Hades. He had walled up people alive, letting them die in misery, we don’t know why yet. We do not know if it is the whole of the town or just one bad actor,” "

NOW Tobold knows about the statues and can try to send a message to Sheernob

Alynis turns as she walks up the ramp

Tobold: The whole town denies knowing anything about any hellhounds or demonic beasts. Either they truly dont anything, which i highly doubt, or there is some kind of cover up going on.

Alynis Yes, and now you have made it difficult for us to figure that out….

Tobold: I truly do mean to make amends, you must know i didnt mean anything malicious

Alynis: But malicious is what you did anyway

Tobold: Do you have any parchment and quill for me to send a letter to my village? Also, there is a pottery maker from my village named Ashram who i need to recompensate. If you could help me find him if hes still in town I’d like to help him out”

Alynis: I’ll let them know you need parchment, and I’ve already compensated Ashram

Alynis departs….

As she departs Tobold sees her offer very heartfelt apologies to the guards. Tobold sees Alynis has a stunning power of persuasion it comes through as the guards stand and stammer as she speaks to them.

Druid Quest 2

You watch the moathouse from a distance both of you camoflaged on a small hillock

It is not very long before you notice activity. Wisp of smoke occasionally come from the main building, a fire most likely a cooking fire’s smoke it occasionally seen whisping out

Then see 2 armed men move from the main buildign through the courtyard to the front gate, they remain obscured behind the gate.

behind the moathouse you see a flat bottom boat moving thorugh the swamp 2 very large humanoid shapes are propelling it with poles. The figures are too large to be human, but are bipedal, you can’t see what they are, but they maybe Hobgoblins or Bugbears, for sure something potentially bad

(Warning the moathouse of their approach would require a headlong run to it now, Jaroo warns against it, “There’s not supposed to be anyone out here, could only be bandits”)

The boat is run aground near a collapsed wall and the large humanoids clamber up the fallen bricks, almost certainly bugbears, as they have huge heads, but are cloaked ther figures mostly obscured

The humans in the moathouse are looking out the front door, the bugbears are climbing the wall behind them….

You are too far away to effectively warn them, unless you decided to headlong rush earlier, you decide to see what happens next from your hiding spot


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