Vincent Rhodes


Vincent Roads
Human Rogue 5
(half elf)

Dressed in merchant/gypsy clothes. Vinny stands 5’8’’ with a small build. (most of it padding to cover up his actual small size. )
Mixed in there is studded leather amour
many daggers, short sword and a ornate long bow
along with many kits of the trade.

THough vinny is a half elf he does everything in his power to look and act human. He’s quick on his feet and thinks he’s sharper in wit.. Mostly gets by on high charisma and boyish rogue looks.

str 9
int 14
wis 14
cha 20

speaks elvish , common and orcish

Needs to have the spot light
likes to works alone
believes ends justify the means
likes to show people the difference between a trick and a prank

background charlatan

chaotic good

9245 XP

1954 gp

Cold weather cloak
4 daggers
+ 1 dagger
Onyx dagger (taken form Drow)
Fine shirt, pants, spats to cover boots (3gp worth)

potion of healing 2d4 +2

Dagger of Venom +1
1x/day coat blade with thick black poison
Save DC 15/CON or take +2d10 damage and be poisoned for 1 minute

set of dice that he can call the number 1x/level/day. Give + 1 to gambling skill

Vile of poison 1d6 (additional 1d3 if failed save) Double if administered to sleeping or incapacitated target

Magical Haversak


Vincent Rhodes

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