Wild looking young man wearing animal skins


Animal skinned attire carrying bow and arrow, a Large Broad sword and two throwing axes in his belt.
Weathered skin and unkempt hair

Barbarian Level 5 (Berzerker)

Chaotic Neutral

HP 39 (need to update to 4th level)
AC 17 (10 + DEX + CON modifiers as long as no armor worn)
XP 8720

325 gp

Toruk has been clearly fascinated by anything having to do with beauty, adventure or technology. It is what drew him out of the wild and into the party

STR 18 +4
DEX 17 +3 (Ability score raised 2 at level 4)
CON 18 +4
INT 6 -2
WIS 8 -1
CHR 11

Animal Skins and light leather clothes
Ring Protection from Cold endure cold (endure elements cold only) + 1 cold based attack
Ring of Darkvision 40’

Adventurers pack
Dragon Broad Sword Red/White/Blue 2d4
Double headed Orc Axe 1d8/1d6
2 Hand axe 1d6
Masterwork Composite Long Bow
Quiver 20 arrows
Hunting trap

Potion of Healing 2d4+2

Riding Ox (Auroch) 900 lb shaggy longhorns (Cockatrice stabel)

Animal Handling (novice)

RAGE 2/day (1 minute long) extra 2 points damage
UNARMORED DEF AC 10 + Dex + Con modifier. Resistance to Bludgeon Pierce and Slash damage -2
DANGER SENSE +2 save DEX based


Archetype Outlander

Simple Hunter Trapper. Can find food/water for 5 people/day as long as the land allows

Skills Athletics and Survival
Tools simple building tools

Driven by a wanderlust
Ideal Seasons change and so do I
Bond Wild animals, only kill for food and pelts
Flaw there is no room for caution


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