Theg Narlot

Half Orc - Slaver


Theg is a large Half Orc with brutish human features around his more brutish orc ones. He is heavily armed and armored and has been seen traveling with bands of guards

The Party has found evidence
Theg is a slaver, authorizing raids and sales of slaves
Theg meets Markessa and is escorting her about Pelgaryn

Theg was a vanguard for a group know as ‘The Nine’ who appear to be a slaver ring

Theg has set up an extensive network of slave pens in Pelgaryn’s sewers and allied himslef with the corrupt leader Kurias Zeltrin

Markessa appears to be higher up in “The Nine” and is here inspecting Theg’s work

Theg and Markessa said they were returning to “Highport”


Theg Narlot

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