Raif Windgate (Mourning Storm)

Druidic looking Elf in nice looking gear


Young Elven Druid.

Level 5
X P 11,401
Gold 1850

Armor Class: 15 ( 11 leather, 2 DEX + 1 ring of protection, +1 Orgre arm shield)

Hit Points: 41

Strength 8 minus 1 was raised 2 ability improvement at level 4
Dex 15 (2)
Cons 16 (
Int 13 (1)
Wis 14 (
Char 12 (+1)

Description: High Elf 110 years old 5’4" 110 lbs. Alabaster blue skin, silver white hair, pale blue eyes

Languages: Elvish, Druidic,Common, conversational Dwarvish,

Brash and adventurous with a penchant for collecting anything and everything pertaining to nature

6 Years ago Marauders burned his Druidic village. The Marauders wielded magical blue flames.

DARK WOOD quarter staff Casts cantrips x/level/day,
Druid craft, but a dark version of it
-predict the weather
-Wilt kill flower or bud,
-Minor Sensory effect
-snuff out flame
Darkness-Create absence of light, opposite of light spell
MageHand-but hand manifests out of the end of the staff
Dancing Lights
Faerie Fire

Ogre skin arm shield,
leather armor,
light crossbow,
Ring protection + 1
Ring Protection from Cold endure cold (endure elements cold only) + 1 cold based attack
bedroll, tinderbox, rope,

Potion of water breathing

2 tunics from adventuring (Pelgaryn guard, IUZ cultist white blood dyed),
Pan flute
Shipwreck Inn tree bark
Stirge proboscis,

Blackthorn Shilllagh
Remote Viewing 120 feet you can see through it
Thunderclap set it to cantrip
THorn Whip set it to cantrip
Entangle set it to spell cast at your currant level
Speak with Plants 1x day


Blackthorn Shillelagh
Remote Viewing “security camera”
Sticking the stick into the ground you realize that you can “see” 360 degrees through the head of the thing. You need to be within 120 feet of it and you need to concentrate on viewing

Thunderclap “alarm system” as the cantrip used at your level
You can set the stick to “thunderclap” when someone comes within a set amount of space up to 30 feet
The stick will thunderclap only once before you must physically ‘reset’ it by handling it, but seems to be able to do it as many times as you wish
You can also set it for disturbance in which it has to be moved/disturbed before it will thunderclap

Entangling Thornwhip “minefield” as the 1st level spell and cantrip used at your level
You can also set it for thornwhip, attacking a creature that comes within a certain distance up to 30 feet or disturbed the stick. 2d6 damage and entangle are cast simultaneously. Also must be physically handled to reset

Speak With Plants “detective” as the 3rd level spell
Once per day while holding it you can use the 3rd level spell speak to plants
You may also set it as a remote viewing device and if you haven’t concentrated on viewing, you may speak with surrounding plants and any thing they could have observed in a 24 hour period

Raif Windgate (Mourning Storm)

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