Markessa (twin?)

Beautiful Hard featured Elven woman


Tall with dark hair and dressed in fine robes. You saw her with a twin.

She is on board your caravan in one of the noble wagons.

She is an Elf (possibly half elf) and have learned from one of the guards that she is a wealthy business woman who has dealings in Pelgaryn. Alynis has been attempting to watch her and tried to talk a guard into letting her see her. But the guard let Alynis know that he has been hired for just that, to keep people AWAY from Markessa

Markessa and her guards were seen speaking with garrison commander at a Safeton outpost

Markessa and her guards were put up in the best rooms at Flying Shipwreck Inn

Markessa met a half orc in Pelgaryn later learned to be Theg Narlot and seen boarding a ship that may have been Yellow Sail Pirates

Markessa is in Pelgaryn with Theg Narlot in a guarded posh residence

Markessa seems to be from an organizasion called “The Nine” which Theg Narlot is also affiliated.

The appear to be slavers come to Pelgaryn to extend their slavery ring

Seem to be allied with Yellow Sail Pirates, who move slaves for them

Has a human lover named Devon (pictured with her)

Possible Magic User or Cleric, saw her perform a ritual over her food

Was in Safeton checking it out to ally with but says it did not work out.

Said she was returning to Highport


Markessa (twin?)

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