Quick Archer (Ganra Mortwog)

Tall, slender Half-Orc/Half-Elf (Voldur)


Bard 3
XP 984

AC 15 (10 + DEX+WIS modifiers)

84 gp
21 sp

Ganra possesses an odd mix of Orc brutalness and Elf beauty. His dark ruddy skin, small tusks, and sparkling amber eyes, clash oddly with slender features and flowing silver hair.

Actual Name: Ganra Mortwog
Chaotic Good Half (wood) elf Chaotic Neutral Half Orc
HP 26 (2nd level) CHECK THIS

STR 12
DEX 16
CON 14
WIS 14
CHR 12

Monks Robes, high quality (worn over)
Leather Armor nice quality
Robes have many pockets for items and ties at wrists and ankles

Carries a small and beaten backpack
Second set of monk robes, gaudy purple mustard colored for acting
2) Short Swords hidden under cape
1) Masterwork Composite Short Bow 70 Ft 1d8
Built in whistle and rattles for acting
2) daggers

Dark Vision 60’


Gladiator Entertainer

Skills Acrobatics and Performance

Though cynical, Ganra knows that winning the crowd is the ultimate rush and despite his race, he has proven that even this can be overcome. Pit fighting and his troupe (entertainers) have countless ly proven that entertainment can break all social stigmas and barriers.

Bond with his old troop leader who is missing and mentors

Flaw-On the run from the law/escaped slave/killed a man

Ganra finds a sense of belonging with this eclectic group of adventurers, not unlike that felt with his troupe of entertainers. But unlike those days of yore, he gets the sense that he can be truer to himself, and not a trained performer only seeking the adoration of a fickle audience.

They have shown Ganra patience and acceptance, though reluctant at times, that no one else has ever shown, and though his past comrades were decimated, he feels greater confidence and security with this band of journeymen.

But Ganra is no longer so naive to believe that this sense of camaraderie is so safe that they cannot be dispatched as well. How long until the next despicable foe or party of slavers seek retaliation? Ganra can’t answer those questions, but he knows without an ounce of doubt that he will not be enslaved again, and that no member of his party shall face that same despicable fate.

He will bet his life on this.

Ganra will devise a simple ceremony of trust, similar to that devised by his late troupe, an act of brotherhood just to ensure them that he will protect their backs with the understanding that they will do the same.

Quick Archer (Ganra Mortwog)

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