Scholarly looking middle aged human male


Level 1 Wizard

198 XP

61 gp

DEX 13
CON 15
INT 16
WIS 14
CHR 11
Neutral Good Sage Researcher

Scholars Pack
Quarter Staff
Component pouch
Ring of commune on a necklace. Commune 1x/day with Rotcod’ohw
Book of Iuz

40 yrs old
6 ft
200 lbs


Apook’s family for generations have been scholars ad had amassed a wealth of knowledge in a large library. Learning about old gods and magic had filled Apook’s early life, often questing and traveling to gather more knowledge.

It was on one of these treks that the library was sacked and burned by barbarians six years ago. When Apook returned home he found his city in ruins, many of his friends and family dead, and hundreds of years of work destroyed

He is driven to recreate the knowledge and somehow store it again. Perhaps through magic, perhaps to recreate the great library

Archetype researcher

Working on deciphering a book Whole title ‘The Trick of the Dirty Child Which Should be Feared’ It is written in a combination of High Elf and Wood Elf Slang and is giving him some difficulty Trick of the Dirty Child


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