Youthful looking female half elf


Level 5
XP 9485
Race Half Elf (Human mother)
Chaotic Neutral
Archetype researcher

HP 30 (4th level)

AC 14 (11 armor + DEX bonus (2) + 1 cloak)

Proficiency +3

STR 8 (-1)
DEX 14 (2)
CON 12 (1)
INT 14 (2)
WIS 12 (1)
CHR 16 (3)

Investigation, -—————-,——————————,——————————-

Youthful female half elf dressed in Elven woodland gear, and rugged survival clothes

Age 30
Ht 5’ 11"
Wt 150 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Skin Alabaster
Languages: Common, Elven, Orc

Dull Green Cloak
Self mending (as spell)
Protection 1 (2 vs fire based attacks (saves as well))
Ward cloak takes damage to level (5) 1x/day
Disguise Self (as Spell) 1x/level/day
Elvenkind +5 to hide checks
Endure Elements (as Spell/always)
Handy Haversak/pockets
Alter self as spell 1x day

Her Arcane Focus is a wooden wand
Scholars pack
Magnifying glass

Ornate Dagger (Father’s stole when she left)
+1 dagger
4 Silver Darts/4 Steel darts worn in two garter rigs 4/thigh

Ring Protection from Cold endure cold (endure elements cold only) + 1 cold based attack

Wand of Force (8) create wall of force, impenetrable lasts 1 round/charge used
Wand of Charm Monster (3) Save vs Will acts as your friend or ally unless attacked, will not be suicidal

Potion of healing 2d4 +2

2 bags of Caltrops (2×20) DC 15 DEX
1,000 ball bearings bag
2 flasks of oil

Book Beneath The Two Pillars
Ring of commune on a necklace, 1x/day talk to Rotcod’ohw

Alynis is youthful looking Half Elf who seems a bit shy and possibly naive. She is very curious although in a sneaky way.

Adventure of Alynis

4 Cantrips

3 1st level Spells

Attack with spell
Roll to hit: Proficiency (2) + CHR modifier (3) + 5
Target save: Prof (2) + CHR modifier (3) +5 to difficulty


1795 gp
35 sp

Speaks Common and Elven and Orc

Awkward in social situations
Works to better herself
Trying to continue her mothers work
Falw: Is too Trusting

Archetype researcher


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