Whats in the box?

Tiberiuos wants to open the coffin, the others are a bit worried. Tiberious struggles with the lid but is unable to open it, he also unfortunately has a halfling and gnome and a half elf all with average strength as assistants. Took himself and the Barbarian to move the last one which looks identical .

Tiberius yells, “Come on you lazy bastards, if you want some gold, you got to lift the lid”.

“Gold or ancient being gonna suck our blood?” Tobold sighs, grabs the breastplate from one of the pieces of the armor, and uses it as a step to help push, he and Kvothe’s average strengths can not budge the lid. Tobold slaps his forehead and commands the rope of climbing to wrap around the lid to help with leverage, so the three of us can pull instead of pushing.

Tiberious sees the gnome use the rope of climbing to try and pull the lid while Kvothe and Tiberious push…..a light-bulb goes off in his head, he calls forth FURY THE BOAR. With the rope of climbing tied around the coffin lid, and the boar pulling and Tiberious pushing the lid comes sliding off one side. (Nat 20)

A hiss of air and dust mushrooms up into the air, quickly swept up in the rushing column of air…no vampire this time

After several seconds of waiting for something to leap out at them, and nothing does, the trio cautiously advance, as Vinny still standing back in the doorway yells “is it a vampire?” which is unheard as Tobold, Tiberious and Kvothe have wax in their ears.

Inside the coffin as the mummified remains of what you assume to be the figure on the lid.
The figure is nude and androgynous, having no breasts or genitalia and 7 feet tall
The rib cage is crushed in, possibly what killed it, or possibly just collapsed with time
There is a thin shiny metal circlet around its head

There are several ornate pieces of shiny metal scattered around the coffin

There are inscriptions in an odd swirling pattern inside the coffin, that may be decorations, but may also be writing


george3 george3

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