Welcome to Hommlet

The Knon hills are to the right and the Gnarly forest to the left as the party heads due north on a well maintained road. Just after sunup they spy a sleepy little farm town, about 30 buildings surrounded by fields and some trees. There is a church on the far side hill, and a defensive tower to the east edge. What looks like a large inn at the towns center. A few people can be seen moving about as the day begins….

Storm moves to the edge of town and skirts cautiously, the rest of the party wanders in on the main road. Dogs bark and a large woman eyes you cautiously from a window on the first house. An older man with a sack over his back is walking toward you. Children are shearing a sheep, a man is leading a horse from a barn……Good day travelers’" says the old man now 10 feet from you.

Pleasantries are exchanged and the party is directed to the Welcome Wench Inn, just 200 feet up the packed earth road. Farmhouses close together dot each side with their fields or pastures behind them. The Inn is a 2 story structure, made mostly of timber and looking to have a large gathering place on the first floor with rooms above as many small windows dot the second floor. Itis surrounded by a small rock wall, there are two traders wagons in the courtyard and a stable behind.

As the party nears the Inn there are two teenage boys, taking turns, punching each other in the arm. A large balding man with a stained leather jerkin, moves from the barn aside the Inn, yells at the teenagers who snap to attention and then he turns and welcomes you

“Hello travelers, I am Ostler your host, The Wench Welcomes you.” You see a sign with a buxom smiling woman holding several flagons of beer……The wagon they have been guarding is unhitched from its horse, which is led into the stable. Welby its merchant, gathers his wares to bring inside.

Storm meanwhile has found a stream running through the center of town, he is moving in it under the cover of its banks into the midst of the town…..

The party moves indie a well worn, lodge. Animal heads on the wall, huge rock fireplace, many tables for customers. About a dozen people are scattered about. Most notably
>Two scoundrel looking drinkers at the bar, being admonished by the barmaid.
>A portly noble? guarded by a monk and fighter eating at a table near the front door
>A well dressed card sharp plying her trade far in the back
>A passed out man at one table to your right

Tiberious Turok and Tobold all run to the bar, Vinny moves back to engage the cardsharp and Alynis, Kvothe, and Helm settle in to a table for food.


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