Vinny moves down a corridor

Vinny drops from the block and finds a long corridor with 3 alcoves on each side. Statues of the androgynous figures are tucked into each alcove. Vinny finds that they each have air blowing from their cupped hands, as if something was once balanced on the air column coming form their hands. As he advances down the corridor the air gets very cold and there is a faint light ahead.

A floating aberration looking like a DNA strand toped with eyes moves at Vinny from the darkness. He’s scared enough to dodge and attack it, its eyes shoot rays of light at him, but they miss and his daggers cut it apart and it falls like sinew cut from bone.

The corridor ends in a large 50×50 room with a centeral support wich looks to have fonts on each side spilling mass of hardened debris, it is very cold in the room but Vinny has his ring of cold protection. there is light coming from an entrance way to the right, but the debris pile obscures the opening. He moves away form the mass to the left. There is an entrance to a very nice bedroom. A huge stone bed above which a statue of an androgynous humanoid with outstretched hands beckons to to sleep.

Vinny finds the bed has many small holes and air billowing out like the statues. You could sleep on a column of air on this “mattress” There are many drawers and a wardrobe built into the walls, but they look to have been emptied ages ago, as there is nothing but dust now.

Vinny moves around the back of the column, a toilet in the far wall. He avoids the mass and moves into a room that looks like an an artists studio, but is easily seen as light is spilling from the ceiling, looking as if sunlight (daylight spell?) has been permanently cast. Worktables, vices, blocks of partially cut marble and chisel like tools adorn the room.
Dominating the room is an unfinished statue of a bare chested androgynous humanoid holding a staff. In the far corner a black egg sits on a red pedestal.

After some investigation the egg is touched and starts to vibrate, Vinny backs off as the egg tumbles to the ground and grows inside into a vague humanoid form, a little larger than Vinny. A gruff voice speaks out of it in common, ""How do I get out of here?" Vinny has never seen an earth elemental before, engaging it in conversation it just asks to be “let out”

Vinny eventually guides it to the elevator showing it how to push the buttons, and sends it upstairs…..


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