Vincent slips away

Vincent Rhodes wanders away from the group and heads toward the market. The sun is low on the horizon and many merchants are closing up. Vinny is able to find the things he wants though. His thieves guild contact is still there and Vincent purchases some poison from him.

While buying the poison in the market later as Vinny watches the ship a contingent of town guards on horses including a particularly well dressed man on a jet black horse come and visit the ship. Some inquiries you learn the well dressed man in Kurias who is the baron of Pelgaryn (leader) It is a similar visit as Theg and Markessa did. The guards stay on the docks as Kurias goes inside.

Later when Vinny is buying clothes for a planned disguise, he gets some more information about Kurias Zeltrin the town leader.

Vinny picks up:
Kurias has been driving Pelgaryn into the ground.
It is harder and harder to make an honest or decent living.
People from slum areas disappear, I think they are being sold as slaves.
My brother a farmer was told by guards to hide bandits in his barn by town militia.

Kurias Zeltrin (leader of Pelgaryn) is a ruthless evil man.

Kurias Zeltrin rides and undead horse, that has the power of flight (the horse he rode was jet black and very threatening looking)

Kurias Zeltrin is possessed by a demon

Kurias Zeltrin worships Pyremius the evil god of assassins (you have seen several statues about town and found a pyramids necklace in the bandit cave)

Kurias Zeltrin endorses bandits to prey on travelers to the North and West of the city (you’ve just seen him consorting with potential pirates)

Kurias Zeltrin mated with a demon, which produced a beautiful daughter

Vinny cleans himself up and heads toward the ElfHammer


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