Vincent at the ElfHammer

There is a middle aged well dressed man behind the front desk with a dining room/bar off to the left and a hallway and stairs to rooms to the right. Vincent sees several guards and servants milling about. There was a guard at the front door and there are 2 flanking the entrance to the bar/dining room

Vinny announces himself and pays for his room. The manager makes a note in a ledger and welcomes him. Describing the dinner times, when the bar is open, rules about weapons and that “down that hall is the bathhouse” Vinny lets the manager show him the bathhouse, playing up his visitor aspect.

The ElfHammer has a bathhouse type building attachment to it. There is a guard just outside in the hallway with his back to the room. Vinny is surprised that for a few coppers more he can take a warm shower or soak in a stone tub. The water seems to be the same kind of hydro-static pressure that makes the public fountains work. He surmises that there must be a fire along the route of the pipe. .

There are 2 stone shower stalls and a heated tub that could fit 4 people. A corpulent man seemingly asleep is in the tub as a young servant girl massages his shoulders. . The manager also informs him that if he desires an “acquaintance” he points to the girl massaging the man, that can be arranged, just see him. He also mentions that there are other services like massages, perfumes, and skin treatments available.

He elects not to use the shower/bath yet as he is reasonably clean already.

Vinny takes his amount of stuff up to his room. He still has a pack and has tried to give the best interpretation that he is travelling. He got clean but not “too clean”

A obvious dagger in a scabbard on his belt to be turned in.

A “forgotten-just a habit” dagger in his boot

And a belt worn chest high with a dagger in between his shoulder blades, pommel down. Reaching under his shirt behind his back to “scratch” can put it right into his hand…..and from experience he knows searches are usually quick and obvious areas like boots and waistbands

There are a few people at tables and bar as he heads down. He purchases a bottle of local wine and will work on the letter for a bit before trying to strike up a conversation


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