Turok Emurges in

Turok emurges in a 20×20 room. Bas-relief figures adorn the walls, all the figures being the 7 foot tall androgynous humanoids. The figures have crossed arms and stern expressions, many are missing arms and a few their heads too. Piles of dust and pieces of broken plaster indicate that the parts have been broken off over time and are now just mounds of dust and debris on the floor.

His darkvision ring allows him as a human to see in black and white out to about 40 feet in the inky blackness and he advances down the corridor, 15 feet down there is a 4 way intersection, to the right he sees a 30 feet wide and 40 deep room, with a mound of some sort of debris, he hears skittering from inside. Turing to his left he sees a similar 30×40 room in it are waht looks like stone sleeping slabs as atop one looks to be a human figure, Turok moves to investigate

Meanwhile the coffin had been turned to Yellow and the young fighter Ihgnieght moved inside and the shaft disappeared with him inside. The coffin is turned back to Red and Mourning Storm decides to follow the barbarian down. It is turned back to Yellow and Vinny follows Ihgnieght down. Finally Tobold moves down the Red shaft behind Turok and Storm. The remaining party stays behind to bring the shafts back up so those that went down are not trapped.

Ihgneight emerges into total darkness, he lights a torch. He is surrounded by the 7 foot tall figures, all of them with outstretched arms as if paying homage to him, but some of them missing arms, crumbled off with time. Vinny comes down the shaft behind him and the two look over the 20×20 room. There is an obvious triggered trap across form them, a huge stone having fallen from the ceiling. The hole that the stone fell from allows access to the hallway beyond. Vinny climbs over the block, telling Ihgnieght to guard the access point

Meanwhile down the other shaft, Turok has moved into the sleeping quarter room, he moves to the figure on the bed and hears a skittering about the room. His eyes also see the huge figure of an armored warrior, statue, which is standing in the darkness in the far end of the room atop a small dais. Turok yawns and feels sleepy as he sees that the warrior statue holds a massive cudgel, while the figure on the cot is long dead with a crushed head…he does not put 2 and 2 together.

Storm is behind him and investigating the pile in the opposing room. He sees many small beetles tunneling in and out of the piles which looks to have erupted from a font, crystallizing over time like stalactites. Storm uses his druid abilities (rolls well) to mimic soudns of beetle queens calling beetles back to the nest. He is successful in getting the beetles to move into their burrows but finds nothing else in the room.

Turok has become sleepy (failed save) as this room is trapped. He’s decided to take a nap on one of the stone cots. As Storm enters the room, Tobold has emerged from the shaft and moves straight at the 4 way, looking at and ignoring the Barbarian and Druid. Storm sees the barbarian laying down on a cot and the huge statue moving, its cudgel is going to come down on the sleeping Turok. At the same time a huge beetle stumbles from behind one of the cots, it is moving awkardly as Storm rushes to wake the barbarian and attack the beetle

Turok rolls form teh slab just as the massive cudgel comes crashing down, just missing him. Magic from Storm kills the beetle and Tobold has advanced to a flooded stair case.


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