Alister's Remains

Tiberious advances toward the now open doorway.

Tobold keeps his iron sphere from the second round we never got to do in one hand and readies a crossbow in his left hand and waits to see what happens to Tiberius…muttering to himself “ you will never get THROUGH this door…..what does that mean? Hmmmm …..” The little gnome is trying very hard to figure that riddle out, and puts the sphere in the doorway as a doorstop. “Hmmmm,” he says again in his high pitched voice

Tiberius steps through the door into a wondrous room, Kvothe follows while Tobold remains in the doorway, attempting to wedge the sphere into the track where the door slid away, he thinks if the door closes it will at least close on the sphere leaving an 8 inch gap

Vinny is outside the room, checking the walls for secret doors

The room is round and 100 feet in diameter. Made of smooth grey stone
You are inside of a vertical shaft
A 10 foot wide walkway with no railing circles the room
There is a central 20 diameter “hub” on which rests a sarcophagus, looking identical to the sarcophagus in the ROY G BIV lantern room
The central hub is accessed by 4 walkways 10 feet wide, although two are broken and have fallen away
If looked at from above it would look like a 4 spoke wheel

In between the spokes on the outer walls are alcoves filled with swirling mists, within the mists there look to be figures, possibly statues as they are not moving, but you can just see vague outlines

To the left halfway around the outer circle is a pile of rags and armor pieces, there is a blackening of the stone on the ground by them
The ghost/ghoul is standing with his back toward you looking down at the pile

In the “negative space” of the shaft, is blackness below and beautiful blue light of the sky 50 feet above, sunlight filters down to you lighting the room as if the sun was straight overhead, although you cannot see it

You can feel the rushing of wind as if a storm were blowing from the depths of the shaft up toward the light, occasionally particles of dust are swept upward, but the room is mostly spotless as if any dust is continuously swept away

3 main points of interest
Sarcophagus in center
4 alcoves with swirling mists and vague figures within them
pile of rags/armor and the ghost/ghoul

Tiberius points to the rags and armor and asks, “Was this you?”

The ghost/ghoul says “we made it this far” Tiberious has a strong feeling the pile of rags and armor is indeed its remains


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