Time in the Stalactite

The party rests in the mansion, it seems lie a safe place. 24 hours pass as you recuperate and look over the loot.

Vinny inquires about the elf maidens while Alynis and Kvothe read the journals. The remainder look about the mansion and recuperate.

The mansion walls are translucent purple plastic/jelly like material that faintly glows.

Vinny (Elf Maidens)
Your questions are met with curious blank stares, and then more offers to bring you food or drink.
Questions about the master indicate that his name was Saer’Taz (sayer-tahz). but questions about why they serve him and how he controls them are met with blank stares.
Tiberious fills you in a bit about mind flayers and their powerful mind control ability, he speculates that these elves are too far gone, parts of their brains maybe destroyed. They are ‘thralls’ and even with Saer’Taz death, they know nothing but to continue to serve.

Alynis (Saer’Taz Journel)
A quick look over o f the journal indicates Saer’Taz was a Joesef Mengele type experimenter sent by someone/something called Goryc. Goryc has tasked Saer’Taz to attempt to raise a Troglodyte army to fight the Kou Toa.

Kou Toa where once subjects of the Mind Flayers, and have an intense hatred for them. It seems as though recently some of the Kuo Toa have become immune to Illithid mind control

In addition Saer’Taz was to strengthen the Troglodytes to be better equipped to fight the Kou Toa. Kou Toa (4 hit dice) are about twice as strong as a Trog (2 hit dice).

The journal goes into detail about the pools of jelly you encountered being healing pools and that Saer’Taz was grafting parts of other underworld denizens
Mandibles and antennae from an umber hulk
Blade arms from a hook horror
Horn from a giant bull
Legs from giant frog
Claws from a giant wolverine
Tentacles from a displacer beast

You have now found valuable research for these creatures and can combat them as if you have encountered them before as the journal goes into great detail about their ecology

Kvothe (Kai Rifter journal)
Kai Rifter is a heroic warrior of the deep gnome city of Glimmerfell who you were sent to recover

His journal indicates that the Troglodytes had previously been a barrier to the Kuo Toa.
The Trogs and Kuo Toa warring with each other kept them from bothering the Gnomes.
Recently the Troglodytes numbers had diminished and the Kuo Toa had begun appearing in Gnome territory.

Kai had spent several months in the Troglodyte territory and noted their numbers diminishing.
He eventually found a Trog outpost and used a necklace of disguise self (as a Troglodyte) to follow a Troglodyte patrol back to their lair.
You speculate that this is the reason that his body keeps changing from Troglodyte form to gnome form (Kai’s body is wearing a necklace, it seems damaged as if crushed.

Kai spent weeks observing the Trogs, discovering that they were being manipulated by an Illithid
Kai notes that the Illithid was performing gruesome experiments on the Trogs, combining parts of other creatures with the Trogs

Kai knew the Illithid needed to be destroyed, and made plans to kill the Illithid, that is the last entry.

You feel that the Troglodytes may have been honoring him in the funeral pyre. It seems likely that his plan to kill the illithid, resulted in both of their deaths. This set the Troglodytes free.


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