The Tomb ?

While the rest of the party is confused and Turok snores, Kvothe returns to an odd situation. The party looks to have battled each other? He shakes his head and lets his findings be known. Helm Storm and Alynis stay with the snoring Turok, while Tiberious, Tobold, Kvothe move back up to where Kvothe found the “ball pit”

(Vinny has already headed there w/o the others knowing)

Leaving his fox below, Tobold climbs the rope, followed by Tiberious. Tiberious and Tobold move down the short tunnel previously explored by both Storm and Kvothe, the rope of climbing and they are up within a narrow passage 10×10 , 30 feet off the ground and extending away from the tunnel. (Fox can not use the rope and remains in the passage below)

The passage is scarred on the ground, as if heavy objects were dragged down its surface.

The passage is 60 feet long and at the extent of their darkvision they see a shape in a round doorway….It looks like Vinny but they are behind him and only using the black and white of their dark vision to see. You are unsure of when he left the room below and how he got up here so fast

Vinny is in the doorway, 60 feet away, looking inside, his back to you

You swear you hear a giggling sound like that of a young child at play

Tiberious uses hand signals to tell Tobold to sneak up and scout. I make too much noise walking. If the giggling turns evil, I charge to protect Tobold.

Tiberious sees Kvothe climbing the rope, Holds Tobold and waits for Kvothe

Kvothe pulls the cloak of elvenkind over his head and advances on Vinny

When he gets to Vinny he sees Vinny move inside the doorway, there is a small ledge, Vinny is surveying the area, looking at the walls before getting down on his hands and knees to observe the underside of the wooden beam that spans the pit.

Kvote is sure this is Vinny, he was able to move away under cover of the swirling lights and Turok goofiness.

Beyond the face is a 60 foot long room which falls away into a pit full of iron orbs the size of oranges. a thin 3 foot wide plank, looking like wood stretches to the other side. Numerous holes dot the side walls.

At the far side a glowing blue figure spoke to Kvothe earlier. It looks like a teenage human boy, but his neck is bent at an odd angle and his fingernails are long black claws. “Yes you look like hero adventurers!” it says sounding gleeful.


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