The poet of Zulern

While out one evening Kvothe sees a collection of persons in the street near the market. A young woman standing on something is reciting poetry and a crowd of about 30 are gathered.

Curiously he nears and it appears to be one of the ghosts from the mansion, the poet, Soulful moving words flow from her lips, Kvothe has never heard poetry so beautiful, his halfling blood sparked by its intensity and prose.

The girl steps down from whatever she was standing on and into the crowd

The crowd disperses some with tears in their eyes, the girl is gone

Vinny has a similar encounter as does Tiberious

Revelri, her poetry that you found was profound and very good, it is still all in the Library.

She also possesed Turok another of the ghosts tried to posess Alynis.

But you feel you freed her when you destroyed the evil enity that was trapped in the vault and responsible for her death, her soul should have moved on

Tiberiuos feels the ghost could be possesing a person and reading her poetry, or manifesting itself as “ghost poet” but hes not sure why she is still here


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