Spider Webs lead to a tomb

Tobold the Gnome and Tiberious the Dwarf descend the spider web choked stairs. They know that the webs hold an army of flesh stripping spiders that will magically appear if the web is touched. As they descend the webs look to be regrowing behind them, very slowly but closing the passage back off. From ahead the flickering green light grows in intensity.

At the bottom of the stairs another 50- feet down sits an immense room. It is octagonal with passages running off in each direction. 80 feet away a single green lantern flickers with light. It casts an odd hue about the room, glinting off what looks to be glass embedded in the walls, sparkling like starlight or green falling snow.

The roof of the room is domed, rising to 40 feet, and at its center sits a huge sarcophagus. The two begin looking about, Tobold skirting the perimeter and Tiberious moving toward the sarcophagus. The floor is thick with dust and what could be bone shards. As Tobold looks down the first hallway, it looks to be a short alcove hung with a lantern from a chain. He goes to the next one and it too looks like the first, 30 feet back there is only a chain. the third hallway on the right has what looks to be a dust covered bowling ball out front. At the far end a lantern on a chain, one has several skeletal remains scattered about the floor.

At the Sarcophagus Tiiberious notes it is carved lid looks to be a humanoid figure, hairless, about 7 feet tall it looks mostly human, but bald and huge. One of the fingers of its hand has been broken off,. There are 5 metal pins which look to hold the lid in place. The lid looks like solid marble and will take several people to move

The rest of the party are burning the webs away and descending the stairs.

As they enter the room and use some deductive reasoning they see the room is just as the painted room is above. Lanterns hung at ends of hallways, colored like the rainbow. “Fuckin Roy Gee Biv” says Helm in a gruff voice, some question as he explains how to remember the order of the colors of the rainbow. “Roy, Red-Orange-Yellow….Gee Green…BIV Blue-Indigo-Violet. Roy Gee Biv” he says coughs and then walks toward the sarcophagus.

Vinny moves to had the blue lamp back on its chain and various members move to different hallways to check them out. Vinny remembers that the painting had the lanterns lit, and begins to fill the lanterns with oil and tears strips of cloth for wicks. Soon all the hallways have burning lamps in them except for red. The red lamp is missing.

With the lamps lit the tomb is sparkled with multi colored snow, the a Borealis mixed with fireflies and falling crystals like snow, all the colors of the rainbow…except red.

The Red Lamp is missing


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