Power Struggle

This area of the Underdark

Speaking with King Greybeard of the Gnomes, and his advisers you learn the following political factions are active in this area of the underdark.

You may research any of these races in order to combat them

Deep/Grey Gnomes/svirfneblin
Traits: Lawful Nuetral-traders and miners. Guarded, and suspicious of outsiders.
Location: Glimmerfell. North East quadrant
1,000 with a large standing army
Defend their territory fiercely.
Mine jade and other minerals for trade
Grow Mushrooms food and trade

Traits: Chaotic Evil-Bipedal salamanders. Simple and warlike, with a skunk like stench
Location: North central
Can’t break through Gnomes to the east
Besieged by Kuo Toa to the west.
Recently not as active as they have been. Far less attacks on Gnome outposts

Kuo Toa
Traits: Chaotic Evil-Bipedal evil insane fish creatures
Location: North West
600, more? Possible Kuo Toa city(s) to the far west
Continuously fighting with Troglodytes and Drow
Recently have made more incursions into this area.
They may have overrun the Troglodytes

Drow House Brier
Traits: Chaotic Evil Dark Elves
Location far west (central)
1,000 large city to the far west
Don’t venture out or trade much

Traits: Lawful Evil, Grey Dwarves
Location South West quadrant
800 large city to the Southwest
Don’t venture out or trade much

Drow/Druegar House Noquar
Traits: Nuetral Evil outcasts, mostly male Drow/Druegar
Location Noquar Tower central
Trade a lot. slaves, gems, mushrooms, weapons
Very active in many areas


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