Ox Vandalism

When Turok has returned to the Cockatrice he checks on the ox, it is peacefully munching on hay in its stall, he gets a curry comb to brush it….

As he is looking at it glowing blue words appear on its sides

COWARD glows in big blue letters

Turok blinks his eyes and the words fade he hears the giggling laughter of a female

“Where are you, show yourself” he shouts! Running around the stable he sees nothing. There is a guard out front he rushes to the guard grabbing him by the tunic “who was in here?” He questions the guard shaking him “Did you see anyone just now?”

“n,n,n no one sire” the guard stammers "no one has come in or out for hours

Turok continues searching the barn but all has returned to quiet, Auroch still munching on its hay

Kvothe runs into Turok at the Cockatrice and tells Turok of a woman who looked like one of the ghosts from the mansion who was reading poetry to people in the market

Turok remembers that one of the ghosts was a poet

He also remembers one of the ghosts called him Coward when he was beating on the ghosts living relative

The ghost also possessed him, called him Coward again and made him sing and dance and shit himself

Turok thinks he is being haunted

This ghost must be stopped somehow.

Here’s the moments for review if you wish to read:

Inside the mansion:
Turok begins to believe that Blaine knows more than what he is telling. Grunting out questions with increased aggression is met with “I don’t know,” from Blaine, sending Turok into fits of anger. He physically threatens Blaine who looks to the others for assistance.

The group enters a bedroom, a tapestry with a handsome warrior adorns the wall. “Who is that!” shouts Turok at Blaine, “I don’t know” Blaine answers, “I’ve never been here,” stammers Blaine there is nothing else in the room

Two more bedrooms are searched, in each Turok questions Blaine threatening violence. Blaine is now visibly scared at Turok’s bullying. Turok starts shoving and grabbing Blaine in an attempt to intimidate him, he is successful, yet Blaine just repeats “I don’t know” to Turok’s bullying questioning.

A few rooms later Turok sees a painting:
Turok does his now standard WHO IS THAT and threatens an obviously distraught Blaine. Vinny attempts to come between them, but the Barbarian is too strong. Blaine’s eyes seem to thank Vinny for trying as Turok drags Blaine by the collar as he cries his usual “I don’t know”

A ghost teenage girl named Revelri:
Revelri: I do not remember my death, but I know the evil that caused it was the Raven Erberus, he is gone? You slew him I can feel he is gone…..
You are noble saviors, even though I believe wealth was your calling.
Except (points at Turok the Barbarian) you are a coward, you’ve been commanded to fight things greater than you, and instead you torment the weak……

Toruk Scoffs at the ghost… coward… Bring me something stronger to take on, and I will show her who’s a coward. I don’t need that magic to be strong like the others do.

Storm answers Toruk the Barbarian, "Something stronger? Don’t make me laugh! Moments ago, in this very room, it took you forever to destroy a single opponent while the rest of us vanquished many and more. We’re all eager for you to show us this rumored strength somewhere that it matters- not just at a tavern.

Later while trapped in a vault full of gold Turok is possesed by a ghost

Turok stands limply for a second as his broadsword clatters to the ground

“I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU” Turok climbs atop a gold pile waving his sword the rest of the party

The rest of the group readies magic and weapons and gets ready to fight as the barbarian screams from atop a pile of coins

“OR MAYBE I WILL JUST SING…” The barbarian bellows out confusingly

Turok’s hands go to his waist as his sword clatters to the ground and his voice squeaks out like a child. Turok begins a fantastic rendition of the Orcish classic People Crackers In my Soup

Once Mother said My little orc
There’s a meat tastier than pork
So in my soup I was fed
crackers that looked like Joe and Ted

Turok begins shuffling a jig in time with his song, scattering coins about in the process

People crackers in my soup
humans and half elves loop the loop
Gosh, oh gee! but I have fun
Swallowing people one by one
In every bowl of soup I see
Halflings and dwarves watching me
I make ’em jump right through a hoop
Those people crackers in my soup

His jig becomes a frenzy of interpretive dance

When I get hold of a big bad elf
I just push him under to drown his self
Then I bite him in a million bits
And I gobble him right down!
When they’re inside me where it’s dark
I walk around like I’m King Orc
I stuff my tummy full of people goop
With People crackers in my soup!

While the others are trying to form a battle idea that doesn’t involve killing Toruk. Vinny has correctly deduced that the ghost is possessing Turok. Vinny yells “Revelri. .. You have had your fun, and as much as I think. a teenage female poet in a barbarian meat head is hilarious. .. I don’t think you want to be in there much longer. What are you excepting to get from this. ?”

The ghost answers: “This is a bully, he uses his strength to torment the weak, I will not stand for his treatment of my cousin (Blaine), This is not FUN for me, I abhor violence, but I WILL make you kill him if he continues with his evil ways. Violence on the violent can by understood, But violence against the innocent will not go unpunished”

Turok you continue to feel the manipulation of your being, it is wearing on you. You are fighting it but whatever is inside you is powerful. You feel as though you have a great fever, and are hallucinating or dreaming, not in control of your actions. In the same way you were able to slap and manipulate and threaten those weaker persons around you, this force is treating you the same.

Everyone can see that Turok is sweating

Turok let’s out a mighty breath as if he had been holding his breath for a long as he could."
Turok’s hands class at his stomach and he looks to double over in distress

The ghost has left Turok

Revelri: Now if you will abide by your original agreement with my cousin….

Turok doubles over, vomit dribbling from his lips and realizing he’s soiled himself


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