Meanwhile back at the Vinny part II

Vinny surveys the banquet hall a large room 40 × 50 with a vaulted 20 ceiling it is made of the same oddly glowing purple plastic. There are two silver doors on either side, they appear to be rough polished silver with no visible hinges or handles.

Vinny walks to the table and as he looks over the items he feels a presence, “Hello there” comes a chorus of feminine voices. Vinny wheels to see three scantily dresses elven maidens who seem to have just emerged from 3 of the 4 doors. Each is similarly attired in an almost see-through gossamer gown. The gowns are low cut , backless, whisper thin and reach the floor. The gowns are muted primary colors with one maiden wearing red, one yellow and one blue.

“May we offer you food,” says the maiden in the red gown, “or drink” says yellow. Vinny says “not now” and continues to investigate the place, all while keeping an eye on the elves.

Off to the left side of the main hall are 2 20×30 rooms. The silvered doors push open easily and swing both ways on hidden hinges. One room was clearly a library, it looks to have been ransacked, books and torn pages lie scatted about and the air reeks of Troglodyte musk. . There are some odd shaped overstuffed chairs with 6 foot tall backs and some low tables. The red elf follows Vinny in, but just waits patiently at the door.

The second room is a laboratory, many tubes, vials and odd apparatus lie smashed. There are a few brains that have begun to rot on the floor, smashed out of glass tanks. Vinny sees a few non wrecked items, but doesn’t investigate the area fully. The yellow elf follows him in here.

Across to the other side one door opens revealing a toilet and wash basin, the basin is full of crystal clear water, the toilet a black hole beneath a copper seat. There is a door in the left side wall, it most likely goes to the same area that the final door in teh banquet hall goes to, Vinny slowly opens it.

Inside is a luxurious bedroom, high backed overstuffed chairs, armoire, and a overstuffed canopy bed that has purple gossamer draped about it. This room like the others is ransacked, there are nice clothes strewn about torn and reeking of Troglodyte musk.

An open balcony leads outside, in the distance about a mile rises a purple hued glowing city. Odd shaped turrets and domes adorn it and figures can be seen moving about its streets, but there is no breeze, no sound, as if it is an illusion. directly below the balcony is blackness, seemingly bottomless.

Vinny turns to see the Blue elf has followed him in here and is waiting patiently by the door. He begins goign over teh place with a fine tooth comb….



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