Meanwhile back at the Vinny

Vincent is watchign the cavern, he has an idea that he wants to get up to the mouth like stalactite, but spend time surveying the grotto from a hidden area to see if anything moves.

He is rewarded by a rope spooling down from the stalactites mouth, a well dressed for adventure deep gnome begins descending the rope, Vinny creeps up and BACKSTABS the gnome who screams in death, a horror of a second set of jaws extending Alien-like from inside his mouth. Vinny loos over the body which has quality adventure gear and a backpack with mostly mundane items except for a scale bound journal. The gnome has also taken the head of the illithid and is wearing its hand on the chain that one of the Troglodytes had on.

Vinny climbs the rope that turns out to be a rope of climbing as he nears the stalactite he sees a few white cave bats flittering about. Topping out in the mouth he finds a ornate throne that can be hand cranked to the edge of the mouth, most likel to gaze down on the subjects. When Vinny cranks the throne forward a SWARM of albino bats explodes and begins biting him

Vinny attempts to use the ‘flash-bang’ that they captured from Rumble Arrows long ago. He fumbles (nat 1) and drops it at his own feet. The concussion knocks him down and the bats attack but only nips and minor wounds result. Vinny ends up slashing with his daggers, getting bit numerous more times in the process but kills a few and eventually drives them off

After several futile attempts to get through the portal Vinny takes the Illithid hand from the portable hole. He passes through the portal and exits in a small foyer 20 × 20 The walls are a translucent purple plastic that sparkles like the night sky, there are curtains before him, he parts them revealing a banquet hall with a large table set for 8 , but that loks to have been disrupted, as several chairs are overturned and plates and silverware lies scattered…..


george3 george3

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