Leaving at Midnight

Hommlet bound

The party has decided to try to look for Fraggart as he was last seen in the direction they are going anyway. They have taken on the job of guarding a travelling halfling named Welby, a tailor who is going to Homlett to sell his wares.

The group sets out from Sheernob just after midnight, feeling that their darkvison will be good enough on the road that they have been told is safe. The moon is out and the sky slightly overcast. The blackness of the mountains are on the left rising into the sky as is a dense forest to their right .

The party has gone about 8 miles when Tobold out front indicates that there is something on the road ahead. Stealthfully they creep to find several enormous man sized birds eating something on the road. 3 eat while one circles above. There is some discussion as to waiting until the birds finish and leave on their own, or to attack…attack wins out

The party attacks with surprise and fells two of the creatures right away, the other 2 burst into flame, alight they light up like beacons of the proverbial Phoenix and rush at the party who is well covered and makes quick work of them

There is a shrill horn sound and from the woods charge a dozen goblins two mounted on worgs! They quickly are within the party who fight back with magic and steel. The goblins attack is swift and fierce but the party turns it aside with only minor injuries.

Cleaning up after the battle the party finds little, one of those random encounters that threaten travellers. But there is some concern, this road was said to be safe, what is the goblin raiding party doing here? Vinny wants to track, but the group presses on to find where info on Fraggart was last seen.

The road forks northwest (left) and southeast (right).

The road to the SE looks to leave the Welkwood forest and enter the Gnarley Forrest. The road itself is rutted and only a dirt track. The trees increase in size, thicker trunks, more underbrush and less visibility. Many of the trees are darker colors, some wood appearing black.

The NW left continues to skirt the foothills of the mountains toward Hommlet. This is where they have been told where the ransom to Fraggart was left about a mile straight ahead at a ruined farmhouse The sky is starting to lighten with the upcoming dawn

There is a well maintained sign with arrows pointing in either direction
Arrow pointing NW
Hommlet 10
Cienga Vally 30

Arrow pointing SE
Narwell 100

This is where the gnomes said they went “straight” one mile to find the farmhouse and leave the ransom. The party ventures into the woods and eventually finds the farmhouse remains. Looking about there are no clues and tracks are lost in the underbrush and dark

Storm, Tobold and Tiberious perss ahead to the farmhouse while the others stay with the wagon which is hidden just off the road. Finding the farmhouse they find little further clues to Fraggart’s disappearance. Tobold attempts to track where they were told the bandits went, but it has been weeks and he loses the trail

They return to the road and head toward Hommlet, hoping to gather more info there


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