Later at The Orb

After an hour of making “friends” the group realizes that the patrons of this establishment although generally criminal themselves, have a greater loathing for the nobility who are looked at as stealing from the poor. They have an especial hatred for The Town Baron Kurias Zeltrin.

After a few beers the tongues loosen and you realize there is a great resentment to the nobility, ruling class and town guards.

You feel that you shouldn’t disclose that you attacked and freed these slaves as some of these people may run right out and turn you in if there is a reward

You feel that one of the flop house cabins would be a safe place from prying eyes of guards

You have 6 slaves who are now coming fully out of their foggy mental state.

Boyce and Myliene- Human married farmers.
Endival Half Elf trader
Contessa Oswald human scholar/explorer (taken by pirates off ship)
Engermay young servant girl
Polysiphorous young female half elf
Wim and Jaylene Doppleganger and his human wife

Turiok is enthralled by the tale of Contessa Oswald who spins a yarn about her travels. After discussing where the group is headed is appears as though this group could be taken to Narwell too.

Wim and Jaylene will watch over the slave group so party members don’t have to
Jalonia and Delila (healing woman and grandmother) and the crying child
Endival and Polysiphorous. Tricaster where he is from is north of Narwell and he says he can escort her back to her village near there
Contessa Oswald will assist with Engermay Contessa is headed to Free City of Dyvers 300 miles north
Boyce and Myliene are farmers from Ent also past Narwall.

The party books 2 adjacent stabbin’ cabbins for the slaves to which the bartender makes jokes about the awesomeness of the ‘party that is going to happen’ and suggests sending some more girls in later he’ll “give you a good price”
The party rebuffs his offer buying food for the slaves who eat greedily

After the slaves are in relative safety for the night Morning Storm excuses himself, the rest of the group thinking he is just going to the bathroom does not see where he gets off to…party assumes he may be in the “real show” or off with a prostitute

Kvothe, Ghanra, Turok and Armond are left

You are in The Orb theater. It is past dark. The crowd is getting rowdy. Someone recites poetry on the stage and is originally booed, but when his poetry turns to dirty limericks….the crowd starts to applaud


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