Helm Downtime in Zulern

When you uncovered the Temple and found the three gods “cooperating” to keep Tharazdun below we didn’t go into much detail as you didn’t have the info

The cooperation was seemingly just mirrors held by statues of the three gods focusing beams of the sun below the temple which looks to sit atop a temple to Tharazdun

But there was obviously some cooperation from the faiths in the past to construct the structure, there must have been cooperation between priests of each faith and parishioners.

Since Helm is new to being a Helmite, he does not ahve much in teh way of faithful knowledge.

Helm has installed a Helmite Priestess, her name is Jelonia and she is the mother of the crying child you saved long ago. There is also the Cleric Watcher and the paladin Witness

There is also a priest of Pelor…

There is as of yet none of Pholtus, the god of the dwarf Tiberious

A small congregation, mostly open minded among the Pelor faith has started, maybe 20 in number. Accepting of cooperation between thegods to keep Chaos at bay.

Helm has donated monies for his adventuring to pay for guards and upkeep on the temple

The teachings are an odd amalgamation of what can be found on Helm and Pholtus, but with a heavy emphasis on Pelor as that’s what they “know” most about.

Helm spends several of his days in Zulern contemplating the Temple and meditating on it

He sees the influence of Pelor as the strongest, the congregation is mostly the converted of Pelor

Tiberious visits the temple at least once during his week in Zulern, Tiberious’ god is Pholtus

A young Charismatic priest of Pelor has brought a dozen of so to the congregation. These were previously 100% Pelor worshipers who the preist is preaching a cooperative good of the three gods to keep Chaos away. But his scripture is that of Pelor. Congregation 13: Preist +12 worshipers

Helm has installed a priestess, Jalonia. You saved her, her grandmother, and her crying child from the slavers. There is also the young Paladin and Cleric Watcher and Witness. They are all new to the faith of HELM and not schooled in his words. But they are working diligently to further his faith by study and comparing notes Congregation 4: Priestess, Grandmother, Cleric, Paladin

No one has a true tie to this, the “third” of the three gods. The Pelor and Helmite preaching occasionally mention him, but only when talking about cooperation of good to keep evil at bay. Congregation 0


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