Going After the Husband first

The most predominant building in the city of Glimmerfell is a squat 30×30 structures that all have the same square outer shape. Like a subdivision all made by the same builder, there are just slight outer differences, as most of the buildings look very similar.

All have external staircases that are part of the walls which head to each floor. There are few external decorations, all are grey rock.

The buildings look to have 4-5 floors each and a bustling with gnomes coming in and out.

As you move further into the city you encounter several of the same building, but it has no external staircases. larger doors and fewer floors as the larger windows indicate. One of these is the residence of the King’s Daughter Hrodel

Hrodel is off watching a play when you first inquire but eventually returns and you are granted an audience. Hrodel is typical grey gnome stocky, large nosed, and bald with a thick fuzzy beard she is a beauty in grey gnome society. Hrodel acts stereotypical snooty, as a daughter of nobility she shares this trait with many in similar situations. "It is about time, my father hired some adventurers to go after my husband. " she informs you.

She tells you the following

Her husband’s name is Kai, he is a great warrior.
He has a divination stone that is linked to one she holds. Her’s will pulse and point in the direction of his stone, she gives this to you.
He went off to investigate the Troglodyte area.

AND if that idiot has got himself killed, bring back the body.

You rest in town then head in the direction the stone guides you.

You travel through several miles of tunnel, passing a large cavern with jade mining pits and then further away another full of fungus farms. There are more fortifications and eventually you come out of the cave back into the open area you have been travelling through.

You walk another few miles through Gnome territory before you come to several rock mounds with bones sticking out of them. The air around the mounds smells awful, sour, rotten eggs, decay…troglodytes.

In the gloom of the underdark you hear a noise ahead, several shapes stand up. Vinny moves to flank to see what they are. Raif uses dancing lights to make a group of torces look like they are moving toward the shapes, the shapes move to the lights.

The party creeps ahead as the shapes move toward the lights which illuminate them, Kuo Toa! Helm uses his new 5th level fireball and 5 Kuo Toa vanish in a flaming mist.

But there are more several more are seen in the flash of the fireball. A HUGE CROAK is heard behind the Kuo Toa. They are confused and move sideways from your position, at a good pace…..Tiberious and Turok charge.


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