Giant Frog Attack


Raif used call lightning on the area that the second wave of Kou Toa stood up from. Another CROAK! comes from beyond the range of vision as everyone’s sight is still a bit affected from the fireball blast. Raif mimics the CROAK! as his spell behaves unuallly sending electricity coursing through several of the Kuo Toa

Vinny is still moving into a flank and sees an enormous elephant sized shadow moving toward the Kuo Toa and the group. Raif’s spell is still up, a thin rolling cloud crackling with electricity. Then everyone sees it. As Tiberious on his boar and Turok cleae into the last of the Kuo Toa a giant round mound of horror moves into view.

The creatures body is the size of an elephant, standing upright on two squat legs. Four octopus like tentacled arms wave menacingly from its body, and atop its head sits three eye stalks. Most frieghtingly though is a HUGE mouth filled with dark fangs and a tougue the size of a large python flailing wildly.

CROAK! the beast sounds again moving into Raif’s call lightning cloud and toward Turok and Tiberious. Raif replies with a CROAK! and gives it a jolt of electricity which slows it but it lashes with its tentacles at Turok and Tiberious, striking both as it also attempts to bite dwon on Tiberious who manages to use his shield to repel the attempt as the creatures cold breath stinking of rotting vegatation washes over him.

Magic Missiles and Sacred Flame come from Alynis and Helm as Turok uses the blue lightning feature of his new sword savaging the huge beast. Yet there is much life in this hulk who bashes again at Turok and Tiberious. Raif gives it another jolt from his call lighting which causes it to fall, but arcs of lighting also strike Tiberious and his boar.

The Boar de-materializes in a flash and Tiberious body rolls into a crumpled heap, smoking from the lighting. The Froghemouth is dead but so it Tiberious. Helm moves forward with spare the dying, Tiberious coughs, life returning to him, but just barely.

Raif moves over and says “The dwarf is alive? dammit, I was gonna take one of his ears as a trophy” He spins on his heal and walks away.


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