Fight in the cavern

The roadbed snakes 100 feet to a crude “gatehouse” merely a berm of rock and mud arching above the path, there are a dozen Trogloytes there holding the position. Two Giant lizard riding Trogs rush forth but the party waits back for them to come, dispatching the lizards and their riders and preparing to rain arrows and spells onto the defenders who look to be ill equipped for ranged combat.

And then a funny thing occurs in the swamp to the sides. Alynis is investigating an overturned cart when she sees what looks like a mage hand appear and try to steal one of her daggers, she shakes away from it, but then finds herself teleported 30 feet out into the swamp like watershed. Turok rushes to her aid and the two stagger back to the roadbed, unsure of what just occurred.

As the party closes in on the troglodytes there is a commotion on the other side of the gatehouse. Troglodytes concerned with something behind them back peddle into the cavern. There is something attacking them from the other side, the Trogs are now besieged by the party on one side and an unseen enemy on the other


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