Everyone heads back to the Grotto

Vinny is waiting for the group when they return and the whole of the party retreats to the tower. Now that the party possesses two ropes of climbing the stalactite is easily accessed.

Loot is put in the portable hole and moved to the stalactite to sort

The stalactite is carved in the shape of a 3 jawed tooth filled maw (think Predator)

Inside the mouth 20×20 is a throne that can be moved to the mouth’s edge by way of a gear and track system, this also exposes a portal behind the throne that leads to a “mansion” (think Dr Who TARDIS, bigger on the inside)

You can not access the portal, unless the illithid hand (on a neck chain) is in close proximity

BUT subsequent moving of the throne, releases a swarm of albino bats (trap) several in the party are bit as they fight off the bats. The bats are a magical trap and reset every 10 minutes

The walls of the mansion are translucent purple plastic that glows feebly.

There are 3 scantily dressed elf maidens (red, yellow, blue) in the mansion. who ask if they can bring you food or drink (so far you have said no)

The mansion has 4 rooms (6 if you count the small foyer and bathroom)
Foyer/Main Banquet hall (dining room) Huge table set for 8
Library, books tossed about but many recoverable
Laboratory, a lot of smashed apparatus, but some recoverable
Bedroom elegant, with a balcony that looks over a oddity of a glowing purple city, but has also been turned over as if someone was looking for something

Also a bathroom as everyone needs to poop at some point, even Mind Flayers
Bathroom There is a small room off the main room which can be accessed by doors in the main hall and bedroom. Wash basin that continually refills with crystal clear water and a toilet that has a seemingly bottomless


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