“My Fox!” Tobold exclaims forgetting his buddy was waiting for him he heads back to hoist it up with the rope. When he gets to the exit door it is closed, his orb nowhere to be seen

He will have to unlatch the door and exit back into the ball pit room He looks around for the latch……

Atop the column of air; With seemingly no way to get to the house the two watch as it hovers for a minute then begins to turn and drift away at the same rate that it came They both notice that the sunflowers continue to look at (face) them, as the grass disk holding the house slowly spins away,soon it is just a small dot, they wait for awhile but the house never comes back, their stones continue to click from Helm telling them it is time to go
After realizing there is no way to get to the house and it is now gone Tiberious and Vinny head back down the column of air

Vinny and Tiberious tell Tobold and Kvothe that there was a wooden house on a disk of earth that flew by them, but they would have needed to be ably to fly or teleport 200 feet in order to get there

Tobold is over by the door that you came in and says “guys we have a little problem” the once open door is now closed, the orb Tobold had tried to jam into it is nowhere to be seen. There looks to be no latch only more of the swirling patterns written on the walls.

Alister the ghost says “I can get you out, but you all have to promise again to get my bones back to my family”

Malstar the sorcerer who brought us here had us study something called the planes, different areas of existence, many unlike the one we are one now. This tomb can only be accessed from the Elemental plane of air, and only interacted from the Ethereal plane Malstar had a powerful spell to somehow move me into a certain point on the plane of air, then his plan became very evil….

He killed me, well he planned on it anyway. He gave me a powerful protection stone, told me how to activate it but only in emergency. Those air warriors killed me just as I used it. It wasn’t protection, it exploded it killed the air warriors, I would of killed me….but that was Malstar’s plan. It made me a ghost so I could let him in.

It was a long time before I let him in. I was mad about his deception, but he told me he could return me to living form. I hatched evil of my own, I decided to let him in and not let him out….watched him starve to death begging me to release him. I knew that releasing him he may be able to release me from this ghost form….but he’d lied so many times before. I trapped myself in here, waiting for adventurers like you to release me.

You can hold my remains, and I will remain trapped here, or you can release me by burying them with my family. Once I’m gone you will not be able to return to this tomb…well unless you can find the entrance on the plane of air…

The four agree and leave the tomb, the disk door rolling into place behind them, the face trap resetting they return to their group. Turok is coming around and they lead the groggy Barbarian out of the tomb and back to Glimmerfell


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