Coffin Wrap Up

All of you realize your stones have been clicking a message . You had been on edge and are not sure how many times they’ve buzzed . They click several times in a few minutes as you look over everything and open the coffin lid. It is Helm

Helm -Let’s Go

Helm-you okay?

Helm-We done

Helm-status check

We ’Oka’y’ and ‘Coming’ Tiberious clicks back

You scoop up the bits of metal in the coffin

You attempt to gather the nice longswords but they crumble to dust when touched, as do the scraps of armor

You activate all the scenes that are in the misty alcoves
1 (already activated) androgynous figures relaxing, attacked by spider-wolves, spheres explode

2-A huge androgynous figure towers over warriors dressed in plate armor carrying twin longswords. Warriors look to have same plate armor and swords decorated with swirls as the swords and pieces that turned to dust in this room

3-An androgynous figure is fighting with what looks to be a Drider crossed with a two headed spider wolf. Spider body, human torso (think centaur) but human torso has a human head as well as a wolf head on each shoulder.

As the androgynous figure impales the spider wolf with the staff, beams shoot from the spider wolfs eyes, both figure slump to the ground they look dead…

4-Seven androgynous figures present a staff to a huge androgynous figure, he takes it from them and raises it above his head the staff explodes in to many parts

Upon questioning Alister he wants you to step into the column of air…….The column of air is flowing upward and looks flow into daylight at the top of the column. You put a hand in it and your hand and arm feel light and are pushed slowly upward

Tiberius will tie the end of his 50’ of rope to a sturdy part the center area and tie the other end to himself. He will then climb over the side and see what happens. If he is not lifted he will be able to climb up. Tobold throws one of the rotted boots into the column, it drifts slowly upward.

As Tiberious is ready to step in, Kvothe protests" I don’t think that it’s best idea to send the heaviest one of us up the rope. I can go up instead, and Tiberius can pull me back down in case of an emergency." Tiberious answers “But if I go up and there is something there that attacks me, everyone else has ranged attacks. I do not and I used my last spell slot until I can rest, It the job of the tank to be bashed instead of the rest of you squishy types.” Tobold replies “I’m a dodgy and thinky type. Send somethIng inanimate up and be ready to defend us O Bearded One”

While everyone is arguing Vinny comes running by and jumps into the column…….


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