Tiberious and his boar followed by Turok rush headlong toward a circle of Troglodytes chanting and dancing about a fire. Vinny Alynis Kvothe and Helm begin raining arrows and spells upon them as the Paladins and the Barbarian crash headlong into the Trogs.

The fight is over quickly as the charge attack catches the Troglodytes by surprise, some attempt to flee but a dozen are quickly felled. They looked to have been getting ready to light a small crude hut on fire, there is a ramp that leads up to its open door, as it is on stilts and sits above a piles of sticks and branches.

A troglodytes charges from further in the cave, mounted on a giant lizard, he is no match for the party, but buys time for what the party sees to be a Troglodyte caravan pull away down an tunnel . More large lizards pulling crude wooden wagons surrounded by fleeing smaller Troglodytes.

Tiberious rushes inside the hut to see what is inside, there is a crude wood coffin that when opened reveals a body of a Troglodyte, but in a few seconds it morphs into the body of a deep gnome and a few seconds morphs back, continuing every few seconds. This is the body of Kai Rifter, but you are unsure why it keeps taking the form of a Trog.

Outside the group has found a thrown inset with jewels,. Before the throne, jammed onto a spear thrust into the ground is the head of a Mind Flayer, only a few days dead, the area around it reeks of Troglodyte musk.. Turok and Storm both fight to sit on the throne, but nothing happens, Vinny pries the jewels out of it. Above them hangs a huge stalactite, carved into an odd 3 hinged jaw configuration filled with sharp teeth, it is 60 feet above the cave floor.

Looking over the dead Troglodytes the find more aberrations/mutations. Troglodytes with legs like a giant frog, bone scimitars in place of hands, turtle like carapaces, this Troglodyte clan looks to be really messed up.

The group stuffs the gnome’s body in the portable hole and prepares to chase after the fleeing Troglodytes


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