Billick's Burrow, Where's Fraggart ?

Most of the party ends up at Billicks Burrow a large tavern that has areas only accessible to gnomes, or other small humanoids, but it has a large central room which has a few travelers of all races, light music and good food. The party is looking at maps and thinking they have to head to the nearby town of Hommlet next before Nulb when a group of gnomes walks in

“Tobold” yells out the first gnome, can you help us with an issue? “Contraptioneers” Tobold says to the party, “a group of tinker and creative gnomes who help this village” The lead gnome Gruble then says “Fraggart is missing”

Tobold has history with the Contraptioneers. Gruble, one of their members has toaught Tobold many Ranger skills, and Fraggart is the one who made Tobold’s crossbows. Kronkile and Nilker are creators Kronkile is sly and rougish while Nilker has some ways of magic. Fruge is muscle, the biggest gnome you’ve ever seen.

Gruble tells the party:
>Fraggart is miising
>Fraggart had found a red dog statue, shows it to the group. A trinket looking like Anubis, but brick red about 4 inches high.

>He left for Hommlet to seek information about it and possibly sell
>He came back and told the others to hold it for safe keeping.
>He then went missing, no one saw him leave

>A few days later a human from Hommlet came asking about the statue
>offered 50 gold for it. We did not tell him we had it

>A week later a ransom note pay 100 gold or Fraggart dies
>Ransom taken to spot outside of town, abandoned farmhouse
>Saw human bandits collect gold, tired to track them but lost them
>They were headed toward village of Hommlet

>Fraggart never returned
>A few days later a ransom note in Fraggart handwriting came saying “do not look for me”

>we tried to get help from Viscount, but his soldiers decided it was Fraggart who duped us into ransom payment and has run off with it

Since party is going there anyway, they decide to look to see if they can find any evidence that woudl shed light on the situation.


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