Ball Pit of Death

Vinny turns and you realize it is indeed him,
Kvothe is already near him removes his cloak and says “hi”
Tobold (who has a flask of oil/firebomb ready) and Tiberious advance

Kvothe, Vinny Tobold and Tiberious are now at the circular door

Beyond is a room

There is a round opening, you can tell that it is a door of some sort, now open.
Around the opening are 7 indentations, by the chips on the ground someone has pried something from each slot recently. (Storm stole the gems) Since the chips are not dust covered, either Storm or Kvothe has 7 items pried from the holes

On the other side is a 20 foot wide passage 50 feet long with a 20 foot high ceiling.
But there is no floor, only a 3 foot wide wooden plank, seemingly cut from a single tree, extending the length of the passage. 10 feet below the plank are hundreds of iron balls the size of oranges Something is moving in the spheres and making noise

Vinny points to the walls on either side
About 15 feet out are numerous fist sized holes
“Trap” he says “something probably shoots out of those holes at anyone on the beam, I can’t find the trigger”

At the far side is a translucent child, looks like a ghost, but you can see it has long black fingernails like a ghoul, it seems to be giggling at you. Kvothe says “That’s the ghoul ghost I saw earlier that wanted us to retrieve and move its bones”

Something is rustling in the ball pit, the balls making a slight metallic clanking as if something were shifting under them, you just thought you saw a serpentine tail…….


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