Back in the ROY G BIV room

As the lights continue to sparkle around them , the others decide to move the stone to the green corridor. Again there is an ominous shaking and rumbling but the group waits to see what occurs. The elevator drops and sounds of crashing are heard. Then a skittering growing louder, a FOUNTAIN of beetles erupts from the shaft. A beetle swarm that is terrifying, area magic and fire is used to destroy in as hundreds of beetles pop and hiss in their death throws.

And then the party hears one of the elevators rising with a hiss of air, coming up the red corridor. It opens and it is Tobold the gnomes. "He describes the statue chasing Turok into the water and that the Barbarian may be in trouble.

At this point another elevator rises from the yellow corridor. As everyone assumes it will be Vinny, but they are surprised when a humanoid figure of stone yells out “How do I get out of here?” The stone figure looking like and unfinished statue of rock is engaged in conversation as the group points and tells it about the stairs where the spider webs are. The creature shambles to the web stairs and plunges into the webs, spiders coursing about it.

There is another hiss of air as the elevator in the red corridor descends, and again as the yellow one does as well. The rock creature has moved through the spider webs and is gone. Another hiss of air and the yellow elevator returns, now Vinny steps out, “Did anyone see an inquisitive statue come up?” The group relates the tale and where it went, Vinny decides not to follow. The yellow elevator descends and returns with Igneight.


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