And now the Coffin....

Kvothe has moved past and has crossed the bridge to the sarcophagus
The coffin is identical to the one in the lantern room, but it does not sit on a revolving dias
It also does not have the silver pins holding the lid in place.
It is of heavy marble and will take some good strength to remove the lid

Tiberious is moving toward the coffin and Tobold is looking at the other sets of remains. As Tobold looks over the scorched stone it looks as though there was an explosion, there are no remains of a container that may have held the explosive, so Tobold assumes it was magic

Tobold suggests to Tiberious they protect their ears from sound attacks, possibly with wax from a candle. He also tries throwing a small item like one of the rotted boots into the air column

Tiberius approaches the coffin. If nothing attacks him, he will strap his shield and axe to his back and open the coffin. Kvothe pulls out wax from his scribe’s stash and offers it to anyone. He then gets ready to help Tiberious with the lid. Tiberius takes from wax from Kvothe and puts it in his ears.

“You guys are weird” yells Vinny still in the doorway, forgetting that the group had run into a banshee who’s screams had almost caused a TPK. “If it’s undead. Probably undead. We should get the old man (Helm).” But the others can’t hear him with the wax in their ears…..


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