All Adventures start in the bar

Niceties are exchanged and the party spreads out in the dining hall. There is a small dog darting about peoples legs and the two ruffians at the bar are trying to convince Turok and Tiberious to drink with them. Vinny wanders back to the obvious cardsharp and introduces himself to her. Konruss is her name and the two gamblers sit down to a game of cards…..

A salesman/trader comes inside, introduces himself as the proprietor of the local trade shop, offering discounts. The barmaid chastises him and chases him out.

Ostler the bartender tells the adventurers of the lore of a huge black dog that prowls the surroundings, if anyone sees it they will die the next day. He tells the story of the druids that lived here before who were driven away by goblins. Later when humans resettled the area, they woudl wall up a live cat in every building which would keep the evil black dog away. He shows you a mummified cat that he says came out of the wall of this tavern when he did some remodeling.

Tobold has a drink at the bar and then moves outside, he and Welby will scout the town, Welby looking for a place to sell his wares. They move outside and head toward the tower that looks to be the beginnings of a castle.

Tiberious and Turok get into a drinkng contest with one of the two bar denziens, the other already looking fairly drunk has run out of money.

Helm, Kvothe and Alynis look about the tavern. Alynis and Kvothe see a youngish girl looking forlorn, when Kvothe moves toward her she moves out the front door, Kvothe follows…..

Storm is still outside, he has moved up a stream-bed into the middle of the town, he sees a man practicing crossbow and moves to talk with him.

A older couple come in the front door, welcomed by all. Moria and Bierce sit as Ostler is telling the Black Dog story. They continue his story, telling of the huge dog that foreshadows your death.

Vinny is having no luck gambling, a stalemate as his adversary is very talented. He decides to leave the bar, and look for the trader who came in the bar earlier.

Helm and Alynis decide to head toward the church (St Cuthbert) that is on the hill behind the town. They leave the bar.

Storm has been guided to the local druid who has a grove in the midst of town. He learns the town is divided between followers of St Cuthbert and druids of the old faith. Cuthbert is new having recently established the church after the battle of Emridy Meadows. Storm sees another adventuring party arrive. Paladin, Dwarf, Rogue and Wizard, they also have a Kobold with them who is driving a wagon full of stuff, it is parked in the stable. The 4 others go inside.

Tiberious and Turok plunk down some money to start the drinking game just as another band of adventurers comes in. Lead by a paladin in shining armor and consisting of a well dressed rogue and a grizzled wizard as well as a dwarven cleric who wants in on the drinking contest. Drink til you pass out winner take all is the game.


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