Abandoned Troglodyte outpost

The area has returned to the grey marsh that you encountered when you first entered this underdark area. This area though smells worse and the water turns from cold to warm and back to cold where there are potential hot springs, but nothing is more than ‘warm’

You notice the smell changes. It has been ‘cat piss’ but has begun to take on a ‘skunk cabbage’ aroma. You are at least 2 miles inside troglodyte territory.

Vinny on point has stopped and signaled to hold. He backs up to Kvothe and says something to them and they both forge ahead while signalling for you to wait.

Several minutes later they return and tell the group there is some sort of crude structure ahead. It looks like a mound of earth with a flat roof, possibly a watch tower, but no movement was noticed, it looks abandoned.
the group advances and sees what looks like a large beaver lodge. Mostly mud and plant material has been built into a long oval about 10 feet high. The top is flat but looks to have a crude berm built to your side, it looks like a crude defensive wall.

Advancing slowly you do not see any movement. Flanking the structure you see that there is a hole in the back of it. Looking like a cave entrance the hole is pitch black.

Moving to the structure you are all on the verge of sickness by the stink. There has been activity around this structure, you find broken crude wooden tools and gnawed bones

There is a crude stair to the roof and you can see a weapon rack behind the wall holding several crude spears. While you watch the entrance, Kvothe takes a look, climbing up top and reports that there is more signs of recent activity and he can make out troglodyte footprints

Eventual investigation of the ‘lair’ shows a dugout area beneath the wall with several small caves off a main area. There are two well camouflaged view slits, another weapon rack with more crude javelins, and some dirty dented metal bowls and a pitcher half full of water.

All of the area is covered in water except for several mounds which could be crude tables and several others that could be crude beds. The activity is recent but not yesterday. Most likely there has been nothing here for a week or two.


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