A taking Ghoul ?

The Gnome Clerics mutter words and present holy symbols toward the ghoul in the cell, it hisses and yelps. Eventually you hear it swear in undercommon, clearly it has some ability to speak.

Vinny questions it repeatedly trying to get some sort of hints as to where it comes from and why it can speak. The ghoul is snotty in its response as the negotiations break down the ghoul repeatedly saying “we will bury you” and threatening to eat everybody. Turning the ghoul is successful and it spends a minute trying to claw out of the cell and flee from the multiple clerics. Even that does not convince it to give up any information. King Greybeard eventually agrees with you to kill it with fire.

The ghoul is killed using magic and holy fire, it chars into ash. Greybeard allows you to go with his clerics who invite you to a library. They give you a rundown on ghouls, how to battle them and why they are dangerous.

You currently know from battling ghouls:
They can cause paralysis with their claws
They are fast and dexterous
They do make noise, howls, grunts and wails.

The Gnome Clerics fill you in
They crave flesh, both living and dead, but prefer living flesh, torn fresh.
The bite of a ghoul can infect any race but elves. But you have seen Drow elf ghouls.
One bitten by a ghoul will rise as a ghoul the next night unless cured (disease)
The claws can paralyze. Ghouls will paralyze their prey then feast on the living body.

A ghoul resembles an emaciated version of whatever creature it was in life, but with a large jaw.
A ghoul’s skin is possessed of a deathly grey pallor often covered in blotches.
Ghouls are skin and bones with abnormally long arms that end in hands with long spindly fingers and claw like fingernails. These fingernails drip with a black ooze which acts as a poison that causes paralysis.
Ghouls have no body hair and their teeth more closely resemble canine teeth with massively exaggerated canines and incisors.
A ghoul’s skull actually has a longer mandible that protrudes. As a result, a ghoul’s skull vaguely resembles that of a dog or wolf yet maintaining its humanoid appearance.

Anyone bitten by a ghoul, who becomes hungry for raw meat should be cured of disease immediately. Other symptoms include hair loss and pale skin. The curing of disease is more effective if given by a cleric or paladin of Lawful Good alignment.

They don’t understand why a ghoul hungers, as they do not seem to need food to survive.

They have occasionally encountered a more powerful ghoul called a ghast. The ghast has more necrotic energy, and puts off the stench of decay that can sicken.
While the ghoul’s paralysis is caused by poison, a ghast’s comes from necrotic energy, and can even paralyze elves.
This nuecrotic energy, even a slight amount can turn anyone into a ghoul.
They think ghasts are ghouls who have eaten a lot of living flesh, developing into ghasts through rudimentary forms of necromancy. .
Ghasts tend to be more intelligent, and even lead packs of ghouls.

The clerics think this is a more intelligent form of ghast. It does not have the stench of decay, but has the ability to speak.

Take off the head
Take out the stomach
Don’t need silver or magic weapons
Poison doesn’t work on undead

They further tell you the lore:
Of all the creatures of undeath, ghouls are one of the most fearful. Long ago an elven necromancer began to eat the flesh of other elves, he was worshipping the demon Orcus, the king of undeath. As a twisted reward, the undeathly king turned the elf into the first ghoul, with the power to make more ghouls, an undead army for the king of undead.


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