Helm's Temple
Also Pelor and Pholtus

When you uncovered the Temple and found the three gods “cooperating” to keep Tharazdun below we didn’t go into much detail as you didn’t have the info

The cooperation was seemingly just mirrors held by statues of the three gods focusing beams of the sun below the temple which looks to sit atop a temple to Tharazdun

But there was obviously some cooperation from the faiths in the past to construct the structure, there must have been cooperation between priests of each faith and parishioners.

Helm has installed a Helmite Priestess, there is also a priest of Pelor….there is as of yet none of Pholtus. They are both non level characters with no power

A small congregation, mostly open minded among the Pelor faith has started, maybe 20 in number. Accepting of cooperation between thegods to keep Chaos at bay.

The teachings are an odd amalgamation of what can be found on Helm and Pholtus, but with a heavy emphasis on Pelor as that’s what they “know” most about.
A young Charismatic priest of Pelor has brought a dozen of so to the congregation. These were previously 100% Pelor worshipers who the preist is preaching a cooperative good of the three gods to keep Chaos away. But his scripture is that of Pelor. Congregation 13: Preist +12 worshipers

Helm has installed a priestess, Jalonia. You saved her, her grandmother, and her crying child from the slavers. There is also the young Paladin and Cleric Watcher and Witness. They are all new to the faith of HELM and not schooled in his words. But they are working diligently to further his faith by study and comparing notes Congregation 4: Priestess, Grandmother, Cleric, Paladin

No one has a true tie to this, the “third” of the three gods. The Pelor and Helmite preaching occasionally mention him, but only when talking about cooperation of good to keep evil at bay. Congregation 0

Turok tires to kill the Gnome again

Kvothe is off investigating the mouth at the end of the upper passage that Storm ahd previously looked over. He notices that somethign ahs been pried from the stonework around the face.

The Red elevator rises with a hiss of air and a wet Barbarian emerges carrying the missing red lantern. The party thinks they can get the lanterns off Turok but he speaks in an ominous voice “give me the gnome” holding up the lantern in trade.

Tobold is terrified, knowing the barbarian tried to kill him once already, he retreats as the others try to calm Turok. Vinny and Tiberious are nearest Turok, but no reasoning will help, Turok is bent on hurting or possibly killing the gnome.

Turok fights with several of the others as he tries to get to the gnome and they try to get the red lantern. Turok is temporarily restrained as spells look to hold without hurting him, but Tobold has had enough and a crossbow bolt sticks into Turok’s bicep. Enraged the barbarian fights against the magic that others have used to hold him. He is disarmed and Tobold rushes away with Turok’s sword, threatening to drop the sword down one of the elevator shafts unless Turok stops his fight against the rest of the party.

Turok’s head bobs down, he’s gone to sleep….quickly the others tie him tight, not really knowing why he’s snoring and asleep.

Storm has come out of the statue and is quietly amused at the party’s infighting. Helm and Alynis are watchign teh barbarian as the others hang the Red Lantern and light it. The lights are now disorienting in the room, a swirling multicolored snow storm.

Kvothe up near the face trap is startled as the face rolls back from the wall, moving into a recess and allowing access to a passage beyond (placing all lit lanterns activated) Beyond the face is a 60 foot long room which falls away into a pit full of iron orbs the size of oranges. a thin 3 fooot wide plank, looking like wood streaches to the other side. Numerous holes dot the side walls.

At the far side a glowing blue figure speaks to Kvothe. “Haha good work, you’ve figured out your way in, now if you will please gather my bones and return them to my family…….” Kvothe pulls his cloak u and returns to the others to let them knwo what is going on.

Back in the ROY G BIV room

As the lights continue to sparkle around them , the others decide to move the stone to the green corridor. Again there is an ominous shaking and rumbling but the group waits to see what occurs. The elevator drops and sounds of crashing are heard. Then a skittering growing louder, a FOUNTAIN of beetles erupts from the shaft. A beetle swarm that is terrifying, area magic and fire is used to destroy in as hundreds of beetles pop and hiss in their death throws.

And then the party hears one of the elevators rising with a hiss of air, coming up the red corridor. It opens and it is Tobold the gnomes. "He describes the statue chasing Turok into the water and that the Barbarian may be in trouble.

At this point another elevator rises from the yellow corridor. As everyone assumes it will be Vinny, but they are surprised when a humanoid figure of stone yells out “How do I get out of here?” The stone figure looking like and unfinished statue of rock is engaged in conversation as the group points and tells it about the stairs where the spider webs are. The creature shambles to the web stairs and plunges into the webs, spiders coursing about it.

There is another hiss of air as the elevator in the red corridor descends, and again as the yellow one does as well. The rock creature has moved through the spider webs and is gone. Another hiss of air and the yellow elevator returns, now Vinny steps out, “Did anyone see an inquisitive statue come up?” The group relates the tale and where it went, Vinny decides not to follow. The yellow elevator descends and returns with Igneight.

Storm becomes a statue

Turok is still groggy from whatever had taken hold of him, he moves into the corridor. The Gnome seeing his tormentor moving toward him stops and creates an illusion so the Barbarian wont see him. Conveniently there are two alcoves set in the hallway, looking like closets that the gnome is able to back into and hide.

Turok finds the submerged staircase that the Gnome was investigation earlier. The water is cold but Turok is curious to what lies beneath, and has a ring of cold protection on. Drawing in his breath he goes for a swim.

Meanwhile Storm is experimenting with a spell Meld into Stone, Something in the spell malfunctions and storm is transmuted into the statue, he finds he has rough control of the statue (as if piloting a giant robot) as the statue was articulated as a trap. But he can not see, only hear and only muffled sounds. Having a rough idea of the layout of the area he topples himself from the pedestal and begins smashing about.

Terrified the Gnome holds his illusion not knowing the statue which has now crawled into the corridor is Storm. Turok is beneath the water surface and swimming about.

Turok’s constitution allows him a long time underwater and he moves to the left of the corridor. Storm is bashing the statues form and also slips beneath the water. Something grabs Turok and he bashes at it to get it to let him go. The huge statue complicates things as the water is churned up with the 3 actors struggles.

Turok knows he has to take a breath soon as he sees something shiny and red, he grabs for it and beats a hasty retreat to the entrance. As eh breaks the surface and gulps air, he realizes he’s found the missing red lantern. With the water churning behind him he moves to the elevator to go show the others.

Vinny moves down a corridor

Vinny drops from the block and finds a long corridor with 3 alcoves on each side. Statues of the androgynous figures are tucked into each alcove. Vinny finds that they each have air blowing from their cupped hands, as if something was once balanced on the air column coming form their hands. As he advances down the corridor the air gets very cold and there is a faint light ahead.

A floating aberration looking like a DNA strand toped with eyes moves at Vinny from the darkness. He’s scared enough to dodge and attack it, its eyes shoot rays of light at him, but they miss and his daggers cut it apart and it falls like sinew cut from bone.

The corridor ends in a large 50×50 room with a centeral support wich looks to have fonts on each side spilling mass of hardened debris, it is very cold in the room but Vinny has his ring of cold protection. there is light coming from an entrance way to the right, but the debris pile obscures the opening. He moves away form the mass to the left. There is an entrance to a very nice bedroom. A huge stone bed above which a statue of an androgynous humanoid with outstretched hands beckons to to sleep.

Vinny finds the bed has many small holes and air billowing out like the statues. You could sleep on a column of air on this “mattress” There are many drawers and a wardrobe built into the walls, but they look to have been emptied ages ago, as there is nothing but dust now.

Vinny moves around the back of the column, a toilet in the far wall. He avoids the mass and moves into a room that looks like an an artists studio, but is easily seen as light is spilling from the ceiling, looking as if sunlight (daylight spell?) has been permanently cast. Worktables, vices, blocks of partially cut marble and chisel like tools adorn the room.
Dominating the room is an unfinished statue of a bare chested androgynous humanoid holding a staff. In the far corner a black egg sits on a red pedestal.

After some investigation the egg is touched and starts to vibrate, Vinny backs off as the egg tumbles to the ground and grows inside into a vague humanoid form, a little larger than Vinny. A gruff voice speaks out of it in common, ""How do I get out of here?" Vinny has never seen an earth elemental before, engaging it in conversation it just asks to be “let out”

Vinny eventually guides it to the elevator showing it how to push the buttons, and sends it upstairs…..

Turok Emurges in

Turok emurges in a 20×20 room. Bas-relief figures adorn the walls, all the figures being the 7 foot tall androgynous humanoids. The figures have crossed arms and stern expressions, many are missing arms and a few their heads too. Piles of dust and pieces of broken plaster indicate that the parts have been broken off over time and are now just mounds of dust and debris on the floor.

His darkvision ring allows him as a human to see in black and white out to about 40 feet in the inky blackness and he advances down the corridor, 15 feet down there is a 4 way intersection, to the right he sees a 30 feet wide and 40 deep room, with a mound of some sort of debris, he hears skittering from inside. Turing to his left he sees a similar 30×40 room in it are waht looks like stone sleeping slabs as atop one looks to be a human figure, Turok moves to investigate

Meanwhile the coffin had been turned to Yellow and the young fighter Ihgnieght moved inside and the shaft disappeared with him inside. The coffin is turned back to Red and Mourning Storm decides to follow the barbarian down. It is turned back to Yellow and Vinny follows Ihgnieght down. Finally Tobold moves down the Red shaft behind Turok and Storm. The remaining party stays behind to bring the shafts back up so those that went down are not trapped.

Ihgneight emerges into total darkness, he lights a torch. He is surrounded by the 7 foot tall figures, all of them with outstretched arms as if paying homage to him, but some of them missing arms, crumbled off with time. Vinny comes down the shaft behind him and the two look over the 20×20 room. There is an obvious triggered trap across form them, a huge stone having fallen from the ceiling. The hole that the stone fell from allows access to the hallway beyond. Vinny climbs over the block, telling Ihgnieght to guard the access point

Meanwhile down the other shaft, Turok has moved into the sleeping quarter room, he moves to the figure on the bed and hears a skittering about the room. His eyes also see the huge figure of an armored warrior, statue, which is standing in the darkness in the far end of the room atop a small dais. Turok yawns and feels sleepy as he sees that the warrior statue holds a massive cudgel, while the figure on the cot is long dead with a crushed head…he does not put 2 and 2 together.

Storm is behind him and investigating the pile in the opposing room. He sees many small beetles tunneling in and out of the piles which looks to have erupted from a font, crystallizing over time like stalactites. Storm uses his druid abilities (rolls well) to mimic soudns of beetle queens calling beetles back to the nest. He is successful in getting the beetles to move into their burrows but finds nothing else in the room.

Turok has become sleepy (failed save) as this room is trapped. He’s decided to take a nap on one of the stone cots. As Storm enters the room, Tobold has emerged from the shaft and moves straight at the 4 way, looking at and ignoring the Barbarian and Druid. Storm sees the barbarian laying down on a cot and the huge statue moving, its cudgel is going to come down on the sleeping Turok. At the same time a huge beetle stumbles from behind one of the cots, it is moving awkardly as Storm rushes to wake the barbarian and attack the beetle

Turok rolls form teh slab just as the massive cudgel comes crashing down, just missing him. Magic from Storm kills the beetle and Tobold has advanced to a flooded stair case.

And then they released the trapped

The group have vanquished the vampire and are wondering about their compatriots who went into the shaft openings. The sarcophagus is moved to the point where Vinny went in (Indigo) and a bloodied and bruised Vinny tumbles from the opening gasping…..“Don’t go in there it’s a trap!” The group has a little laugh at the impetuousness of Vinny getting himself into trouble, when they realize that Tobold is trapped at well.

They move the sarcophagus to the point Tobld went in (Violet) and a gasping but significantly less bruised and bloodied that Vinny, Tobold emurges “Don’t go in there its a trap” he stammers. “The ceiling comes down and crushes you.” The group can see that a small creature such as Tobold would almost be able to fit in the space in the trap, but would stil be in danger.

The sarcophagus is moved into the Red lantern position (Red lantern only lantern missing) and at the far end of the corridor a similar metal shaft arises and a “doorway” swishes open. Suddenly the barbarian Torok snaps, grabbing the gnome and trying to force him into the opening in the shafts. The terrified gnome begs for help as the brute of a barbarian ignores his pleas and tries to force the gnome into the potential trap.

Tobold draws a hand crossbow and threatens Turok. Torok bats the corssbow away shaking the gnome violnetly and screaming “YOU WILL GET IN THERE.” The gnome knowing that it is another trap that may kill him squirms and begs as the barbarian seemingly possesed by some evil seems to be trying to kill the gnome.

The gnome frees a hand for magic and creates an illusion of the lantern that the Barbarian coveted mere minutes ago bouncing into the shaft. Turok (rolls terrible) is fooled by the illusion and bolts after the lantern, roughly tossing the gnome aside as the doors in the shaft shut behind him.

The shaft lowers and the group feels Turok must be dead as there is no way he would fit into the trap if this is the same shaft as the other two. They quickly move the coffin away and back to the red position, the shaft rises and opens…..but no barbarian, Turok is gone

Carved Faces and Vampires

While Vinny and Tobold have eliminated themselves, Storm has shape-changed into a spider to move to the face at the end of the upper corridor. The face looks to be androgynous and has a hole in the mouth that goes back in a smooth shaft like a pipe. The face is surrounded by 6 colored gems Red Orange Yellow, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. There looks to be a missing Green gem, and storm remembers that they found a similar gem in a old backpack in some debris, Kvothe has it.

Storm scurries inside the statues mouth, but finds only a metal closure which may be a flap at the back, he cannot get through. He returns to the outside to see if the gems are a key of some kind.

Tiberious and Turok are opening the sarcophagus, unaware that Tobold and Vinny are trapped in the shafts. Vinny is in great pain in his contorted shape, Tobold is not hurt, but worried that he will not be able to get himself out.

Tiberious has removed the pins in the coffin lid as he and Turok use their strength to move it. BAM! ANOTHER TRAP! Fire explodes from under the lid as they have set off a glyph of some sort. Several are burned by the explosion but not too severely.

As the lid falls to the side a figure rises from the coffin. 7 feet tall it looks to be the humanoid from the lid, androgynous, bald with black eyes and flowing grey robe. It cocks its head back and hisses lunging at Tiberious with clawed hands and a mouth full of sharp grey teeth. The scene painted by every color of the rainbow except red, in sparkly fashion.

Turok is on the creature, activating his sword to flame and smashing the creature. Fire erupts around the creature, it screams an unearthly wail as Turoks crushing blows tear it apart, it catches fire. Helm draws forth his holy symbol and with an invigorated shout channels the strength of his deity HELM which surges through him, blinding streams of light strike the vampire which is writhing in its coffin, the light pierces the vampire which falls to ash, and all is quiet.

Storm having no clue of the battle nearby has returned to elf form and is prying the gems out of the wall with a knife. He eventually leaves and spots a pressure plate in the floor, easier to see coming the other way. There is a trap here, but he does not know what the plate activates.

The creature looks to have been a vampire, it is dead. There is nothing in the coffin.
Storm is trying to activate the trap without hurting himself as he thinks that there is a way through the face.
Tobold and Vinny are entrapped

Vinny and Tobold Trap themselves

Most of the party is concerning itself with the sarcophagus, as lights swirl reflections from the lanterns the lid seems to have 5 metal pins with symbols of runes on them. The pins look to hold the lid in place and must be pried out before the lid can be moved. There is a figure on the lid in bas-relief, a androgynous humanoid, about 7 feet tall, one of his fingers has been broken off.

Storm has discovered something down one of the passageways, that the end of the ceiling is 10 feet higher and there is a 10 foot opening in the blue passage, he retrieves the rope of climbing and crawls up there, there is a 60 foot passage with a carving of a face at the end, the passage looks to have many scruff marks as if something was dragged back and forth up and down the passage.

The others have found out that the sarcophagus moves. It spins on its dais. locking into place at each of the hallways, there is even a stylized arrow at the head of the sarcophagus. It is currently pointing to Orange, they spin it to where the Red would hang and a 5 foot diameter shaft at the end of the corridor slowly rises from the floor. It pushes the chain the lantern would hang on to the side as it extends 10 feet in the air, with a hiss of air a doorway parts in the shaft.

The coffin is moved to Orange nothing occurs, then Yellow, and again a shaft arises from the ground 5 feet in diameter and opens. When it gets to green there is a thunderous and ominous shaking, as if a mechanism is broken, the coffin is turned to blue, where no shaft arises.

When the coffin gets to indigo, a shaft arises and Vinny inspects this one more thoroughly than the others. There are the remains of bones and scraps of leather in this one. THe bones are pulverized and the leather seems to be from clothing and maybe a boot. It has been here for a long time, Vinny climbs inside.

TRAP! Vinny missed the obvious signs of crushed bones and as the doors slam shut the structure sinks, but the floor rises up to the ceiling, Vinny’s last gasp is that of himself being smashed into a 1 foot x 5 diameter area. He makes himself as small as possible and curls up. The ceiling pins him to the floor, but does not crush him completely. He is held, unable to move, and trapped and will surely die in here without assistance.

The party has no idea why Vinny got inside this thing without more investigation and has already turned the coffin to Violet which producers another shaft, and opening. The opening is searched and this time Tobold the gnome gets inside….ANOTHER TRAP!

Acting just like the previous trap Tobold is a bit more lucky. His smaller statue is able to not take any damage, but is still trapped inside and will die in here without assistance…..

But the rest of the party becomes busy

Spider Webs lead to a tomb

Tobold the Gnome and Tiberious the Dwarf descend the spider web choked stairs. They know that the webs hold an army of flesh stripping spiders that will magically appear if the web is touched. As they descend the webs look to be regrowing behind them, very slowly but closing the passage back off. From ahead the flickering green light grows in intensity.

At the bottom of the stairs another 50- feet down sits an immense room. It is octagonal with passages running off in each direction. 80 feet away a single green lantern flickers with light. It casts an odd hue about the room, glinting off what looks to be glass embedded in the walls, sparkling like starlight or green falling snow.

The roof of the room is domed, rising to 40 feet, and at its center sits a huge sarcophagus. The two begin looking about, Tobold skirting the perimeter and Tiberious moving toward the sarcophagus. The floor is thick with dust and what could be bone shards. As Tobold looks down the first hallway, it looks to be a short alcove hung with a lantern from a chain. He goes to the next one and it too looks like the first, 30 feet back there is only a chain. the third hallway on the right has what looks to be a dust covered bowling ball out front. At the far end a lantern on a chain, one has several skeletal remains scattered about the floor.

At the Sarcophagus Tiiberious notes it is carved lid looks to be a humanoid figure, hairless, about 7 feet tall it looks mostly human, but bald and huge. One of the fingers of its hand has been broken off,. There are 5 metal pins which look to hold the lid in place. The lid looks like solid marble and will take several people to move

The rest of the party are burning the webs away and descending the stairs.

As they enter the room and use some deductive reasoning they see the room is just as the painted room is above. Lanterns hung at ends of hallways, colored like the rainbow. “Fuckin Roy Gee Biv” says Helm in a gruff voice, some question as he explains how to remember the order of the colors of the rainbow. “Roy, Red-Orange-Yellow….Gee Green…BIV Blue-Indigo-Violet. Roy Gee Biv” he says coughs and then walks toward the sarcophagus.

Vinny moves to had the blue lamp back on its chain and various members move to different hallways to check them out. Vinny remembers that the painting had the lanterns lit, and begins to fill the lanterns with oil and tears strips of cloth for wicks. Soon all the hallways have burning lamps in them except for red. The red lamp is missing.

With the lamps lit the tomb is sparkled with multi colored snow, the a Borealis mixed with fireflies and falling crystals like snow, all the colors of the rainbow…except red.

The Red Lamp is missing


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